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  1. Take care Wormie! I had holes and tears in the retina of one eye and had laser surgery over 20 years ago. It's still holding and never had any more problems. But it was extensive surgery at the time and I had to mind the Dr. during recovery. So it was worth preserving my sight and not having more problems later. Just be prepared for a major headache for a day after the numbing wears off. It felt like I had been to the beach all day without sunglasses in the glare. I drove myself to the doctor and thought I'd never get home that day but did by the grace of God! Hang in there!
  2. Does anyone here loom fabric at home? If stores like JoAnns and Hancock go out of business, I'm looking for alternatives of folks making their own fabrics. If so, can you give us an idea of price per yard of some basic cotton fabric that could be used for clothing? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all your help ladies!I'll see what I can find through these other options.
  4. Do you have to do anything special in sewing trims to t-shirts since they are cotton knits? Trims seem somewhat stiff and cotton t-shirts are stretchy to some degree. So just wondering if you have to use special sewing machine needles for knits or special stitches? Thanks.
  5. My cooker doesn't get very hot because it doesn't get enough hours of sun and has partial shade from pine trees on my patio (my only option in a condo). Other than rice or noodles, does anyone know what is safe to cook at such low temps? I've been afraid to try meat and root vegetables like carrots and potatoes don't do very well. Thanks for any help you can give me. I'd love to use it more but not having much success so far.
  6. Does anyone know any cheap sources for fabric and new pillowcases for making little dresses for third world countries? My local thrift shop sheets/pillowcases/curtains are just too worn. My only other sources have been JoAnns Fabric with coupons and a mill end upholstery fabric shop but most of their fabrics are too heavy and don't wash well. Cotton pillowcases have been hard to find. It seems like microfiber is the thing now and 100% polyester for pillowcases. Both are hard to sew and don't breathe well. I have been checking the discounters like Marshalls,Ross, and Big Lots for pillowcas
  7. Craft Hope is currently sending blankets of all kinds to the southern states and Joplin hit by tornadoes. Check their site for a shipping address to NJ where blankets will be received and then distributed. Deadline for receipt is June 15th.
  8. This week my local thrift store had a bag sale of 20 pieces of clothing for $5.50! It did not matter whether it was adult or child sizes. My store also uses customer punch cards when completed you get $5.00 worth of merchandise free. Combined, I paid %.50 for all those clothes! Check your local thrift stores to see if they have similar deals.
  9. Since they can't do anything about the radiation building up in the food and water supplies, the agencies just decided to change the acceptable levels charts to thousands of times the current levels. That way they can still declare everything is at safe levels. Don't worry; be happy!!!! The current levels in many states are 181 times what was originally declared as safe; when they get to 250 times, its time to take iodine pills. But you won't hear it from the main stream media. They'll still be declaring everything at safe, acceptable levels because they just upped the levels to accomodate
  10. Does anyone know if the ceramic water filters that can turn pond water into drinkable water can filter radiation?? I don't think I've ever seen this info anywhere Thanks!
  11. I just wanted to make you aware of a website called www.crafthope.com where crafters all over the world participate in projects sent to various places. The founder is currently trying to find other organizations who are shipping to Japan and have distribution networks. Then she will announce the next project. I'm guessing that blankets and clothing are likely needs. She usually sets a deadline to ship to a USA address and gives instructions/patterns as needed. The most recent project was birthing kits to Haiti to aid traditional birth attendants out in the communities. So if you are looking fo
  12. betty


    I found a small seed company that offers heirloom, non GMO seeds at Seeds Now.com or Seed Survivalist.com. Their seeds are organic but they are not yet certified and can not advertise them as such. With more interest in seeds, order early.
  13. Thanks for all your replies. It is good to hear from folks who are using cloth and their tips and hints.
  14. This idea has been discussed before. Now that some of you have been using flannel/soft cloth tp, can you give me an idea of how many are needed per person per day for adults??? Also, which is better = one layer or two? I'm getting ready to go buy flannel sheets at the thrift store or bolt goods on sale. I have no idea how many to make!!
  15. betty

    DIY solar panels

    I've seen some plans on line but have not talked to anyone who actually did their own panels and hooked them up. Anyone have any experience at their house? My husband is a woodworker/DIYer but I don't know where to buy the solar parts. Any experience would be helpful. Thanks!
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