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  1. I too, am Type 2, have been for years.I take no meds but try to control the best I can through proper eating (portion sizes) and physical activity. Most times I do pretty well, but as Violet mentioned "taste testing" is hard for me too. Too often, when we sit down to supper...I've already had mine...one taste at a time! We have no insurance so its like we have to "save up" to be able to pay to go to a Dr. much less to be able to afford the meds they want you to take. Karen
  2. Thank you for sharing. I hope all goes well for your cousin, prayers sent out for you and yours.
  3. Our rural county has been hit hard with forclosures and unemployment. My hubby is a partner in an automotive/tranny shop, work started to slow down last August and has never picked back up again, to the point where the guys and one employee (partners brother)have nothing to do but sit around and wait for something to come in. The buildings and business have been for sale since last December, not one serious bite yet.For the past 6 weeks now hubby has been home working in our shop on restoration and selling some of our vintage muscle car parts to make ends meet while partner has kept the doors
  4. Hi Brenda! Welcome! I'm a quilter and sewer too!
  5. Happy belated birthday Arby! Hope you had a wonderful day!
  6. Thanks Westie! Our 20 something cats here are sure going to appreciate your efforts!Looks like a great site...thanks again!
  7. Congrats to Peg and Carmen! The best to both of you in your new jobs!
  8. Thanks for the welcome home! I've been reading till my eyes went buggy!
  9. With the prices of everything going sky high, kerosene is still a good bargain. We have used a kerosene heater in the house to supplement the fireplace, a high quality grade won't stink. You may get a whiff when you first fire it up and when you shut it down.We didn't vent, this house is drafty enough. We still use kerosene heat out in the shop when needed. Yesterday a friend from the electric company stopped by and told us that they are raising prices by 36%. Hubby already said we'll bring the kerosene heater back in for house use though I can't see needing much heat this year....these "ho
  10. You made a nice find there! Those old canning jars work great for dry stuff, and they are very neat to have around for other stuff too, like buttons and other sewing notions. How about using some as gift jars? A vintage canning jar would make a nice gift with a goodie in it!
  11. Clothespins are used alot here too, always have them on epecially since I line dry everything. But they work so well as a kitchen gadget, I kinda thought that everyone used them, all the plastic clips you see in the grocery store are just there for looks, right? I'll tell you about my latest fashion statement though...the other day I was out doing yard work and my long hair was escaping the ponytail, rather than coming back in the house I just went over to the clothes line and grabbed a couple of clothespins to pin stray hair up on both sides. It worked, I forgot how utterly stupid that mus
  12. I keep a large butter container in the freezer and add whatever left over veggies we have. When full its all dumped out and added to soup, always different. Left over gravies, "pot likker",plate scrapings are added to dry cat food along with the usual cooked rice.
  13. We use AT&T and like the service. Hubbys kin are scattered in NC, Ms.Ar. and youngest son and daughter are out in Tx., all use AT&T, so we have the free mobile to mobile. Our house phone is down to just the basic so all long distance is done on the cell.I don't tend to yap much on the phone so always have a ton of rollover minutes.
  14. As a Florida Cracker we have always prepped for hurricanes,I don't know when it became a lifestyle. We've always done the full pantry thing,canned,"put by",lived frugally,all that.But a couple of years ago the Lord spoke to me and we have energized our efforts to do even more, its hard for me to put into words. Now we prep because we are told to,come what may, we're getting ready for it, He and us are going to get through this thing.
  15. Hello everyone! It is great to be back home! After a bad lightening strike here July 2nd, I am finally back online and this is the first place I have rushed to!Oh, can anyone tell me how to change my e-mail addy? I have gone dial up this time so have a new e-mail addy. Anyhow, I'm sure looking forward to jumping back in! Ya'll have a great day...I'm off to do some reading, I'm sure I have been missing out on a bunch! Karen
  16. I haven't been on here much the past week...the garden came on real quick. I've canned over 50 qts. of green beans and yellow wax, near 50 qts. of pickles...sweet, dill, have a bucket of spears soaking now, will make sweet spears with those. In between picking, weeding, and canning, I'm trying to do a happy dance with all the goodies! Hubby and I walked the garden this morning, tonight we'll have to pick green and yellow beans again, first picking on pole beans. Plus have to pick yellow squash and zucchini. Tomatoes are all showing color...whew...I'm happy! Karen
  17. Awwww....I missed it! Hope your day was wonderful!
  18. Welcome PrairieGirl! Good to meet you!
  19. Welcome Susan, you're gonna love it here!
  20. Happy Birthday Ginger! Hope your day is the best!
  21. Wheeeee!!!!! A party! Where's the cake? Huh? Where's the cake?! We inmates have been busy and having a grand time...oh...I still have my flip flops on, is that ok? Has the Grand Dame arrived yet? Oh, Darlene, hope your day was as special as you are! Enjoy your birthday bash...its out to the field for you tomorrow!
  22. I agree, a thread about line drying would be a good idea for the folks just starting out or thinking about it. I really enjoy the process of hanging out the wash, folding as I take it down...unless a thunder storm is looming, then its break neack spped getting everything down!
  23. Thanks Westie! I love aprons and wear them! Mine hangs on a hook behind the front door...yea, our front door goes directly into a big kitchen off the front porch. I like the full aprons, if I use a half apron I'm so short that I have to tie it above my boobies, 'cause that's what gets in the way at the stove/counters. My daughter and I both collect the vintage aprons, we're always squabbling about who has what, we tend to raid each other's stash! We have even used vintage half aprons as kitchen curtains....clothespin them up in a row on a curtain rod...very pretty and a great way to show of
  24. Happy Birthday Mrs. S! Thanks to Darlene and all who keep this place rolling right along!
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