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  1. You are the second person that I know who hit a deer tonight. I am glad that you are ok. Sorry that someone stole your deer though. After all that, you should at least get to take your deer home and eat it.
  2. I can't wait! It looks like a really good show. I love when he lights his cigarette with the welder.
  3. They have that stuff at our wal-mart. They have a canister every other aisle or so, for all types of spills or accidents. I have used it myself when one of the kids dropped a pickle jar. I didn't want to leave the spill for someone to slip in, so I put some on it, then went to find someone to clean it up.
  4. Yes, it does!! I also started my Christmas shopping, or at least going through the kids' lists and deciding what they definitely are NOT getting. :wink (2):
  5. Good day today! Went window shopping and put some things on my Christmas list to give to family that won't look suspicious (food saver, food dehydrator, etc.). Put some things on my list of things I want to buy for myself that would be suspicious (Survival books camping supplies - suspicious since I don't camp). I also went and got about 2 weeks worth of shelf stable food. aldi had reduced prices on a lot of stuff, so i was able to get more than normal which was nice. I really feel like I have accomplished a lot this week, and that makes me feel good.
  6. What a wonderful praise report. It really lifted my heart to read this tonight.
  7. Mine has been changing back and forth randomly. Sometimes I come and it is brown, other times it is blue and white.
  8. I got quite a few non-food items today. I was at the dollar store buying stuff for my shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and so I bought some things for us as well. Looks like other stuff is going to get put off until tomorrow, but on the plus side my grandmaw has offered to watch the kids so I won't have to do all the shopping with them in tow.
  9. No matter how much or how little you may have, you are still ahead of the sheeple. Some of our supplies dwindle from time to time, but every item that I manage to re-stock is a victory of sorts. When money is tight, I manage to find a way to put something back on the shelves, even if it is only a few packs of Ramen noodles (Yuck! But the kids will eat them.). Other cheap items would include canned veggies, frozen veggies,spaghetti sauce, boxes of pasta, dried beans, boullion cubes, etc... Also don't discount the dollar stores. Our local Dollar Tree carries food. The next time that I go, I pla
  10. Well, for where I am now in my preps, I would ask for a lot. Like, all of it. Um, serious three wishes: 1. An adequate food supply for me and my kids for 1 year. 2. A way to heat and cook if the power went out. 3. A way of protecting my family and supplies.
  11. So far this week I have done a lot of reading to refresh my mind on what I need to be doing. I Have printed out an inventory list to fill in as I purchase, and I am about to go and see what I already have. I know it isn't much. I plan to go to the grocery store tomorrow.
  12. Cat, I didn't see your post until I posted my last one. For now, I have found what I was looking for, the prep lists to help me get started again, as well as a lot of other really great threads to read. I honestly can't remember why I stopped coming at first. I think life just got in the way, but I am now a widow, with three kids 10 and under to provide for, and a lot of stuff in the last few days has made me really want to get back on the prepping wagon so here I am. It really is just like coming home again. I haven't had to many glitches as of yet, a refresh has fixed it every time
  13. Thanks! I am happy to be back. I have been reading almost all day today, I am going out tomorrow to get started again, if my youngest is feeling better. She has been sick today.
  14. Wow, I just kind of disappeared about 2 years ago, huh? I wasn't here very long, so I doubt if anyone remembers me, but I really learned a lot during my time here. Now I am back, life has changed drastically for me, and I am pretty much back to square one as far as prepping and such go, but I am here and ready to start again. Now, off to read and get started!!
  15. Hey there everyone! Sorry I disappeared for a while there. A lot happened, and I just kind of shut down and turned inward for a while, but now I am back, and the truth is I am quite concerned about everything that is going on, and the fact that I am not prepared for it. I am still more preppared than I was when I found this sight, but we had a while there where we lived off of the preps I had gathered. Anyway, I am here now, and trying ot get caught up, or atleast find out the hot topics I missed. I hope everyone had a great summer and I can't wait ot get back in the swing of things.
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