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  1. Yup, really enjoyed her videos and story.
  2. Seriously I had no clue what to title this I will be traveling soon for a short period of time. Since I'm traveling via the airlines I'm unable to bring a weapon with me. I'll be staying with some good friends of mine for a long weekend. They are not preppers and live near D.C. . I'd like to pack a small BOB for my time there. I need something I can take with me carry on. Ideas?
  3. DH canned 10 pts of peppers. I purchased 25lbs of rice and 25lbs of sugar. Stocked up on some canned goods and We are spending the next few weeks living on our pantry and rotating through somethings that must be used. We just used up all our 2008 white rice. That is when we started being serious about food preps.
  4. The whole set of shows done by the same team who did Wartime Farm are brilliant!
  5. Mt-Riders thread http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48821 about a timeline of societal breakdown really has me thinking. My own extended family has lived through several natural disasters on the East Coast. Some that has had them without power for days at a time. Thankfully they do prepare. Our current plan right now has us sheltering in place. We live in a small city surrounded by two other small cities that are then surrounded by miles and miles of farm land. It isn't our ideal location but for now it is our reality and while we do plan to purchase land and a cabin within
  6. I've got two weeks worth of stocking up to report. One week I stocked up on 3lbs of coffee using coupons and sales it was $14.72 This weeks stock up. 3 campbell's Beans and Bacon (15.25 oz) $1.50 each 3 campbell's Cream of Potato soup (14.75 oz) $1.50 each 2 Rosarita Enchilada Sauce (20 oz) $1 each 3 Cugino's instant soups (.92 oz, feeds one) 75 cents each 1 Top Ramen 5 pack $1 Total $14.25
  7. Scraped out some extra $ in the budget and picked up 18 jars of peanut butter $2 a jar (cheapest price I see around here). That along with what we have on hand equals out to a 1 yr supply. One of the good things about having kept a pantry for the last 5 plus years is I know roughly what we go through in a year.
  8. I meal plan similarly. What do I have to work with and go from there. I didn't grow up with anyone doing food storage and my parents cooked the same meal on the same night on a two week rotation much of my childhood. This weeks $15 stock-up 4lbs of Sugar $3.18 5lbs of pearl barley @ 79 cents a pound. = $3.95 5lbs of enrichiched long grain white rice $2.98 3 1/4 pounds of salt $1 2lbs 4 oz of peanut butter $4 Total for the week $15.11 I still need to do this weeks normal grocery shop and if I have any left over $ then I am going to stock up on more peanut butter. The price
  9. Good ideas! We have gaps in our food storage, we've been eating out of it for months. And really over the last 2 yrs. DH took this job 2 yrs ago and for 22 mos we paid rent and mortgage. I purchased this weeks $15 a few days early as it was payday and I already had to head to walmart. 1lb 4 oz of Augason Farms Chicken Boullion $5.94 (2) 12.5 oz of canned chicken $3.68 8 lbs of white rice $2.76 2 lbs Great Northern Beans $2.68 Total $15.06
  10. Dh and I didn't do any additional prepping for the last 6mos. We sold a house and purchased another. We've looked at our budget and with 5 weeks of pay being taken away due to sequestration we figure we have about $15 a week that we can set aside for additonal pantry stocking. This week I got. 12 cans of dole chunk pineapple @ 68 cents a can. 1.04lbs of pearl barly @ 56 cents a pound 2.05 lbs of TVP @ 1.93 a pound 2lbs of yellow split peas @ 68cents a pound. Total $15.75
  11. I'm late to the game on this thread and I've been MIA for awhile. We sold our place, we had been paying rent in the town we live in and mortgage on a house we own. We moved in 2010 for DH's job. It was a long 22 mos of both and were not able to save. Jump ahead. We now own a house in our new town, cheaper to own then to rent. We made the choice to buy intown then to buy land and live more rural. For several factors but it's what is best for us. We plan to purchase acerage that is within a 2 hour drive. Focus for 2013 Increase water storage, water purification, rain collection.
  12. I've had a lot success replacing lentils for ground meat. I take 2 cups of cooked lentils and rough blend them so that they are more the texture of ground but not bean dip texture. I then add that to 1/4 lb of ground meat and brown it all together in a skillet I also throw in 1/2 cup of dryed oats. I use this for tacos, 'hamburger helper', chili, pasta. It's help stretch our $.
  13. With sequestration starting my area is going to see a downturn. Our own household is looking at a reduction of salary of about $10k this year due to it. DH's company is going to be laying off people as well. I'm jumping on finding a job (we homeschool and I haven't worked in 2 yrs). Something nights or weekends to help bring up the difference. We've always lived 'below' our means. However we have friends of ours who have always spent what they made and struggle with paying bills month to month. I know several of them are behind their payments. It's going to be a rude awaking for them. Sugu
  14. SKill: Nursing, medical, emergency medical care, minor surgery, etc. As for current use of current cash for what our (my family) current ecconomic reality and our current level of other preps yes it is a good use. Reality of bartering at some point after the shtf there will be a point of barter. And if there isn't I've only so far listed items that would come in handy for my own use additionally.
  15. I saw a sale on shoe laces today and it got me thinking about barter items. The little things that might go a long way. Alcohol soap first aid supplies sewing kits tooth brushes baking soda salt spices.
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