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  1. Happy Birthday :bdaycake:

  2. I am getting ready to purchase my first canner, so I am a total n00b! So, asking for thoughts: weight vs. dial gauge I'm only canning for two people, so: pints vs. quarts Brands? I'm picking up a ball blue book today, and hitting teh interwebs for info as well. I will be canning primarily meats (things I find on sale), and not veggies, since I don't garden--that's a challenge in Phoenix anyways! Thanks for any and all insight!
  3. I just bought one of these--works quite well, but the bags are pretty thin. I bagged up a t-bone steak, and the bone poked a hole through the plastic. For softer stuff, they work great, though. I will try the trick with the regular Ziploc (freezer)bag.
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