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  1. I would put a Swiss Army knife in there, just a small one or the Leatherman Micra. As far as lights go I love the Inova Microlights from Target for about $6.00. In mine I keep a Gerber Breastmilk bag instead of a baggie. I keep both Strike Anywhere matches and lifeboat matches, when it comes to candles get the trick ones that keep lighting by themselves in case it is windy. I also keep a dental pick in there. I will post more later if wanted.
  2. I am a new person here and I love it already. I would like to know if I could order all the food in this list in bulk from some place like GFS or the like and save enough money buying in bulk instead of piecing it together over the next twelve months? Basically I am looking at doing this because I am doing most of this on my own. I do have a girlfriend who supports me in my endeavours like this, however, getting her to help me do this on a weekly basis is not too easy. I work full time, she is a stay at home person. I told her if she were to go get some of the stuff on the lists I would be mor
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