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  1. California Has Its Own Coronavirus Variant, Researchers Reveal Mary Papenfuss Mon, January 25, 2021, 3:31 AM The U.S. now has its very own COVID-19 variant and scientists believe the burgeoning strain is likely linked to the surge in cases in Los Angeles County. Two independent research groups discovered the strain in California while seeking the more contagious, possible more deadly, British variant in the state. Although the researchers found the UK strain ― B.1.1.7 ― in scattered cases in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino counties, they weren’t expecting to discover a ho
  2. 25,236,815: confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States. (That’s 491,369 more than Friday morning.) 420,516: US deaths attributed to coronavirus. (That’s 9,076 more than Friday morning.) 110,628: people currently hospitalized with coronavirus 295.01 million: The number of coronavirus tests that have been administered in the United States so far, according to researchers at The COVID Tracking Project. At least 18.5 million: The number of Americans who have received one or both vaccine shots so far.
  3. If you were a Scout, you probably had an exercise in which you dug a hole, put cut up cactus pads or other greenery in it, or dug it a little deeper if there was no greenery, put a sheet of plastic (like your poncho) over it, a rock in the middle of the poncho to weight it down, and a pot under the deepest part of the dip. Humidity comes up out of the earth and the greenery and the air, hits the poncho, condenses, and rolls down to the lowest point, where it drips off into the pot. If your water was dirty, you put the water in a shallow pan there to distill up onto the poncho and drip clean
  4. My county actively encourages people to collect and use rainwater. They hold classes in how to do it at the county extension office.
  5. This last page, and certainly much of the next page, appear to be more wishful thinking (or PR) than statistics. I thought you'd be interested in the foregoing, though, with which countries are listed as going up or down. Note that several countries are worse off, per capita, than we are, and remember that a lot of these countries are state-sized and have populations to match.
  6. Cumulative cases reported by country 24,806,034 US 10,625,428 India 8,753,920 Brazil 3,637,862 Russia 3,594,094 United Kingdom 3,069,695 France 2,499,560 Spain 2,441,854 Italy 2,418,472 Turkey 2,125,261 Germany 1,987,418 Colombia 1,853,830 Argentina 1,711,283 Mexico 1,464,448 Poland 1,392,568 South Africa 1,360,852 Iran 1,222,459 Ukraine 1,082,907 Peru 965,283 Indonesia 951,731 Netherlands 924,847 Czechia 742,268 Canada 706,475 Romania 690,066 Chile 686,827 Belgium 612,092 Iraq 609,136 Portugal 589,028 Israel 547,166 Sweden 530,890
  7. Friend of mine said she felt fine after the first dose of the vaccine. After the second dose, she felt like she had been hooked to a truck and drug down a dirt road.
  8. BARCELONA — It was a bad end to a bad COVID week in Europe. On Friday evening, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that researchers had found “some evidence” that the recently discovered U.K. variant of the coronavirus, which was already known to be more contagious than the original strain and has prompted an alarming surge of cases and a lockdown in that country, “may be associated with a higher degree of mortality.” A 30 percent higher mortality, added his government lead scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, in revealing the assessment by that country’s New and Emerging Respirato
  9. First choice is the well, with electric or generator, with bought water for the dainty palate. Second choice, rain-barrel. This system was wracked and ruined by a well-meaning person who thought it drew mosquitoes, and needs to be set back up. We have only barely started the process of setting it back up. Third choice, humidity sponge/distiller, which would barely keep us alive. Usual minimum humidity is 60%. This would not be fun, but it would work on the short term. Fourth choice: surface water at the street, meaning swamp water, is less than a quarter mile away. We have
  10. It's not over: Associated Press Protesters gather, damage Democratic headquarters in Oregon Wed, January 20, 2021, 7:51 PM PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A group of protesters carrying signs against President Joe Biden and police marched in Portland on Inauguration Day and damaged the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon, police said. Some in the group of about 150 people smashed windows and spray-painted anarchist symbols at the political party building. Police said eight arrests were made in the area. Some demonstrators carried a sign reading, “We don’t want Biden, we wan
  11. It's hit the fan, but not all of it is visible, and people who smell something strong for a certain amount of time lose their ability to smell it. So the layers of it get thicker, and heavier. Some people are buried so deep they can't move, and others can barely move. Some of us are slogging along with shovels and ropes to help our buried loved ones, and some of us are clinging to a knot at the end of a rope. People expect it to be visible, and people expect it to smell bad, and to come all at once so they can react all at once. It doesn't come that way. It sneaks up on you. It's snuck
  12. I feel lonely in this group because I have to bite my tongue so much to keep from stirring things up.
  13. Norway has not changed its policy, although that fact was reported widely for a day or so. Read here: Norway policy on Pfizer vaccine unchanged after alarm over deaths Several elderly and frail people who received the vaccine have died, but official says ‘not a given’ that there is any connection. 19 Jan 2021 Norway will not change its policy on the use of Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine following deaths among highly frail recipients, but officials have said that health workers should properly assess patients before deciding whether to give them the jab. As of January 14,
  14. I wonder how much she is going to be quoting Hitler in that series.
  15. To clarify: I never thought to use vinegar on ham.
  16. The investigational neutralizing IgG1 monoclonal antibody bamlanivimab (LY-CoV555; Lilly) has been granted an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for treatment of recently diagnosed mild to moderate COVID-19 in patients who are ≥12 years old, weigh at least 40 kg, and are at high risk for progressing to severe disease and/or hospitalization: Eligible Patients Considered High Risk Patients With ≥1 of the Following: BMI ≥35 Chronic kidney disease Diabetes Immunosuppressive disease Currently receiving immunosuppressive treatment ≥65 years old
  17. Happy to see you, Dogmom. Lots going on in the news. A friend who drove near the state capitol building here said the demonstrators were out in force yesterday. We filled the gas tank Friday and don't plan to go anywhere this week. The girls got three of the pomegranates planted yesterday before my back seized up. I wasn't digging, but I had to be out there bending over and pointing, explaining why this hole was not deep enough yet and how she could tell, and that was enough I barely made it back to the house. It's time for planting seeds too, but we have been unable to find
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