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  1. The girls are coming by today. The lesson for the day is old fashioned pound cake. We didn't get around to it last time. Four ingredients, although we may cheat and add a bit of vanilla or a spice mix. The housemate's afternoon/evening energy is daunting, but she sleeps through the morning when I am at my peak.
  2. The Telegraph Almost one third of Covid deaths in July and August 'primarily caused by other conditions' Sarah Knapton Fri, September 18, 2020, 8:54 AM PDT Coronavirus was not the main cause of death for nearly one third of recorded Covid-19 victims in July and August, research by Oxford University has found. Analysis shows that around 30 percent of people included in the coronavirus death toll by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) over the summer months had died primarily from other conditions. It means someone who suffered a heart attack, or even died in a road traffi
  3. Cumulative cases reported by country: 6,720,477 US 5,214,677 India 4,495,183 Brazil 1,086,955 Russia 750,098 Peru 743,945 Colombia 684,113 Mexico 657,627 South Africa 640,040 Spain 601,713 Argentina 467,409 France 442,827 Chile 416,198 Iran 388,412 United Kingdom 345,805 Bangladesh 328,720 Saudi Arabia 311,690 Iraq 304,386 Pakistan 299,810 Turkey 294,932 Italy 279,526 Philippines 271,247 Germany 236,519 Indonesia 179,071 Israel 173,703 Ukraine 143,882 Canada 129,419 Bolivia 124,129 Ecuador 122,917 Qatar 110,217 Romania 107,134 Ka
  4. I spent seven weeks calling every day or every other day trying to get my neurosurgeon to respond to me. Finally gave up and made a plan to ask for a new referral to a different doctor. Yesterday I commented about this to a lady in the building where he works. Minutes later...
  5. When you think about reasons to be angry, you get angry. When you think about reasons to feel aggrieved, you feel aggrieved. Resentful? Same. When you think about reasons to feel grateful, you feel grateful. Same So it makes sense to deliberately choose to lay down the burdensome emotions and take up the ones that bring light into your life, the ones that let you bring light into the lives that touch yours. As Abraham Lincoln put it, "I reckon most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
  6. It's a rooster's instinct to make noise to distract predators. This time he distracted the rescuer. My mom is blacked out, with several trees down, and blocked in by those trees, but her house is still there. She sounds confused though, and that's worrisome. She wants to move in with my brother, but he's living in a hotel room and trying to get an apartment. Unfortunately, people are bidding for apartments, they are so scarce since Laura, and she doesn't know if he will get a place with room for her.
  7. 6,626,242 US 5,020,359 India 4,419,083 Brazil 1,075,485 Russia 738,020 Peru 728,590 Colombia 676,487 Mexico 653,444 South Africa 614,360 Spain 577,338 Argentina 443,869 France 439,287 Chile 410,334 Iran 380,668 United Kingdom 342,671 Bangladesh 327,551 Saudi Arabia 303,089 Pakistan 303,059 Iraq 296,391 Turkey 291,442 Italy 272,934 Philippines 266,869 Germany 228,993 Indonesia 170,465 Israel 166,694 Ukraine 141,731 Canada 128,286 Bolivia 122,449 Qatar 121,525 Ecuador 107,011 Romania 106,984 Kazakhstan 105,521 Dominican Republic 103
  8. Not trying to hide my tracks just don't want to hog the space.
  9. I thought it interesting that even though the clinic had been wholly shut down for months, not even doing emergency scans (those were done at the hospital) they were not running full time to do catch up work. My girl's scan is considered urgent but not an emergency. I'm not sure what drug is not available, but it's not the roto-rooter stuff. If she were not a Medicare patient, she would probably be an emergency patient and be sent to the hospital, so that's lucky.
  10. Coronavirus: UK epidemic growing as R number goes above 1
  11. Forgot to mention: the housemate and I have gotten very fond of Indian retort food for quick meals. Brand names are Tasty Bite and another I can't recall. Well, they have disappeared from the grocery store shelves, and they are getting hard to find on Amazon.
  12. Waiting for the rain to pass. We are in no danger at all, but I always feel like I have the flu when a hurricane is passing: weak, achy, ill-tempered, and like I have a fishbowl over my head. My mother in Pensacola has not been answering her phone since yesterday, which is not helping the ill-tempered part.
  13. Can someone delete that chart-heavy article I put up? I wanted to post it for only a couple of days and then take it down, but I can't take it down myself anymore.
