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  1. what makes the best tortillas wet or dry?To make the dry masa would you soak with lime grind the wet corn then dry it or dry the corn before you grind it?Im really pulled to this for some reason I believe the indigenous people are the ones to learn from where could I find the info about the corn soaking continuously they must of mastered the whole process..... its so much time prep.it was obviously worth it and saved their health.thanks again for your help
  2. sounds like you have some experience great.....My corn grinder is called molina-nixtamal.I guess masa is called nixtamal The stuff I am doing is soaked with slaked lime and cooked then grounded while wet.
  3. Hello Ive got me a real corn grinder had to order it through the mail.Making masa is such a big job this would be so much to do in a emergency?I got my batch of corn soaked and cooked and milled.I feel the masa is a little different than what Ive seen in some pictures mine is wet and clumpy.In the pictures it seems to be more like flour .Has anyone made masa from scratch with yellow corn from the feed store.What if water is limited all the rinsing and cleaning of the corn and time would be interesting challenge.I plan on getting better at this task and getting all the bugs out of the system .I
  4. thanks redoing my batch right now
  5. why do I not leave this in the canner over night,because the batch maybe undercooked ? When I do this again Will this overcook the stuff and turn it to mush,I wouldnt have ate this until I was sure about this process and being short of little over 5 minutes and the meat was well cooked I thought I might be over reacting.....and it may be just fine...Wishful thinking Now Im worried if I reprocess this will it be fine???How would I know smell and check the seal when I do eat it???Ill make a note on the label.
  6. Hello I need help here I got a new Mirro to replace my old one and decided to follow the book dumb .......I put the 8 cups of water in and ran out..I know I was running it to high thats probably the problem..I was to do 90 minutes the bean tomatoe hamburger recipe,well at about 82 minutes I noticed no steam coming out so I turned it off.I have alot of money invested in this recipe as I do everything organic Im hoping I dont have to do this over again all the jars are sealed and I left it over night in the canner and opened the canner this morning and everything was still warm.The kind of hambu
  7. okay Im not sure how the pressure cooker steam gauge works and what is this metal stem thing do.I will be ordering a book ,but would like to test it again I did it once and I couldnt hear steam coming out anywhere after it got started.With my mirro I can hear steam pushing the weights around how does the AA work???Should I hear hissing all the time it was quiet and then I saw the gauge go up and I shut it off for Im not sure yet about safety and this is not a cooker Im used to yet.Do the guages have to be tested once a year..How about weight regulators can they be put on with only one piece t
  8. Darlene would it be safe to try it Im abit nervous with canners still a learner
  9. hi I need some help I just picked up a used AAcanner 915 small but the price was right I think,,,,,40.00 plus 4 cases of jars...I got it home and noticed the lid isnt totally flush on one side I can get the clamps on .I mean the lip of the pot and the lid dont totally touch on one side...Any one have info on this I dont have a clue as I have a mirro canner.Ive had my mirro for 3 months and not all that happy with the weight set and look forward to moving up to this canner for safety stuff...I hope to be getting a huge AA canner from this same person shortly sure hope this isnt to good to be tr
  10. thanks for getting back to me I am dammed to get this one under my belt...The grain mill I am using is back to basics grain mill not sure if this answers your question I had this in my emerg supply never have opened the box or used one of these things.Glad Im doing my learning now...................I couldnt get the handle on the mill think there is a problem should of gone through this when I bought it anyways Im pushing through I put the wet corn in and nothing would go through so I pushed it and no go never knew there was a special mill for masa.Do you think the masa would work the same if
  11. Hello has anyone made masa flour from scratch?I have a few questions... after soaking the corn is the finished product white corn?My product isnt white saw this in a picture so need to check?Also after the corn is soaked does it need to be dried before grinding in a mill I would think so but all the recipes seem to say go right to making the flour?
  12. thanks for reply my weight is rocking when cooking then it gets stuck I just touch the weight to get it going again I can tell its not because the heat is low ??????It makes for long canning lately but I live on a island and had to travel to purchase this canner...help would help me get some fun while canning like doing the dishes hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...not watching my weight on the canner.
  13. Im not sure if this is the way to address these questions?Kind of new to forums and how to use them.Anyways I have some questions first of all my mirro canner weight thingy that rocks keeps sticking and I have cleaned it????Next question ,I have some canned chicken broth and messed up some planning so ended up putting it in the fridge over night ,can I can this or do I have to start all over?I never did any cooking in the canner with these jars of broth but I did do all the steps prep before like boiling and sterilized jars.Last question Im making chicken pot pie and seperating my ingrediants
  14. thanks again Im not sure where to buy this slaked lime I do live on a Island not alot of stores?How healthy is this I am a organic eater and this sounds hmmmmmmmmm interesting .I found some certified organic corn at the feed store in a big bag do you think this would be okay I heard somewhere a feed store is a good place to look?I guess it would be safe for people????Pickling lime or builders lime or slaked lime any info would be welcomed
  15. hello guys been awhile tried alot of things and now I am on to tortillas simple thing but not for me...Well first thing from what I gather the corn tortillas with the pinto beans will provide the proper nutrients..Well cornmeal flour will not form into a ball its not happening .From what was posted here you treat it, has anyone done this and does this take all week to finish?I know you can buy it by the bag but Im wanting to be s elf sufficient and able to provide this for my family if needed.I have checked the net and it seems complicated needed to put this one under my belt so I can practis
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