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  1. My favorite ginger snaps are the Back to Nature Triple Ginger.
  2. We2, that is a beautiful sight. I would purely love to commission some bottled stew like that. My official lifting restriction is one pound with the right arm now, but it's been in that range, practically speaking, pretty much all summer. Canning on my own is right out, and all my own stuff is long gone.
  3. Jeepers, you know you need the B-12 that dissolves under your tongue or that you get injected, right? It won't absorb well through the gut. There's also some discussion of sucking on a B-12 tablet until it dissolves in your mouth but that's apparently a problem for your mouth in other ways (I didn't catch how). Also, that man might have been your best friend and help mate for a long time, but he isn't giving you good feedback now. X for a reason. I am not a medical person, but I would think you need to be eating more proteins, less starch. Not just less fruit.
  4. Good luck on that. They were going to do two of my neck vertebrae, then do one and look at the other, then did one and stopped talking about the other, and I think I need the other. So if they talk about doing his in stages, make sure you advocate for him and push on any followup that needs to be done. Don't let years go by like I have.
  5. What's the pastor like? Or does that go in the Psst section?
  6. Oh, my. Your heart will stop pounding soon.
  7. We have been making trips out into the yard all weekend to inventory what survived the summer. It could have been worse; it really could. Some of the survivors will have to be rearranged, now that I know more about them and the land, and a very few of the dead ones will be tried again for the same reasons. Also, I plan to try some new kinds. Interestingly, the only pear I have so far found is a Perdue, which is described as a sweet, soft, pear-shaped pear that is resistant to fire-blight and self-fertile. Sounds like a winner to me! This place is pretty big when you try to hike all over it, combing through the underbrush for marked plants.
  8. Lots of room. So I could put another slow-growing little tree in amongst them without taking up any additional room at all.
  9. Did I tell you I am growing pineapples? When I get an actual greenhouse, I could grow these too.
  10. Can you get on Facebook? Here are some pictures of yellow pods, fresh. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1051473268576440/ Three kinds are red, yellow, and I think green. Or red yellow and some other color that I am forgetting. This is the color of the outside of the pod, is all. Most are yellow. The red ones are gorgeous, and smell better, but are more delicate. I have never seen the little green ones except in pictures, and might be mis-remembering something.
  11. Get veterinary Cipro. You can get 40-100 in a bottle for $40.
  12. Did I just speed up somebody's plans?
  13. Oh yes, in south Florida! With just a little care in middle Florida, except in those climate shift hard freezes, when you have to protect it if you want to keep it. I have a baby in a bucket in the yard, although it's pretty much a pipe dream here. I went all the way through that thinking you had said jackfruit. Yipes! Me with my preconceptions. I have never heard of breadfruit growing here.
  14. I just drop sugar out of a lot of recipes. If that doesn't work, and sometimes there's a chemical reason it doesn't, I try it again with half. And keep fiddling until it works. People say that some recipes eat the sugar,.
  15. Before I say that, let me see if they are having the school again this year.
  16. Ambergris

    Lose weight

    Zzelle, please check in. Good, bad. We are here for you, and this is your thread.
  17. Ambergris

    Lose weight

    While I suspect the scale was taking one of its trips into wonky-land, it said I had crossed the fifty-pound line as of this morning. 50.1 lbs down since mid-December. Went a little crazy eating today, as a friend is now done with his chemo and radiation therapy, and we had two different celebrations at work for it. I actually feel more than a little sick from all that eating. Come Monday, two friends and I are starting in on a new 30 days of the Whole 30. One introduced me to it, and is an old hand. One is going to be doing her first 30, and is most apprehensive. We each have a good cookbook, Well Fed Week Nights, that shows how very do-able it all is. WFWK is actually written for the Paleo diet, but the diets are so similar that the author just notes minor changes to make any given recipe suitable for Whole 30.
  18. If you hear a rumor of someone dumping a pet kune kune, snap to. They are smaller than guinea hogs, closer to a pot-belly, but a lot easier to handle and keep on a leash than a pot-belly. They are not common on the mainland, or at least not on this side of the continent, but might become a bit of a fad.
  19. Obsessively watching the hurricane track shift a bit to the east, a bit to the west, as they try to guess where it will make that all-important northward turn. The town is filling up with refugees. Very testy refugees.
  20. https://livestockconservancy.org/index.php/heritage/internal/guineahog These are the local heritage pig.
  21. Yeah, I bit into a raw taro once. Wow. I want ducks to produce eggs, either dogs or geese to protect the ducks, chickens to eat what the ducks won't (and to be eaten--they produce both meat and fat), guinea pigs to produce meat and fat, rabbits to produce meat without fat, quail, pigeons for eggs and squab. Actually, I would love a couple or three real guinea pigs, which go oink and are small swine. Not as small as kune-kunes, but not as tame and cute either. I wouldn't want *all* of those kinds of critters, of course, because I couldn't keep up with all of them. But some combination. If I kept critters in hard times, especially if I had chickens or enough poopers to make a noticeable smell, I think I would need some goats as an outer ring of distraction--of course, they would also produce milk. Bear in mind I do not like the sweet, flat taste of goat's milk, but it would add to the calories in cornbread or other food, and and it would be good to add to the critter feed.
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