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  1. Hi KallieKat Glad you came out of lurkdom and joined up.
  2. Thanks for the link, Trish. Wonder what size those bottles are? I've got milk crates that came from a dairy that are very heavy. The bottles wouldn't have to be an exact fit in the crates. The crates could be a little bigger than the bottles. Their only real purpose is to keep them from rolling around...and stackable.
  3. I thought this was a pretty neat way to store those big water bottles. I think they are just milk crates. http://www.lds.net/user/gallery/view/name_..._water-storage/
  4. I have a "whole house attic fan" here. It is fan-tastic! It was here when I moved in so I can't take credit for it. If I ever move, I'll have one installed! The summers here get in the high 80's to 90's with high humidity for about 3 months. Three of the last five years I didn't need to run the air conditioner one time because of that fan. In the evening, I open the windows and turn the fan on and it sucks the air from the outside, through the house and out the attic. It cools the house in no time. It is so powerful that it feels like you are standing in front of a fan, on medium speed, when you stand in front of an open window. It's not ideal when it is humid outside but the the breeze coming in is so strong that you don't really notice the humidity that much. I usually turn it on about 2-3 hours before I go to bed. When I turn it off I close the windows and it stays cool in here most of the next day. I usually run a regular fan on me if it gets too hot in the afternoon. I have a 2 story house and it can get pretty hot upstairs too. I have to be honest, if the attic fan didn't work well I wouldn't hesitate to turn the central air on. In fact, many times my son would come in and think I had the air on when it was just cool in here from running the fan the night before. That fan has keep me cool and saved me a lot of money. http://www.atticfans.com/
  5. Today I was in the area of Dick's Sporting goods and wandered on in. I got a pop corn popper for camp or fireplace, a pack of 20 hand warmers, 3 solar blankets and a campstove toaster. Toast is sort of a comfort food for me. It usually settles my upset stomach if I get one and I figured it would be a good thing to have during an illness, like flu, when regular food would be too heavy.
  6. Rats, I just bought 2 boxes last week for my wrist. Thanks for all your recall warnings.
  7. I traded my $180.00 a month cell phone bill for a $47.00 a month cell phone bill. Got a new phone and a free head set to boot.
  8. When my friend had her cat declawed they told her not to use regular litter but to only use shredded newspaper for kitty litter for 3-4 weeks. I can't remember for how long now. Anyway, I had a shredder and sent her a couple of trash bags full. I think they make special kitty litter now recovering declawed patients. But the newspaper litter is free and short term.
  9. Jeepers

    Baby Boomers

  10. Hi Mish. Glad you are here. Wow, what a great deal on the canner! The folks here will have you canning in no time.
  11. I just run my clean jars through the dish washer. I don't put anything else in there except canning supplies and the soap. I start it up and by the time I'm ready to start putting food in the jars, the dishwasher is finished. I don't run the 'dry' cycle.
  12. Thanks! I wouldn't have a problem at all putting the bags in a pail. Actually, it would probably be better that way for me because I live alone so I don't like to deal with opening one large container for just a cup or so of product.
  13. I just checked out their site. There is a link to "store finder" and there is one close to me. It's called, "Stress-Less Gourmet". I assume they just carry some of Rob's Red Mill products. Hummm, if it's the same stuff, I'd save on shipping. Do all of their products come shipped from Oregon in those bags? Wonder if they keep the grains etc. as fresh as the buckets with the absorbers? Any thoughts?
  14. Yes! Thank you for writing that out. That's quite a savings.
  15. Originally Posted By: Virginia Snip... I am also finding that cans dent so easily now, guess they are using thinner tin. I noticed that some time ago too. I know I didn't buy a dinged can at the store because I always check for that. But sometimes when I get them home, I notice a dent. And I usually bag my own groceries.
  16. Him......"You already used the newspaper for what!!! But I didn't finish reading the sports section yet. Okay, turn around and bend over so I can see who won the game!" Her......"You already used the newspaper for what!!! But I didn't finish clipping the coupons yet. Okay, turn around and bend over. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you!"
  17. Oops sorry, I meant I live about 95 minutes from Lehmans. But I might do a road trip for cornbread. Any beans involved?
  18. I live about 95 minutes away from them.
  19. I swear I spent 2 hours in there. Mostly trying to find my way around again. I was pretty smitten by the toilets and washing machines too. They have gas (propane I think) refrigerators and freezers. In the stove area they have a place set up with lounge chairs around one of the open fireplaces so you can rest and watch the fire. They play an Amish movie over in the book section. It's a great place to shop. My grandmother always used cast iron but I never have. The ones I got are seasoned. I need to look up all about cast iron now. I mainly got them in case I have to do fireplace or outside pit cooking. I'll probably burn up the handle pot holders too. That's one reason I got two sets. I know me. I love that extra little handle on the other side of the skillets. It don't take much to make me happy. A day and a charge card at Lehmans.
  20. If you click on the "new and used" area to the right, this link comes up. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00...YS/ref=dp_olp_1
  21. :yourewelcome: It took me a while to find them too.
  22. When you respond in a thread you have to go back up to the top where it says, "new reply" click on that. Then at the top of the box that you respond in, there is a yellow smilie face guy. Click on him and you should see all of the smilies.
  23. The movie is a hoot! It is one of my favorites. It's an oldie but goodie called, Packin' It In. A family gets fed up with the rat race etc. and goes to the hills in Oregon. They meet up with a few survivalists etc. one guy lives in a bunker. It's a comedy. I always think of that movie when people talk about hiding or burying supplies. In one scene the little grocery store has "midnight gardeners" for sale. They are sort of like small metal milk cans. You put food in them and bury them in your yard so the neighbors can't find your stash. I had it on VHS and my son knew how much I liked it so he burned it on to a DVD for me. It's really fluffy and hokey but it always makes me laugh. Even through a smoke storm in the family room.
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