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  1. I have an electric tortilla press that also cooks the dough. I use whole wheat flour (freshly ground) to make mine a nd I have no problem with the dough/tortillas. It's a VillaWare, I believe. Had it for about 10 years or so now and it works wonderfully.
  2. We pressed the apples and put them into a clean crock and covered it, to allow it to ferment first, per Carla Emory's Ency of Country Living. Now it is *covered* in mold, a thick layer of it. I assume we got the wrong bacteria...but can we salvage this by skimming the mold off and adding the mother now? Next time I will add the mother earlier...
  3. I did this in a notebook last year...need to go check and see what I've managed to cover and what still needs to be worked on. Thanks for reminding me
  4. Did 9 gal of apple cider today--used 5 gal to begin making cider vinegar. Am going to can 2 gal and the other gal I used to make apple syrup for pancakes. Also juiced 3 bushels of lemons---and did you know that only makes 10 pints of juice???????????? Also canned 19 qts of field peas, 8 qts of blackeyed peas, and 10 qts of fordhooks...got a canner load of cut corn in the canner now and have 56 more to can
  5. Still working on applesauce--trying to clear out the cooler so dh can butcher 2 cows over Christmas
  6. I too am tired, Mother Earth. I've been canning pretty much non stop for the past 15-18 months. I told my sister yesterday that I was ready to pull my hair out! lol But as long as God keeps sending the food, I have to keep canning. Can't let it go to waste. Right now I am working on applesauce and apple cider vinegar and then I have some corn and field peas frozen that I need to can to make space for the cows we are going to butcher over christmas. And I am getting lemons from dh's aunt for the first time and I want to can that juice for lemonaide and lemon pies.
  7. I certainly can ship them. Let me know if you are seriously interested
  8. Will do that the first of next week. Thanks! And yes, I'd like ACV mother. I have no idea if there is any difference either. lol
  9. The trees I have were planted by my great grandfather. They are almost 100 years old now and aren't making as much as they used to. We picked up 50 lbs yesterday and another 50 lbs today. We have been cracking them and packaging them in 10 lb bags and dh has been selling them for $2 a lb along with his fruit. I need to get some shelled out for us and in the freezer.
  10. Virginia is right. It's a southern bean. We are picking pecans right now and I have peanuts hanging to dry out as well. I want to have some roasted for eating and some to make butters as well.
  11. I am making cider now...and would like to try making ACV for the first time. I'd love to get some Mother. Let me know how to send postage please.
  12. Oh yes, forgot to add: 156 bags of squash frozen
  13. I know that canning fresh veggies and fruits has probably come to a halt in most parts of the country...but... In the past 3 weeks I've canned the following: 60 qts green beans 54 qts fordhooks 110 pints tomatoes 40 qts black eyed peas What are you canning?
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