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  1. LOL. Love the ingredient descriptions.
  2. Really cute finds Miki. I've never seen a butter dish like that. It is adorable! I can't move. I had an entire quarter of a big watermelon for supper. WHY?????? Wish I hadn't done that.
  3. Jeepers

    What Size?

    I buy regular queen size sheets. Like from Wal-Mart. But the mattress-in-a-box comes in different thicknesses. I'm seeing 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 inches thick. That's just on the first Amazon page. What size thickness do I get to fit the sheet I already have and any future sheets I might need? Just normal sheets. I hate sheets that aren't tight and bunch up. But I don't want to rip out the corners trying to get it on either. I long for the simpler days when sizes were universal. You got a queen size bed and queen size sheets and you knew they would work well together. Why make things so difficult. I think mattress and sheet manufacturers are in cahoots.
  4. <---------- You got em! Too bad they don't check EVEYONE'S documents that closely. Know what I mean.
  5. I don't think I had the game as a child but I bought it for my son. I have one waiting in the closet of g-sons room at my house. I bought it for rainy days. I remember taking the sugar cube. We played another game where you pulled a colored chip from a cloth bag and moved our 'man' to the color of the square that corresponded to the the colored chip. It was for non-readers. Any one remember that? It seems like it had Winnie the Pooh on it. I can't remember.
  6. Jeepers

