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  1. Whoa Miki... greens, cabbage, onion and bacon mix? Girl you are speaking my language. Sounds good! I slept through most of Sunday. Must have needed the rest. I think I'm getting my kidneys flushed out because my back and side are better on the right side and no more tingling at the end of a 'stream'. TMI? Sorry. I'm not sure which worked. The beer, the cranberry capsules, milk, rest or just tons of liquid. Probably a combination of all. I'm pretty sure not drinking enough is what started the whole thing though. I would tell you I've been going commando around the house but I don't want to burn your eyes out. One thing I learned though is that I'm going to get another unopened bottle of the cranberry caps and stash them away in my med storage. Also to jump on the liquids at the first sign of an issue. I'm old enough to know better. I woke up to.....rain!
  2. It's going to be a long day. I'm up before the sun is because of storms rolling through. Loud ones. The radar shows more on the way. Rain. Again. It's pouring out there. My grass is tall again too. The grass grows because it's established but then again it's too wet to get a big heavy mower on it. Anything around here that needed planted is out of luck. Summer is about half over already.
  3. Wow Kappy, I just 'rolled that beautiful bean footage' and saw some recipes I'm interested in saving. Especially the ones sort of hidden in salads and side dishes. Yeah, I like Duke's Bush's baked beans but if I could make them and can them myself I could save money and have smaller half pint portions. I saw a Bush's copycat recipe online someplace. I think I saved it...someplace. They are really good cold. I need a bean folder now. I take the cans of baked beans and add onion and brown sugar to them and bake them or zap them so the onion is cooked. They are even better the next day after being in the refrigerator over night. If beans have to be a staple in my family's diet I'd like to hide some and dress some up too.
  4. Oh My. That is too funny. I couldn't see the video. It says, "Error: Unsupported video type or invalid file path" It might be my computer though. Probably is. I watched the other ones on Kindle and it is more up to date with videos etc. I'll try later. Those feetz! Someone is going to have a major tub ring. I'll bet in the last picture he was thinking, "Uh Mom, what happens in Arizona stays in Arizona. Right? Mom? Dad doesn't have to know we had a blast while he was gone does he? Mom? I had my sad doggy face and sad puppy Dee-oh-gee (yes I can spell too ya know ) eyes all ready for when he walks in the door. You know the one. The one that makes you guys feel really guilty. Mom? Arizona. Between the two of us. Mommy? Dang, I knew I should have held back a little bit. Sigh." LOL. I got to see the video on the Kindle. That boy is a hot mess.
  5. LOL Mt. Rider. I used to play a similar game with Muffin. I'd put a treat in one hand and then put my hands behind my back. Sometimes I'd switch the treat into the other hand. I'd bring both hands out front and she'd have to guess which hand the treat was in. She'd guess by putting her paw on my hand. She was about 50/50 because both hands smelled like treat. And she was a beagle so everything smelled like treat to her. I loved the feel of her paw on my hand waiting to see if a treat was in there. She'd tap my hand and I'd open it. If it wasn't in there she would put her paw on my other hand and get the treat anyway. Win Win. I still love that dog so much. She was too cute for my own good.
  6. I somehow got another infestation of gnats. They must be coming in from all the fruit I've been getting but I've never seen them buzzing around any. Mostly an empty pop can or tea glass. And all over the trash can. I'm keeping the fruit and tomatoes and cucumbers in the fridge. All except bananas. But I don't see any of them around the bananas. They won't stay out of your face and are too fast to smack.They are really little too.They make me so mad.Time to get the vinegar out again. That eventually helped the last time. I might have to keep the trash can in the garage for awhile. At least until I'm sure they are all gone. And their eggs. Do gnats lay eggs? Time to Google gnats. Crapola. The adults only live 3-5 days following a 3-7 week incubation period in the larvae stage and 3-5 days in the pupa stage. FIVE GENERATIONS CAN SPAWN IN ONE SUMMER. I am doomed to fight gnats all summer.
