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  1. I got rabbits! I got two does the other day and then got a great deal on six more does and two bucks. Ten rabbits! I have them all set up and am breeding two this week. Just want to get a couple more cages built and do a little rearranging to complete the set up and put in a new watering system this week. So excited and can't wait for the new litters. I'm getting chickens soon once I finish their stuff too. The new baby is six weeks old now and beautiful too. Just wanted to stop in and update. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Congratulations on your new home. I hope everything goes well for you. I agree with being surprised at what we can do without or ways we can manage if we need to. I got very upset with dh's lay off and worried about our housing and situation definitely feeling like we were stuck and had 'nothing'. Turns out after a little creative thought we had more available than we thought we did. We had temporary (maybe permanent small if had to be?) housing that could be set up easily. Most of the supplies were on hand. Also had a couple of hutches more supplies to make a couple more. Enough scraps and su
  3. Oh my. I hope you get to feeling better quickly. Ouch that sounds painful. It's very annoying not to be able to do things for yourself. I get told I *can't* do a lot of things being pregnant and it drives me crazy especially since I feel fine! I hope you heal well but take it easy for now. Think of it as a vacation lol.
  4. ScrubbieLady - I am in Mississippi but I'm in the south so I don't think I'm near your area. We do seem to really only have BellSouth (ATT) here now. The local calling thing is going to be an issue. I think we'll have to have long distance because of the lines. We live near the county lines so are are closer to some spots in 2 other counties than we are to most of our county. I think we'll have to have the long distance. That's good to know about the HughesNet versus WildBlue with the speeds. I'll have to look at that. We're going to check on the internet from the ATT data plan too since
  5. I agree with everyone else. If she's starting out the best thing is to start with the short term. Water and a way to treat and store it can be done pretty quickly. Find a way to cook if the power is out. Lights. Get a BOB. When I started most of that was already on hand I just hadn't looked at it as a prep before. If she has any kind of pantry right now so may well have 2 weeks or so worth of food already on hand. Look for things that aren't hard to prepare, canned goods and a couple of manual can openers. Just add some extras to the grocery list every week. Like was said above if pasta or som
  6. I'm not sure how practical any of the fiber animals are either... for me at least. That would be another type of animal to keep, house, feed, manage. I'd also have to learn how to shear to get the fiber, card, clean it. I'd have to learn how to spin the fiber as well and then get the supplies needed for the animal, shearing, spinning and everything else. It just seems like a lot of extra time, money, and work compared to just storing fiber. I'm not sure how practical it would really be if we are going to try to have everything else we need. If we do get fiber animals it'll be a while before I
  7. I am aiming for smaller breeds where it makes sense for us. I'm looking at Nigerian Dwarf goats. I've heard that the pygmies can serve all the same purposes though and am looking into that more because they are more accessible in my area than the Nigerian Dwarfs. The cattle I'm considering are the Dexters. I haven't really given bantam chickens any thought although I guess I should. What difference is there in space/feed requirements for a bantam, how many in the same space as a 'regular' chicken? Will they still be hardy and able to raise their own babies? That's one thing I'm most worried ab
  8. Sorry I didn't include some of the animals. We will have rabbits. I am debating them for fiber as well. We'll probably have a couple of ducks and geese as well. Alpacas are expensive like Dee said and not easy to find in this area so they won't be for us. Llamas are out as well because of the reasons mentioned. We have a creek on our property and are bordering a huge hunting camp property so deer everywhere around here and would be a problem for llamas. I prefer the multipurpose animals since we are limited in space I'd like to get the most I can from what we have. The dogs while I love t
  9. Okay while discussing what animals we want/need to have I got stuck. Some animals are a given - goats, chickens, turkeys. It's the other animals that are causing the mix up. Horses - only good because they're beautiful and pleasure riding. Could be used for transportation (not likely we'd actually do that) or draft Donkeys - draft and livestock guardians Cattle - beef, milk, draft Sheep - meat, milk/dairy, fiber LGD - livestock guardians Pig - meat (Not a big deal because at this point I don't think we'd bother with breeding/keeping them. Just get one a year for meat. Fiber - she
  10. michelle


    Sending prayers your way. You can definitely look into doing a 'house swap' with the closings. If you have a house you already want to buy you can set your house sale to close at the same time. I've heard of a lot of people doing that kind of thing and setting the closing date on the house for the same time or just after their new house purchase closes.
  11. Right now I have Cellular South for my cell and dh's is ATT. We're gonna test both out on the property for service before we decide anything. It doesn't look like any other cellular services will be available in the area. After making some calls Centurytel doesn't cover our area although they're in our phone book?! Doesn't make any sense to me but oh well. Looks like ATT or Telepak are the only landline phone options if we go that route. Internet will have to be dial up or satellite. I'm just trying now to get quotes on it all and figure up the options. What services we'll need and what will w
  12. Yeah I see that. Grr I just checked it out. Doesn't look like Verizon can cover it either. Only ATT and the local MS company that I can tell. Ack! I looked at the satellite packages though that might not be such a bad option. Wild Blue shows a package for $49.95 a month. I think we could do a VOIP phone or something similar with satellite internet. That might be worth it. Not sure about any issues there might be with that type of service though. I've only ever had wireless, dial up or cable.
  13. TV - I probably won't be doing. I really only like tv for getting the weather or news anything else is just extra I don't need. I want to get one of the dtv boxes to try to pick up some local channels but not sure if it'll work. Anyone have one? If we do get tv it'll have to be dish or direct since nothing else is available there. Internet - The only internet options I've found so far are to get HughesNet or dial up. No dsl or cable internet available. We do have ATT service out there though and with dh's cell so I wonder if we might could get wireless through them. Any one have experience
  14. So help me out here everybody... what service providers do you use and how much does it run? We're planning to move to our rural property and it may be soon. I am going to have to get services out there when we move and I'm looking into it now. Everything just seems so expensive though! I'm trying to compare prices and find the best option to save us some money. So talk to me what do you have for phone, internet, and cell services and how much does it cost?
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