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  1. I'm sure this will be of great interest to her. Thank you so much!
  2. Good Morning Friends! I have a girlfriend that is new to canning, but she was recently diagnosed as being allergic to sugar. Can you help us find her some recipes for pickles and more that she can make? We have made the sugar free jam and she was so excited she wants to do more but I don't have any more recipes for her . . . your help would certainly be appreciated.
  3. Not sure the validity of this - but have received it twice in emails in the past two days. . . . Even if it is NOT for real - we should stop and think about what if it WAS real. I, for one, believe it is probably true. STORY: A Wall Street Journal columnist has advised people to 'start stockpiling food' and an ABC News Report says 'there are worrying signs appearing in the United States where some … locals are beginning to hoard supplies.' Now there's concern that the U.S. government may be competing with consumers for stocks of storable food. 'We're told that the feds
  4. My DH completely set my vehicle up when we married last year. I could survive days in it if needed - and be safe and warm and fed. I NEVER had a thing with me before him . . . he's opened my eyes to some basic facts of life. Now I have to encourage my grown daughters to ready their vehicles AND their lives!
  5. Welcome Dear - I lived in Indiana for 50 years - East Central - on a farm. Relocated to Northern Virginia 18 months ago to get married of all things! I miss my Hoosier roots though - all of my family are still there. New Hubby promises we are moving closer when he retires in three years. I travel back about every two or three months. . . . gotta see those grandkids, you know? But anyway - Welcome! You will find a wealth of information here.
  6. We did 26 jars of pickled beets. LOVE to can beets!
  7. I paid $28.95 including shipping. Hope it works for you as well! www.petdrugs.com
  8. Back in the 70s I worked in banking . . . and was told by the big wigs that yes, the accounts were insured up to $100,000 but that they didn't say WHEN the insurance would pay it back . . . that it could be paid back to your grandchildren. . . . Don't know if that still applies . . . but something to think about.
  9. I did an internet search and found a supplier in Canada that did not require me to have a prescription. I purchased 6 months worth of HeartSmart for less than $30. Don't know if that helps or not but there it is . . . .
  10. I'm convinced. Keep it all. Thanks everyone.
  11. We are negotiating a deal with seller for all he has left. We will be wanting to keep some of it . . . but would want to sell what we are already stocked up on. All items stored in back bedroom of his house. #10 cans - we will probably sell surplus for $4 each plus shipping - that would offset our cost, plus pay for our time and effort in transporting it. Sound right?
  12. Opened one - excellent condition! Thanks for the comment on my avatar - that's my Granddaughter, Aubrey - nearly 2 - and looks so much like her mother in this picture . . . the hair, the eyes and especially the finger up her nose!
  13. Greetings! I, too, live in the beautiful state of Virginia - Northern area for me. I am finding more and more people here in our home state that are taking the signs seriously. Good to meet you!
  14. My DH and I stopped at a yard sale yesterday and they were selling out their preps! I bet they had at least a year's supply of #10 cans. They were selling them for $2 a piece. We purchased all that the budget would allow. Now my question is, they are all from 2004. How long can I expect them to stay usable? We have emailed them (got acquainted as we were shopping) and said we would make them an offer on any that are left. They are moving and will start over, they said. But are these a great purchase since they are already 4 years old?
  15. We have shopped at Aldi for years. I agree that they don't have a lot of choices, if you want flour, they have "a" brand of flour . . . but we have found the quality of most items to be great and the prices ARE wonderful. It was just trial and error with me, try some things and if I didn't like them, we purchased them at the other stores. I have always found my basics there - flour, sugars, baking ingredients, milk, butter, eggs, etc. Their yogurt is OK, not great - but I can make do. I've not used their laundry detergent for years - making my own now - but I wasn't overly impressed back in
  16. When my oldest was a teenger she started dating a boy that we didn't approve of. Their beliefs were different, he was a "bad boy" and she had always been a church mouse. The more we tried to pull them apart the closer they got. Finally, we pushed her right out of the door. She went to live at his house . . . got pregnant, of course, and they married. Two weeks after they married she lost the baby. Life went on and eventually they had two beautiful children that they both adore. He stepped up to the plate and became a good husband to her. Now he is a Christian like she is and it could b
  17. I can handle it all . . . . except the no chocolate thing!
  18. Thanks so much. I'll let you know how it goes . . . .
  19. I have been searching home remedies for High Blood Pressure online. My BP is staying at about 162/100 which I KNOW is terribly high. I am going to lose some weight - but I wondered if you all knew of an herb or a home remedy that I might try along with that. . . . I really don't want to be tied to a pill the rest of my life . . . Thanks!
  20. Congratulations! You are coming into one of the most wonderful relationships on earth. I am proudly "Mamaw Susie". I have two quotes that I have used in explaining my relationship with my grandchildren . . . 1) Grandchildren are God's gift for not killing your kids. 2) The reason grandchildren and grandparents have such an amazing bond is because they have a common enemy! Blessings on you and the new little one that is coming . . . .
  21. I was worried about our garden because all it has done since we planted is rain - but EVERYTHING is up! PTL! We bought a freezer this weekend - upright, which we wanted a chest but the 4 foot tall freezer was only $20 - so we adjusted our thinking. Bought some meat to put in it . . . gonna be watching for sales. They still have plenty of rice at our Costco - and the price of flour has not changed in several weeks. Wanting to get some more dry milk put back. Teenage step=son can drink it by the gallon . . . .
  22. Found everything we needed EXCEPT the Fels Naptha Soap! Went everywhere! Finally ordered it for $1.50 a bar (shipping for up to 7 bars was $4.65. I just googled Fels Naptha and there was a store for purchasing soaps from by-gone eras! Want to experiment with it and see if it is something that would be of interest of others wanting to go "green" around here . . . .
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