  7. I'm glad things went as well as it did. I knew he was elderly but I didn't realize he was 90. Bless his heart. You are a good daughter helping them out when you have your own set of medical issues to deal with.
  8. Mine too Miki. I knew prices would go up because I'm living in some of the worst affected areas. I see it and know it's real. But I'm also old enough to know it will be used as an excuse for everything to go up. Probably more than it has to. Who was it that said never let a good disaster go to waste? Or something like that.
  9. I usually have 1-2 beers at our family reunions when we have one. Not too often any more. Mostly to be social. And there is a lot of food. I'm not against anyone having a cold one now and again. I just don't care for the taste so it's usually not on my radar. Anyway, I went to the gas station and got one of the big ones. Bud Light. I think it was 25 ounces. The can was tall and heavy! Now I know what John Anderson meant by a two fisted drinker. So I popped a top...sorry Alan Jackson, I morphed into a country song. It was ice cold and tasted pretty good with my Pappa Johns pizza. I couldn't finish it all at once. So I had half Thursday and the other half Friday. And slept like a baby both nights. My back still hurts and I still burn a little. So I guess my little experiment didn't work. Maybe it's for preventive measures? I think I'll try it one more time, before I call the doctor, and try to finish the whole can in one day. I'm a light weight. I'm so glad Slugger found a new home! A shelter would have been better that what he had. Especially in this heat. Speaking of heat...we have warned up to the 90's. They said we might break a record tomorrow. We haven't caught a break all spring/summer.
  10. Absolutely. I kind of thought he would get upset by the change from the usual routine and the unknown. Its so hard for them when they become confused. I'm sorry he gets angry. Some people do. Some mellow out. I know its hard for the rest of the family too. I'm not proud to say but I think my patience would probably be short.
  11. I just remembered an old time kidney flush old Doc McKee told my grandma to use. Beer. I'm not a drinker but I'm not adverse to it. I just don't care for the taste of alcohol. I'd rather have sweet tea. Anyway, I'm going to buy one of those big cans and have at it. I can do beer and pizza or beer and spaghetti. What's the worse that can happen?
  12. Good posts Ambergris. There is no "like button" for guests so ----------> Thanks for the recipe Kappy. Olive Gardens Zuppa Toscana is to die for. It is so good. They have chunks of Italian sausage, pieces of real potato...some with the skin still on and great big pieces of kale. I've heard the real stuff has some bacon in it but I've never seen any. Maybe some drippings? Lawsy. You could make it with smoked sausage/kielbasa and freeze it. I've never heard of dehydrated smoked sausage but (Iroquois always be good). Crimony. That's supposed to say "I'll bet it would be good". Kindle auto correct is killing me.
  13. Awesome score on the bananas!
  14. Mt. Rider, I get what you are saying about having people come in the house and fix things. I hate that too. I've let a lot of things go because of that. I don't even want them outside messing around anymore. I saw an alternative doctor office in Indiana close to where I'm moving. I'll probably end up visiting there. In a way I'm looking forward to getting new doctors and in a way I'm not. A good one is hard to find and at my age I don't have time to go through them all. Know what I mean. My back and side still hurts bad. Either infection or kidney stones. I'm thinking. I haven't had a fever though. And I don't think it hurts bad enough for stones. Maybe sand size. I have meds here I could take but I think I should find out if it's something worse. I don't think I've been drinking enough this summer. I will call the doctor Monday.
  15. Wow. It's pouring down rain so hard today...again. Glad I didn't try to garden this year because I would have been very frustrated and defeated. Poor Midwest farmers. Sigh. Poor consumers pocketbooks.
  16. Look at that last picture. He is actually smiling with joy. Someone was having a good day!
  17. Could you contact your landlord about the mice infestation? There are certain laws regarding that in some places. I don't know if it includes mice or not. Maybe just bugs? Unacceptable.
