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  1. OK, I'll think of one.... We are on our way to drop of my husband at band practice. I am driving, as always and we have come into some traffic as we get close to town. We still have a ways to get and we figure maybe there is a game at the stadium nearby which is slowing down traffic. Just as always we forget which exit to take to avoid such traffic and are stuck with no way to move out of place. It wouldn't matter anyway, we are on a one lane off-ramp that is a ways off the ground that leads directly into the parking lot to the events stadium. Since it is blazing hot outside
  2. I vote the individualized wrapped microwave potatoes as well. Every time I see them in a store I can't help but laugh. They are so frickin' expensive too. Who pays for those?
  3. I don't know, i've tried the astronaut ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. I haven't tried the other few products they have but think getting those in small pouches from Mountain House would be better anyway. The ice cream (you have to form your own opinion now) to me was not my favorite. They are perfect for 24/48/72 hour kits when you want a 'comfort' food but I won't buy them for anything else and I won't buy one for me, I'll buy them for the kids or as 'bartering' tools. I wrote a review, but there are pictures so if you want to see you can. http://chocolateparlor.blogspot.com
  4. Wow!! I think those pictures are very sad. Eye openers as well. I would feel stupid running to the store last minute like that. I don't have a huge stock up yet but have at least a month or two worth of food in my home, but to think that those who are going to the store last minute probably don't have much at all in their pantries.
  5. Ok, so a little late....thank you for the warm welcome. I don't think I've ever had a welcome like that on any board I've been to. Much appreciated.
  6. Will lemon juice actually expire by the date on the can or is it still safe? I know that many items are still good after the date, so am wondering if this is one.
  7. Thanks for the replies. It definitely helps me understand the mindset of other people. I don't know what I would do it someone came and threw out all of my 'hoarded' food. I spend so much time planning and going over things and trying to learn all I can. I would be devastated! I'm sure I will eventually meet people who think I am weird, but I hope not. It has become a way of life for me, as I assume it has for many. It's a hobby as well, heck I even started a little blog to help keep all my stuff in order and so I can see my progress in pictures and journaling. I do feel sorry for th
  8. I don't have to worry much about family coming. All my married siblings are already working on their preps. My parents (divorced and remarried) both have their storage they work on. I think that if there was a disaster in one area, not mine, and I lived closest to family to come I would expect them to come to my house, same with if I had a disaster I know they would expect me to come to theirs. My ils are quite prepared but found themselves evacuating for a predicted major hurricane. They took their 72-hour kits, complete with wool blankets, and headed to the nearest family. They had no p
  9. I realize I am new and haven't posted a lot yet, but I was just thinking...I have come across so many threads where people talk about keeping their food storage private and quiet. This is so foreign to me, I'm not saying you are wrong. I am just so used to being so open about it to friends and family. Perhaps it is because most people I know are prepping as well. I am even part of a group who gets together each month and orders so we have cheaper shipping. I've never met anyone who thinks I am weird, yet, for storing food, although it doesn't come up with strangers. I don't plan on keepin
  10. I guess I should check out the buckets from other places. I plan on getting mylar bags anyway because I so paranoid. Although I know people who use the detergent buckets I wouldn't recommend it. Chemicals (even in powder form) have been in them, they can leave residue that may be difficult to wash off or that have seeped into the plastic. I would say to put other things in the buckets, maybe store tp in there or other non-food items.
  11. This is the first forum I've seen like this and thought I'd join. I've posted a few times and figured an intro would be good before it's too late. So, Hi.
  12. That looks good. I may have to buy it. For a minute I thought it was produced by the church. I guess not. I was thinking how much more information that gives compared to the little pamphlet they handed out awhile back. I like this kind of stuff.
  13. Thankyou, I remember looking there before but couldn't find where. Of course, this took me a few minutes. Duh! I totally was looking in the wrong spot. This helps a lot.
  14. Hello-new person here Anyhow, I hope this is in the right 'section' I'm trying to figure out if anyone here would be able to look at their freeze-dried foods (if you have them on hand) to tell me what calories are in some of the 'convenient' fd foods. I'm looking for as high of calories as possible per serving and from foods without milk. The reason I am doing this is because I have a disabled ds. He has feeding issues and cannot chew, although he can do baby food consistency. I had the thought that if I had the fd food I could easily grind it up then add water, which would be e
  15. I would also suggest using both.I order from both. I just started ordering from Honeyville and it came really quick. I think it arrived the same day I received the email stating they had shipped it. If it were me i would order the fruit from Honeyville. The fruit and veggies they have contain a few cups less then that of EE but considering it is still much cheaper. The only big difference you will find is that there are more fruit and veggie options at EE. Both sites have great shipping costs (Honeyville is $4.49 I think and EE starts at $6 and goes up to $12) Right now I am worki
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