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  1. brown sugar shouldn't be a problem if white sugar and molasses are in your preps, make brown sugar
  2. Originally Posted By: Canned Nerd This might work better http://www.clearcanes.com/defence.html without the '.'. I have a wooden cane exactly like the one pictured, black rings and all, it was given to me by a cattle dealer about 25 yrs ago.
  3. go to home depot and get motion detectors for the out side lights, you could even wire in an alarm to go off, nothing like lights to drive off the night prowlers, I put them out by my hives and also have an old radio that turns on just to scare to bears away.
  4. Originally Posted By: homesteaders6 TractorDiva - HOW do you process the chicken feet? I mean clean , peel , whatever, I would use them if I knew what to do with them!) time out for a movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2s8LFdQeXw...feature=related
  5. Originally Posted By: Kevin B 123 I found Spam, on sale, at 2.75 a can. I did not think that much of a bargain. Correct me if I am wrong.... my wife had gone shopping in the nearest city from us with friends and when i read about the spam i gave her a call and told her to grab some, she got 9 cans for 2.49 a can, the same as it cost in our little grocery store in the village.
  6. Originally Posted By: Stephanie Uhoh! I better stop buying the Treet! I had gotten a few of those in the pantry, maybe half a dozen. I'll try the kids on it this weekend and see if they'll eat it. Has anyone tried the WalMart Great Value brand? I think the first ingredient in Treet is mechanically seperated chicken just those words turn me off. like how many feet slipped be and got ground up, although some people eat chicken feet, but i'll pass for now.
  7. when it's my turn to cook at the camp about once a yr, I always dice up 2 cans of spam(about 3/8 X 3/8 pieces and shake around in a 3/4 cup of hot butter in a skillet. don't let the butter burn or turn brown, just let it get the pork flavor from the spam. them cook 3 boxes of Kraft Mac and cheese. in another dish put 1 and 1/4 cup of milk and a slab of valveeta cheeze, heat til the valveeta melts and is hot. the mac should be done, add the meat,hot butter and all, add the cheeze and milk and stir together. put in a table spoon of parsley and serve. baking powder bisciuts go with i
  8. Originally Posted By: NYDebbie In my shopping today I noticed store brand honey was 1.80 a pound. About a month ago, it was 2.20 a pound. I'm wondering if honey is mostly harvested in the fall? I'm not sure, I just wanted to give folks a 'heads up' that there might be good prices for honey now. we harvest in the fall, but check the labels real good on store bought honey, if if comes from China, you wouldn't want it, they have no restrictions on pesticides or herbicides. we get 8.a pound for local honey which i thought was high til I looked around, some are charging 12 per poun
  9. Originally Posted By: Kevin B 123 Here in America, during the "Great Depression" the Hobos also had such a code.. One person who I am convinced came around Just to get what they could, in-part because they bothered my other neighbors in a similar way, looking for hand-outs, became greatly distressed, & DISCOURAGED when I offered to take a photo with my Polaroid camera. They have NOT been around here, nor even seen in town. I guess the “wanted Poster syndrome” took over. LOL the pre-1950 tramps,hobos, knights of the road or what ever you call them, had a way of marking begger fri
  10. http://www.y2klanterns.com/ they're not cheap, but do a great job and last for ever.
  11. Originally Posted By: Teaberry If industrialized civilization does fall, the urban masses -- half the world's population -- will be most vulnerable. We are entering an era where there is a great unraveling of certain things long taken for granted. Certainly we are going to be challenged in ways we can hardly imagine. Certainly our governments are going to fail us but the police and military are trained to step in so we need not worry right? if the industrialized civilization did fall, there won't be any cops or army to help anyone, they're going to go home and take care of their own famil
  12. Hi Stephanie, Actually i'm in a good mood, been drinking tea and honey since 3:30 AM. It just makes my blood boil when I read some of the things that people think they are going to need to survive a depression which i hope never comes,( i also hope our law makers do not give the bail out)I've read and heard that about 60% of the people do not want it.
  13. It looks like some of you might survive three days in you camped out in your back yard where you could run inside if it rained or the phone rang. you all should get in the real world and prepare for the worst, not just a fews days out with the scouts. Do any of you have any idea what it is to go without food for a week, go to bed hungry and get up hungry, and only get water from a creek to drink. you all should watch some WW2 film of people in Russia and Germany cutting meat off a dead horse in the road or read about them scraping the glue off wallpaper to eat which was made of flour
  14. sounds like you're living pretty good,hope you can eat just as good if the SHTF. i haven't prepped to eat that good. I'm hoping to eat a flap jack with bacon grease or maple syrup or even honey on it for morning with a couple cups of tea. maybe some rice or dry beans cooked in chicken broth and a piece of bread cooked on the wood stove top some time between eleven and 3 PM. at night we might live it up a little with some meat, maybe some kind of home canned veg and more bread or biscuts, rice pudding or cake, depending on how deep into a re or De we go, we hope to make 4 yrs on wha
  15. maybe they're the rest of Michael vicks gang. do yourself a favor and call the dog warden, maybe some of them don't have tags, maybe some have chips and are stolden. then again, maybe it's just some disabled vets with a (meany) and her grown pups. I know if anyone moved next to me with pit bulls, I'd find out why he needs so many and let them know where the property line was and where his dogs where to stop.
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