  14. 6,602,981 US 4,930,236 India 4,345,610 Brazil 1,069,873 Russia 733,860 Peru 721,892 Colombia 671,716 Mexico 651,521 South Africa 603,167 Spain 565,446 Argentina 437,983 Chile 433,722 France 407,353 Iran 376,668 United Kingdom 341,056 Bangladesh 326,930 Saudi Arabia 302,424 Pakistan 298,702 Iraq 294,620 Turkey 289,990 Italy 269,407 Philippines 265,014 Germany 225,030 Indonesia 164,402 Israel 163,678 Ukraine 140,679 Canada 127,619 Bolivia 122,214 Qatar 119,553 Ecuador 106,920 Kazakhstan 105,298 Romania 104,803 Dominican Republic 102
  15. DS2's girlfriend's colonoscopy has been postponed twice due to a drug shortage. The clinic was running 24/7 when I had mine, and is now running 12 hours a day, six days a week.
  16. 6,553,001 US 4,846,427 India 4,345,610 Brazil 1,064,438 Russia 729,619 Peru 716,319 Colombia 671,716 Mexico 650,749 South Africa 593,730 Spain 565,446 Argentina 436,433 Chile 425,870 France 404,648 Iran 373,553 United Kingdom 339,332 Bangladesh 326,258 Saudi Arabia 302,020 Pakistan 294,478 Iraq 292,878 Turkey 288,761 Italy 265,888 Philippines 263,222 Germany 221,523 Indonesia 160,679 Ukraine 160,368 Israel 139,337 Canada 126,791 Bolivia 121,975 Qatar 118,911 Ecuador 106,855 Kazakhstan 104,187 Romania 104,110 Dominican Republic 102
  17. India Now Has More Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Than Any Country Except the U.S. BY SHEIKH SAALIQ AND ANIRUDDHA GHOSAL / AP SEPTEMBER 7, 2020 3:36 AM EDT (NEW DELHI) — India’s increasing coronavirus caseload made the Asian giant the pandemic’s second-worst-hit country behind the United States on Monday as its efforts to head off economic disaster gain urgency. The 90,802 cases added in the past 24 hours pushed India’s total past Brazil with 4.2 million cases. India is now only behind the United States, where more than 6.2 million people have been infected, according to Joh
  18. I'm a good ways to the east of the mess. I have apparently lost another hen this afternoon. I heard her distress call while I was working, so I sent my son out to see about her, but the rooster sang out while he was putting on his shoes, so he went to the rooster (both were in tall grass). The rooster was fine, and by then the hen was quiet. I plan to keep my half a flock in the fortified pen for the day tomorrow.
  19. Careful what I wish for. Sally is now heading for my mom (on the coast) and aunt (about as far inland as Mobile Bay is deep).
  20. Oh, wouldn't you like to have had a dozen!
  21. 6,519,121 US 4,754,356 India 4,330,455 Brazil 1,059,024 Russia 722,832 Peru 708,964 Colombia 668,381 Mexico 649,793 South Africa 566,326 Spain 555,537 Argentina 434,748 Chile 402,893 France 402,029 Iran 370,928 United Kingdom 337,520 Bangladesh 325,651 Saudi Arabia 301,481 Pakistan 291,162 Turkey 290,309 Iraq 287,753 Italy 261,737 Germany 261,216 Philippines 218,382 Indonesia 158,122 Ukraine 155,604 Israel 138,640 Canada 125,982 Bolivia 121,740 Qatar 118,594 Ecuador 106,803 Kazakhstan 103,660 Dominican Republic 103,495 Romania 101
  22. Any further west and Sally is going to follow the track of Laura. Unfortunately, my brother still doesn't have a roof from Laura's visit.
  23. Prices on the canned vegetable aisle are up at least 30% from this time last year. Some things are up to almost double. There are gaps in the line, although some things that used to rate a four-can-wide space have a five-can-wide space now. Things that used to be packed all the way back on the shelf are packed maybe three cans deep, maybe four cans deep. I don't see any one-person servings of vegetables. I don't see much chili. I don't see any chopped baby corn, and there were exactly two cans of whole baby corn. There's plenty of Goya everything, though. Goya Jamaican Ginger Beer
  24. The Douglas County Sheriff is asking people to stop saying that, Annarchy. They say it is not true. Similarly, the Medford Police have stated that the Proud Boys have not been seen setting fires.
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