  18. I like bluegrass too when it isn't 'tinny'. I really like Alison Krauss! Especially when she is paired up with Emmylou Harris. In fact I've had "Go To Sleep You Little Baby" stuck in my brain for days on end now. I always enjoyed Ricky Skaggs too. I love all kinds of music. Not bluegrass but I've been stuck on K.D. Lang singing Hallelujah too. Love music...hate earworms.
  19. Love it. Usually the ones crying the loudest are the first ones to call the police when they need help. I know there are a few bad apples in every barrel. But that's life everywhere.
  20. On Annie. Thank you so much for the pictures and.movies!!!! I love them. He is so stinkin' cute. I wish all dogs had a home like you give him. He is one lucky doggy.
  21. It was hot today and going to get hotter the rest of the week. I thought I was hearing fireworks from downtown Cleveland but no, it's thunder. We don't need any more rain. Cleveland often has fireworks after an indians baseball game. Ten miles away we can hear them rumble I might have to break down and go to the doctor next week for my kidney situation. I don't wanna go. They will poke and prod until they find something wrong. Then ask about my blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar level. And am I exercising. I don't want to hear it. Fifty years ago I had this happen. The old country doctor made a house call. He said he was on his way home and would stop by. Those were the days, huh. He made me do a sit-up. If I could do a set-up it wasn't my appendix. Nice diagnosticals back then. I can still remember my stepdad complaining about the prescription costing him $5.00. I THINK it was sulfa drugs but not sure. He (doctor) used to sit in his office leaning way back in his chair with his foot tucked up under him with his eyes closed smoking away at a cigarette while he listened to you. He held it like it was pot. Who knows. Good old Dr. McKee. They say he ended up in a mental institution after his wife killed herself. Good times in small town Indiana in the 1950-1960's. I can remember stuff like that but can't remember what I did last week. Sigh.
  22. Mt. Rider, we were posting at the same time. Will pray for your dear dad. It has to be so difficult on everyone. Can you take a little tape recorder in with you? Most doctors don't mind that now especially when it comes to memory issues. Most smart phones can record. My old tracfone doesn't do anything but call in and call out so I really don't know what I'm talking about.
  23. Wow Miki. You are so darn cute!!! You look younger now too but more importantly I'll bet you feel a lot better. Way to go with your bad self girl! I've never had an estimate on getting a house painted inside but I've heard it is VERY expensive. Like a couple of thousand expensive. So don't let Mr. We2 sell himself short. If she had to pay a non family member to do it she might be surprised. I know I was stunned when someone said it was going to cost them $5,000.00 to have their inside painted. To be fair, I don't know how big of a job it was but dang. I mentioned it to D-Ex and he said that sounded about right to him. No way could/would I do that. An electric grain mill would be an awesome trade! Sorry about your computer Ambergris. It took me an hour to get mine to come on last night. Not online. Just to get the desktop to come on. I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon. Sigh. My UTI (TMI) is about the same. But not worse. I'm drinking a lot to try to flush out. I got some milk yesterday and I ate a quarter of a watermelon today. Not all at once but I could have. It was good. I didn't get any cranberry juice. Maybe I should have but most of it is a mixture of cran-apple or cran-grape or cran-blueberry. Or only 10% juice. I got tired of standing there reading labels. I'm not a fan of the juice anyway. So I got some cranberry capsules instead. Two caps of 30,000mg each a day of the horse pills. I didn't notice they were that big. My back and side are hurting too. My back always hurts so its hard for me to tell if its arthritis or kidney related. I'm thinking kidney. I'm keeping close tabs on it. When I was 15 I had a bad kidney infection and stones. I missed over 2 months of school. It sort of feels the same way only not as bad.
  24. We had one of those things that fit on the end of a hose and goes back and forth. The kind that waters a garden. That or an aunt or uncle who would put their thumb over the end of the hose and aim the jet stream at us. Good plain cheap fun back then.
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