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  1. Nice new digs here! Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!
  2. Our two pumpkin pies for Turkey day were made with '06 canned pumpkin and evaporated milk. The milk was a little thick and clumped on the inside of the lid...smelled and tasted fine though. Everyone who gobbled the pies are fine as well! After cleaning out one of the storage areas last week I had found a qt. jar of store brand mayo that had escaped rotation for some reason. It was tan in color....ewwww.....out it went!
  3. Kevin...the last time I bought the ph pool increaser at Walmart it was 5.86 for (I think) a 4 lb. container. At only 1 cup per batch, it last a very long time. Hope this helps!
  4. Or...when making my laundry soap instead of using the washing soda, I use swimming pool ph increaser...it is the same as washing soda, Sodium Carbonate.
  5. We're missing Glen too! I did sign up for his newsletter, that helps a bunch! Isn't he a Mormon? I think I read that somewhere.
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was a great one!
  7. Wheee! Another quilter! Welcome...you're gonna love it here!
  8. KallieKat

    Let's Vote

    Out here in the boonies there was just one man ahead of me, in and out in no time.
  9. Collards are easy to grow and much easier to clean than turnip or mustard greens as they have larger, thicker leaves. Yum....grits and greens! We always like a side of grits with our greens, and plenty of pot "likker" for the cornbread!
  10. Thanks for the reminder! Just took care of mine!
  11. I love a gas stove for canning! Unfortunatly, I'm one of those poor ladies with a flat top. I do have a canner made for use on a flat top, it works great, but a gas flame is so easy to adjust. We are still thinking about getting a gas stove for one of the outbuildings and canning out there. I've also canned on the side burners of a gas grill, it does need a wind break though to keep a constant flame. Canning is safe and fun! Just use the saftey precautions, pay attention...and enjoy!
  12. Thanks Westie! These look great and will be trying some!
  13. Made up powdered dry milk works fine for boxed or pudding mixes. I keep a quart jar with a mayo lid on it in the fridge for cooking so as not to use up the "good stuff".
  14. Welcome! So glad you're here! This is a great place to be!
  15. Welcome Canned....looking forward to your posts!
  16. Welcome Starmom! You're gonna love it here as I do!
  17. Welcome Urbanforager! Cool...I have "diving attire " too! I can't wear one of my usual dresses or I'd have my bum in the air for all the world to see!
  18. Hi Kevin! Welcome! Jump right in on that canning, it will be a breeze with all the help here!
  19. Welcome Simple! You're gonnna love it here!
  20. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was great!
  21. My sis recently had a large container of oatmeal full of moths, I had never had that happen before, first time seeing that.I freeze our dry goods, then store in Zip Locks or jars, or what can fit into a 2 litre soda bottle. We have ant invasions here too, especially in the dry months. Because of kids and critters, I spray vinegar on base boards, around windows, wherever the ants are marching in.For anthills near the house, they get a dose of grits. It doesn't really kill them, but tends to make them pack up and move somewhere else.
  22. How neat! Bet your Grandma would be proud to have those old jars put into use! I sure wish we had apples aplenty down here!
  23. Happy Belated Birthday zzelle! Sounds like you had a grand time!
  24. Happy Birthday Christie! Hope you had a great day!
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