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  1. Andrea, I'm not interested in going to LA, but wanted to say, Howdy neighbor! I live about 30 minutes or so from Stockton. I live between San Andreas and Angels Camp
  2. When I was very new here I was pushed and shoved a bit, so I quit posting. I have come to the site and read, but I'm still very leery about posting any real thoughts.
  3. The only ideas I have came from others. I'm one of the best copier's I know....tee hee hee
  4. We have adopted our oldest granddaughter. We had her since she was about two months old. She is now 16 and she is a wonderful, wonderful person. She makes my day, every day.
  5. Quote:(Shurleen, I'm going to do exactly what you said. Stand firm on house rules, love him to pieces and watch from the sideline and be there when he falls. I can't fix this for him...all I can do is make sure my home continues to be the home that we make it without the outside influences.) It is hard to stand firm, but if you do so, you won't regret it. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.KJV Don't beat yourself up about all that's going on. This too shall pass. I have a now grown son that caused us no end of tears and sorrow, but now he is all any mother would want. He doesn't know why he did the things he did. I think it was mostly to see how far we would bend. When he was in his late teens, we banned him from our home because of drugs and stealing. He could call, but that was it, UNTIL he cleaned up. Tough love? Yes, but it was because of that love that we had to take that step. I will keep you in prayer.
  6. I make my own soap and love it. I use vinegar instead of fabric softener. I line dry all of my clothes and have no stiffness issues since changing over to the vinegar. The vinegar takes out all the excess soap from your clothes. I have not in any way noticed a dinginess with my clothes. Dishwasher I take 2 cups of washing soda and "mix" in 2 cups of 20 mule team. I use a tablespoon or there abouts (one of those measuring things for coffee.)I will use two if my dishes are really dirty and have dried food on them. My dishes come out just as clean as before.
  7. For those of you that like to hang your clothes on hangers to hang dry, attach some chain (like the kind that was used for swag lamps) to your clothes line letting it dangle. You can hook your hangers on to the chain. You can buy the chain at wal mart or any hardware store
  8. I live in California and for me nothing has changed. I still homeschool and plan on continuing no matter what I have to do in order to homeschool. We go along with our regular schedule, no questions by outside people. I know they are fighting it in the courts, so that may take a year or so. My homeschool child is in 11th grade, but I feel for those that have young ones. I think I speak for a few when I say education, morals and just being a responsible young person is more important to me than where I live. We have our own small business as well as pastoring a church, but if it were needed, I would move to another state.
  9. I clean house every day, but on Monday's I spring clean one room or closet. So each week another room or closet gets done and I never have to spring clean the house at once. Yep, there have been lots of times I've missed a week, but it never gets bad if I pretty much keep up with it.
  10. Pastors wife


    If you rinse your dish cloths in cold water after use, they won't sour
  11. This is what I use for algerbra. http://www.mathrelief.com/ He is easy to follow
  12. Some of that "New Age" stuff she pushes, tells us that we as a people have to be as one if we are going to find world peace. If someone won't join them, then they would have to be done away with, so they could come back knowing that we must be one. They use the word atonement~at "one" ment. Their God is not the God of the Bible.
  13. We pastor a church, so I know my child is involved in Sunday School, but I still make sure she has Bible as part of her school day. I have always used Alpha Omega and am VERY happy with it. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the Bible, so for me it is working.
  14. I know I haven't changed anything about our day. I still homeschool and would continue until the day they arrest me.
  15. When my niece was in fifth grade, the public school she went to gave out papers to each child in her class. They were told them to hide them and not to let their parents see them. The paper gave phone # to call if their parents spanked them or yelled at them. My sil was livid, but there were no apologies forth coming. By the way, my niece is now 25, so this has been going on for quite some time. I have an aunt that did foster care for many, many years. About 15 to 20 years ago she was told that sitting a child in the corner was considered child abuse. That no one should be forced to look at a wall.
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