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    I'm interested too. I have DAR on both sides of my family, mom and dad. Never did it because it seems too difficult. Looking forward to hearing if you get it done.
  2. My sugar gets hard and I have it in a bucket in mylar with a gamma lid. FYI, it is in the basement and began to smell a bit musty (maybe the wrong word, but I can't really think of a better word), but it's never affected the flavor. I think one of the kids left the lid off once. Been using it for years that way. Never had a problem.
  3. You can get whole courses on youtube. Stanford, MIT, U of CA Berkley, Harvard, those are just some of the ones I've "taken" Just search Biology 101, or History course or whatever, and you'll get it all. Usually they'll talk on the first day about their syllabus, and after listening to that, you'll get the address to their personal webpage with the written syllabus, problems, tests, along with solutions and any links they use. Most schools of any note now have opencourseware.
  4. LOL I'm addicted to Stevia. I use the English Toffee flavor liquid, or the powder in the raw... but I also grew my own and the only way I could use it was in an extract. It's not bad, and especially if you add some vanilla or other flavorings, it's divine. And I drink it in my coffee and herbal tea every day... but like I said, I use the liquid form. Maybe it's the toffee flavor or maybe it's the liquid, but I never detect an after taste. Here's some info from a stevia article... and by the way, it has medicinal properties as well. While there is no question that stevia is sweet, many users will admit that they have also experienced a bitter aftertaste from some brands. In fact, one of the problems with stevia products currently available from health food retailers is that many of them just plain do not taste good. They often have a distinct grassy taste, with varying degrees of bitterness associated with the sweet. These differences in quality may partly be a result of using non-Paraguayan stevia, partly due to poor extraction and processing techniques and partly the result of ignorance on the part of manufactureres concerning the real nature of the stevia plant. One knowledgeable producer of stevia products is attempting to set up industry standards for grading stevia leaves according to their quality. Grade A stevia would be the highest quality, an extremely sweet grade, with little bitter aftertaste and a concentrated degree of sweetness. This grade is very difficult to obtain due to climatic conditions that prevent harvesting at just the right time. Grade B would be a little less sweet with some minor deterioration of the leaf. Most of the best stevia arriving in the United States from Paraguay is Grade B. The vast majority of stevia sold in the United States would be classified as Grade C, a poor grade with a good deal of grassy, bitter flavor. Extracts of Grade C are particularly unpalatable, possessing far too much bitterness. Manufacturers often try to dress them up with other flavoring agents, but such attempts seldom work. Once you have tasted a premium stevia, you will never be satisfied by lesser products. The bitter principles are actually found in the veins of the leaf, while the leafy material between the veins contains the sweet components. Great care must be taken during production of stevia extract to avoid contaminating the sweet with the bitter. This pertains as much to extraction as it does to milling. http://healthfree.com/stevlife.html
  5. I've been wanting to build one of these. Does need electricity, though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQjPSsIWDvg
  6. Definitely break it up. I've had a theft happen while traveling but luckily once they find one stash, they but out... my theory is that theives are inheritantly lazy, and they also don't expect people to have much... so if they find the cash, they think it's all there is and leave. That being said, I also was traveling recently to somewhere there were a lot of pickpockets. I was told to do one of two things... one put a mousetrap in my purse LOL and the second it a wallet full of play money and fake credit cards like you get in the mail. I didn't have to, I have other methods... but maybe a decoy is also a good idea. A smash and grabber would likely see the wallet or purse, grab it and run and not look until he was "safe" later.
  7. AWWWW thanks It's good to be back - missed you guys and thought of this place often :)
  8. btw if anyone ever needs help budgeting, I'm more than happy to volunteer some time for you. It's a true passion for me to help people get control of their finances.
  9. Sounds like you have a budget, but have you done a post mortem for the past few months? In other words, looked back and categorized your spending? Doesn't help at all to have a budget if you don't know what you've been spending your money on. I'm an accountant and I do budgets for people all the time to help them get out of debt (reminder to self, take own advice lol) I'd recommend making a spreadsheet - on paper or the computer, doesn't have to be very elaborate, only as much as you want. Make categories on what you want to spend money on, and then put your week or month's worth of spending into a category. ex. groceries - 200 a month... then go back and count past 3 months what you DID spend on groceries. Don't forget to pay yourself. I personally TRY for 10% tithe (not doing well there honestly), 10% savings and 5% me/family money. . If you neglect yourself all the time, it feels like punishment. If you have the money to eat out once a month, do it. If you don't, but you can afford a "new" outfit at the thrift store, then do that. If it's only quarterly, then at least you have something to look forward to. Something even Dave Ramsey recognizes is that discipline is a large part of this, but psychology is also up there. If you feel on a diet, for example, like you NEVER get to eat anything other than rabbit food, how long will you stick to the diet before binging? However, if you occasionally allow yourself a "treat" you are more likely to go with it long term. Rewards - both short term and long term (meeting your financial goals and not being on the street are some of them) - need to be in place to make it a lifestyle and not a "diet"
  10. Saw a youtube video - person tried various ways to preserve avocado. In water, lemon juice, airtight, and with an onion. Believe it or not, the onion did the trick. Now I store my cut avocados in the fridge with a half onion in the bag and believe it or not, I get about a week before I have to eat it. (not that an avo would last that long for me, but one time did when I had forgotten it )
  11. I have health care through my work, which I am required to take - it didn't cover the medical care I was receiving prior to the O plan, and my previous annual physicals and labs, which have been covered FREE for the past 20 years of my working life, now cost me $800. I have over $2k in medical bills and I don't know how I will be paying them. Prior to "affordable" coverage everything I needed was covered with just a small copay... in other words, it's not just those unfortunate enough to not have "regular" healthcare through employers, EVERYONE is suffering now, workers, retirees, and unemployed citizens.
  12. How about making your own from a local dairy? If you could find it for cheap enough at a local dairy... You get about 1 1/2 lbs of butter from a gallon of cream. If you can get it cheap enough, all you need is a blender or food processor (or a jar to shake if you don't have those things, but that takes a long time)
  13. Out here in the Northeast, I frequently see hair dye in the clearance section of Walgreens and Rite Aid, sometimes supermarkets. Combined with coupons it can be very reasonable... how about ebay? Maybe you could get lucky and get a free shipping win for just a buck or two?
  14. How much? $99 for only the mother's side. I wonder how accurate it is. After all, we have mapped the genome but we have hardly mapped all known variants.
  15. I always liked art stuff, and it can be had cheaply. Drawing, water paints, and picture books of animals. Lots of good suggestions up there.
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