    Car Battery

    Wow Annarchy, I really admire your skills! You rawk girl.
  7. Sorry about your transmission. It's always something, huh. Our BMV is pretty good. If you are just getting tags you go right up to the desk. If you are doing more you take a number. They have a long bench along the entire wall and a couple of chairs. When you walk in Indiana's BMV you get a whiff of sulfur because it is straight from h3ll. We've had our issues. Linen closet...that sounds like a good idea. I could get mine packed up today. I'm not using much in there anyway.
  8. True TheCG. Plus I'd imagine having tinted windows doesn't help.
  9. Thanks Ambergris. I'll check it out. Mt Rider, I'll post some pictures of it down in the Pssssst Forum under "Back View Of Indy House". I think its gonna be purdy. I think I'd have said, "Well, if I didn't have a dirty stove then you wouldn't have a J-O-B now would you." Brat. And my head would be swiveling like the exorcist.
  10. Another nice day so far. The furniture guy called and said my stuff was made and on the way to the staining place. It should only be a week or two now. He said 6-8 weeks and that's what it is. Pretty fast considering they made it from scratch. Those Amish sure know what they are doing in the furniture department. And quilts. And food. It should be a complete bedroom, dining table and soda table and a quilt chest that I have to pick up when ready. Guess who forgot to buy dinning room chairs! I think I'll go cheap on those and maybe get some to paint myself. Maybe even try to distress them. I'm going to order a mattress in a box and have it sent to sons house so it will be ready when the rest of the stuff gets there. Anyone have any experience with those? Any brand better than the other? Anything will be like sleeping on a cloud to me. I'm not kidding. This mattress is over 35 years old and conforms to my body. And not in a good way. I need to shake a leg this week and get to packing some more stuff up.
  11. Buttons. I have a small jar full of extra buttons that came with clothes or from old clothes I've thrown away.
  12. Oh no he didn't. And you let him live? I've been fighting with a fly. A huge one. It is very aggressive and shows no fear. I'm winning the battle though. It likes to hide in the lamp shade and come out and dive bomb me. Shudder. It's fast for a big old thing. I don't have any fly spray. But I do have hair spray. Bwaaa-ha-ha. Round one it was Fly 1 --- Jeepers 0. Only because I forgot to turn the fan off and got a face full of hair spray. White Rain actually smells pretty good. Round two I turned the fan off. Fly 0 --- Jeepers 1. It slowed him down considerably. Gumming up his works I am. Round three Fly 0 --- Jeepers 2. I got it sprayed good and it's on its back on the end table. Not kicking. Round four...flushed.
  13. A nice day today. I got some errands run and went to the fruit market again. I really don't like that store. It just doesn't seem clean. But I only get fruit and I wash it really well. Their fruit is really ripe and the plums and peaches are so soft and juicy. And watermelons are sweet. What ya gonna do. I went to the Dollar Tree. They have their school supplies out. They finally got some bar-b-cue corn nuts in. I got 6 of them, some Twizzler candy and some Jolly Ranchers. I picked up some stickers for you-know-who. What I went for, and got, were some salt and pepper shakers. The gnats actually got in my salt shaker and died! I don't know if they got in the pepper shaker or not. I was afraid I couldn't see them because they were the same color as the pepper. So I pitched them both. It only cost a dollar to replace them and I know that even if I scrubbed them out and boiled them, I'd still be thinking of those dead gnats in there every time I used them. I ended up at Wal-Mart and bought...nothing. I was too tired to shop. We got our first A.C. Moore in our area. I don't know when that happened. I've never been in one and wanted go have a look see. But the legs and back were going so I'll try next week. It's a craft type store I guess. Not sure. Mt.Rider, I just saw your post we were typing at the same time again. I was surprised at how much Medicare does not pay. I thought when I got on that and S.S. I'd be set, medically. Wrong. I pay for a supplemental plan that pays for more than Medicare. Congrats on DH new job. Extra cash is always welcome and needed. Yep, we do what we have to do to survive. Sending up prayers for a smooth transition for both of you. I hope he likes his job. That would help.
  14. Nice to see you EarthMaiden Don't be a stranger!
  15. When my grandma would make a pot of butter beans she would make an open-face sandwich with some for lunch and then have the rest with cornbread with my grandpa at supper. The butter bean sandwich was better than the beans and cornbread. Bread, beans, bread, topped with soupy beans. Just add fork. Drool worthy. My grandma was such a good cook. She took her time.
  16. Whoa Miki... greens, cabbage, onion and bacon mix? Girl you are speaking my language. Sounds good! I slept through most of Sunday. Must have needed the rest. I think I'm getting my kidneys flushed out because my back and side are better on the right side and no more tingling at the end of a 'stream'. TMI? Sorry. I'm not sure which worked. The beer, the cranberry capsules, milk, rest or just tons of liquid. Probably a combination of all. I'm pretty sure not drinking enough is what started the whole thing though. I would tell you I've been going commando around the house but I don't want to burn your eyes out. One thing I learned though is that I'm going to get another unopened bottle of the cranberry caps and stash them away in my med storage. Also to jump on the liquids at the first sign of an issue. I'm old enough to know better. I woke up to.....rain!
  17. It's going to be a long day. I'm up before the sun is because of storms rolling through. Loud ones. The radar shows more on the way. Rain. Again. It's pouring out there. My grass is tall again too. The grass grows because it's established but then again it's too wet to get a big heavy mower on it. Anything around here that needed planted is out of luck. Summer is about half over already.
  18. Wow Kappy, I just 'rolled that beautiful bean footage' and saw some recipes I'm interested in saving. Especially the ones sort of hidden in salads and side dishes. Yeah, I like Duke's Bush's baked beans but if I could make them and can them myself I could save money and have smaller half pint portions. I saw a Bush's copycat recipe online someplace. I think I saved it...someplace. They are really good cold. I need a bean folder now. I take the cans of baked beans and add onion and brown sugar to them and bake them or zap them so the onion is cooked. They are even better the next day after being in the refrigerator over night. If beans have to be a staple in my family's diet I'd like to hide some and dress some up too.
  19. Oh My. That is too funny. I couldn't see the video. It says, "Error: Unsupported video type or invalid file path" It might be my computer though. Probably is. I watched the other ones on Kindle and it is more up to date with videos etc. I'll try later. Those feetz! Someone is going to have a major tub ring. I'll bet in the last picture he was thinking, "Uh Mom, what happens in Arizona stays in Arizona. Right? Mom? Dad doesn't have to know we had a blast while he was gone does he? Mom? I had my sad doggy face and sad puppy Dee-oh-gee (yes I can spell too ya know ) eyes all ready for when he walks in the door. You know the one. The one that makes you guys feel really guilty. Mom? Arizona. Between the two of us. Mommy? Dang, I knew I should have held back a little bit. Sigh." LOL. I got to see the video on the Kindle. That boy is a hot mess.
  20. LOL Mt. Rider. I used to play a similar game with Muffin. I'd put a treat in one hand and then put my hands behind my back. Sometimes I'd switch the treat into the other hand. I'd bring both hands out front and she'd have to guess which hand the treat was in. She'd guess by putting her paw on my hand. She was about 50/50 because both hands smelled like treat. And she was a beagle so everything smelled like treat to her. I loved the feel of her paw on my hand waiting to see if a treat was in there. She'd tap my hand and I'd open it. If it wasn't in there she would put her paw on my other hand and get the treat anyway. Win Win. I still love that dog so much. She was too cute for my own good.
  21. I somehow got another infestation of gnats. They must be coming in from all the fruit I've been getting but I've never seen them buzzing around any. Mostly an empty pop can or tea glass. And all over the trash can. I'm keeping the fruit and tomatoes and cucumbers in the fridge. All except bananas. But I don't see any of them around the bananas. They won't stay out of your face and are too fast to smack.They are really little too.They make me so mad.Time to get the vinegar out again. That eventually helped the last time. I might have to keep the trash can in the garage for awhile. At least until I'm sure they are all gone. And their eggs. Do gnats lay eggs? Time to Google gnats. Crapola. The adults only live 3-5 days following a 3-7 week incubation period in the larvae stage and 3-5 days in the pupa stage. FIVE GENERATIONS CAN SPAWN IN ONE SUMMER. I am doomed to fight gnats all summer.
  22. I'm glad things went as well as it did. I knew he was elderly but I didn't realize he was 90. Bless his heart. You are a good daughter helping them out when you have your own set of medical issues to deal with.
  23. Mine too Miki. I knew prices would go up because I'm living in some of the worst affected areas. I see it and know it's real. But I'm also old enough to know it will be used as an excuse for everything to go up. Probably more than it has to. Who was it that said never let a good disaster go to waste? Or something like that.
  24. I usually have 1-2 beers at our family reunions when we have one. Not too often any more. Mostly to be social. And there is a lot of food. I'm not against anyone having a cold one now and again. I just don't care for the taste so it's usually not on my radar. Anyway, I went to the gas station and got one of the big ones. Bud Light. I think it was 25 ounces. The can was tall and heavy! Now I know what John Anderson meant by a two fisted drinker. So I popped a top...sorry Alan Jackson, I morphed into a country song. It was ice cold and tasted pretty good with my Pappa Johns pizza. I couldn't finish it all at once. So I had half Thursday and the other half Friday. And slept like a baby both nights. My back still hurts and I still burn a little. So I guess my little experiment didn't work. Maybe it's for preventive measures? I think I'll try it one more time, before I call the doctor, and try to finish the whole can in one day. I'm a light weight. I'm so glad Slugger found a new home! A shelter would have been better that what he had. Especially in this heat. Speaking of heat...we have warned up to the 90's. They said we might break a record tomorrow. We haven't caught a break all spring/summer.
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