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  1. We're about as ready as we can be, we're a little ways from the flood zone, at least up to a Cat 3. In '04 we had 3 storms cross this area, lost part of our roof during one of those, and went without power for a couple weeks. I'm really worried this hurricane season because of the oil spill. Everyone take care and batten down the hatches if need be.
  2. For me I use a straw broom, then microfiber washcloth on a Swifter. Really like the idea of using a paper towel from above post...gonna give that a try! My mop of choice is a Cuban mop....a wooden T dowel, you flop a dampened old dish towel over the end and push it around the floor. Rinse out towel as needed, rinse after use, then toss in wash. When its time for a complete scrubbing, I sit on my bum with brush and bucket.
  3. Sounds yummy! Much like our smoked mullet dip down this way.
  4. I have never been able to find washing soda around here in our rural area. Instead, while making my laundry soap, I use the same amount of PH Pool Increaser. It is the same chemical as washing powder, I forget what it is, but it's the same. The PH pool increaser is about 6.00 and will make about 4 batches, using one cup each batch.
  5. We have several cats with skin problems because of fleas, even tho no fleas are found with a flea comb. House cat Rootie Poot was so bad with loss of fur, raw spots, and going crazy scratching, he ended up with a shot and Advantage, next month the same thing went on, another shot and Advantage. With over 20 cats, several needed Advantage every month, of course we couldn't afford this and keep it up. I ended up rubbing 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into the fur at the back of the neck, once or twice a day. Do not rub onto broken skin or raw area. Problem was cleared up in a couple weeks,
  6. Pearl Harbor Day on our Gary Patterson cat calendar.
  7. A few days ago I made 18 quarts of bread and butter pickles with a load of cukes given to us. Oh, and froze 120 ears of corn, given to us also. Free is good!
  8. The Taylor Bean shut down came as a real surprise to my nephew and his girlfriend, both out of work now. There were 1,238 employees, except for a skeleton crew, all employees recieved an e-mail Wed. at 1 PM, all positions were terminated at that time. Leave now, nephew said it wa surreal...guards at every building and entrance, reporters all over the place. Have heard that BOA will be taking the Taylor Bean accounts.
  9. I stitch because I love to stitch. Not only a legacy of love for my family, but the legacy of having taught my children the art of creating their own legacy as well. I learned at my mother's side....sewing, embroidery,crochet, crewel,hooking, needlepoint, etc. I was married at 15 yrs. old, mother in law taught me quilting. To this day quilting is what I do most, much of my embroidery and applique go into quilt tops. My daughter sews, embroiders and quilts. Middle son, the big, bad tatoo artist, he crochets rag rugs to relax, and just because he likes to crochet.Youngest son learned t
  10. Oh, I love to quilt, so would choose a thick quilt. I've never even owned a winter coat, tho I do wear socks in the winter time! How about a choice of cast iron or stainless cookware?
  11. I recently found another helpful use for apple cider vinegar, truly amazing stuff! One of our kitties had ended up with an eye infection, first one eye, then both eyes....goooey, icky, closed shut. I had leftover eye meds from the vet which didn't help. This was a weekend so I looked online to see about a home remedy to use, at least till I could get Jasmine to the vet on Monday. I ended up using 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar rubbed into the fur at the back of her neck. After one treatment there was a noticable difference, after 2 days her eyes were clear. I treated her just twice a day
  12. Years ago I worked for a woman who was raised during the Depression. She never bought furniture polish, instead she would have me dip a rag into chicken fat and use that to polish and preserve her wood furniture. When the rag went rancid, I was allowed a new rag, but had to wash the old one for reuse.
  13. Sounds good Prickle! Will probably add some corn too, make it stretch a little further. The Rotel here is about a dollar for the 10 oz. can, probably more by now. I have used the Save Alot version, I think about 69 cents a can, with good results. Those have probably gone up too. Or I just use diced tomatoes, whether fresh or canned, and add our own chilies.
  14. This is good! I've made it several times in the past but had to back off as I like chocolate cake a little TOO well! It does make enough for 2 servings...one right after the other!
  15. Why Thank You -6! I sometimes read a few other boards, but this is home, the only place I'm registered.
  16. Good one Leah! I like the cotton lines, use a double half hitch on one end to undo and restretch as needed. Actually, as short as I am, I prefer to have the lines a little "saggy" so I can reach them! Heavy stuff like quilts, kitty blankies, fender covers, throw rugs, are all just flopped over the porch rails.
  17. Thannk you Violet! I have "relearned" so much...thanks to you!
  18. Sounds like you rescued a Siamese cross, his muddled color may turn "toasty" as he ages. If he's really young, he may even get some points. Our blue eyed kitties are Miss Abbey, a Himalayan, Pattycake, Siamese cross, two solid whites, Jasmine has the blue eyes, Rootie Poot has odd eyes...one blue, one green. And a calico, Kalliekat...ummm....can you guess where I got my name?
  19. Welcome Karelle...such a lovely name! You're gonna love it here like the rest of us do!
  20. I don't have a food saver, but this is how I store all purpose white flour and seem to have had good luck with it. Not sure how long it will last, right now I'm using flour that is about 4 years old and it's fine. Freeze it for a few days to kill any buggie eggs, let it stabelize, than I put each of the 5 pound bags of flour into freezer Zip Lock bags, a 5 pound bag fits into a 1 gal. bag. Squeeze out as much air as you can, then put into another bag. Laid flat I can get 50 lbs of flour in a tote, then store them in a closet in the house. Oh, be sure to take the flour out of the original ba
  21. We have 20 something rescue kitties here, some in house, some outside, some in and out. I feed Purina dry and to that add cooked rice, after that, anything goes....leftovers, mashed bones, veggie juice, gravy, whatever it takes to make a wet food. If all else fails they get a can of stinky food with hot water added to the dry food and rice. They get this for morning feedings, at night I only put out a little dry, enough for them to munch right away, otherwise the coons and possums feast on it. Indoor cats are fed the same but they also can free feed during the day.
  22. KallieKat


    Awwww....I want some hens! Hubby says "no", "absolutly not", "most definitly not". I'm working on him! Maybe if your chickens are kept up to roost at night, put the grits down then, ants are very quick to haul down the grits.
  23. Wheee!!! Thank you MM! Now I won't have to look for what I forgot I was looking for!
  24. KallieKat


    We have used grits for a long time here, it really does work, even if it just makes the remaining ants leave the vicinity and build elsewhere. Having lots of anthills here we pretty much coexist with them except for around the garden areas and clotheslines, I also use grits when potted plants become infested. Make sure you use the grits on a dry day when no rain is expected. Hope this helps!
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