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  1. Guinea pigs need Vitamin C supplements if you are going to raise them on rabbit rations. They are squeakier than rabbits, and their backs break very easily. You can up-size them pretty quickly by taking the biggest of each litter as your breeders, but that risks sacrificing other qualities, so watch your other goals (litter size, mothering skill, etc.) too. They taste like pork, with a fattier meat that will keep you from dying of "rabbit starvation."
  2. A more scientific version of what Homesteader was saying: Vaccines Adapted for Variants Will Not Need Lengthy Testing, F.D.A. Says By Noah Weiland, Katie Thomas and Carl Zimmer Feb. 22, 2021 The Food and Drug Administration said on Monday that vaccine developers would not need to conduct lengthy randomized controlled trials for vaccines that have been adapted to protect against concerning coronavirus variants. The recommendations, which call for small trials more like those required for annual flu vaccines, would greatly accelerate the review process at a time when scientists are in
  3. COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Doses May Soon Be a Reality. Here’s What Experts Know So Far. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are trying to stay ahead of highly infectious coronavirus variants. By Korin Miller Apr 16, 2021 In an attempt to ensure the effectiveness of their COVID-19 vaccines against new variants of the novel coronavirus, both Pfizer and Moderna are testing a third booster shot of their respective two-dose vaccines. On February 25, Pfizer announced that it is studying a third booster dose in some people who received their first dose of the vaccine more than six month
  4. Hm. I read that wrong, since nobody suggested pulling out plants every year--just every other year. Even that is a really bad idea, though.
  5. India's desperate Covid-19 patients turn to black market for drugs By Vikas Pandey BBC News, Delhi Published13 hours ago Akhilesh Mishra started getting a fever and a cough last Thursday but he initially thought it was just the flu. Akhilesh began to worry the next day, when his father Yogendra developed similar symptoms. The two men decided to get Covid RT-PCR tests done and tried to book a slot online but the next available appointment was three days later. They finally managed to get a slot on Sunday. In the meantime, Yogendra was running a very high fever and his doctor advised
  6. My friend X is now living out his life in a VA hospital, and oddly enough is under medication that keeps him from being able to talk coherently.
  7. This business with the J&J vaccine is concerning in no small part because they have been lying about the problems. At one point, they said they were pulling it because of specific problems, enumerated and detailed, that did not include blood clots in these specific places. Now, suddenly, there were blood clots in those specific places after all. Keep the lies consistent, people!
  8. Some brambles are primocane, and some are floricane. Primocanes send out canes that flower and fruit in one year, so you can mow them down once they fruit. Floricanes fruit on year-old wood, so you have to wait and prune out canes after they fruit, but you have to leave this year's vines to grow so they will flower and fruit next year. Whoever tells you to pull out your plants every year probably wants to sell new plants.
  9. Specifically, 11 people out of 1700 at one site reported nausea and dizziness. Countrywide, a handful fainted. "Severe side effects" are not named for a reason. Anyone who's spent much time around a vaccination site has seen people go green just looking at needles, has heard people wail when swabbed with the alcohol prep pad.
  10. Now that younger women are getting it, the vaccine, particularly Moderna, is being associated with period irregularities. The Moderna is often causing spotting and causing women well past their twenties to "gush" like they did back then. Less often, women report skipping or lighter periods. Here's a group of Reddit threads, if you want to track some:
  11. Experts are debating whether a so-called fourth wave is upon us. It’s a race between the vaccines and the variants, they say. But the truth is a bit more complicated — and perhaps a bit less scary. Zooming in on California, Florida and Michigan helps explain why. These big states have some things in common. All three previously experienced large waves of infection. All three have at least partially vaccinated about a third of their residents, with California at 35 percent, Michigan at 31 percent and Florida at 31 percent, in line with the U.S. overall. And all three appear to be rife wi
  12. About nine people were absent Monday/Tuesday, so we were covering for them. It was crazy-town. People were yelling at me, partly because I was calling early or late and partly because I was getting tangled up after a normal day's worth and beginning to move slow. I started having seizures at some point and realized it around three. Taking it a lot easier today, but my head is still so cloudy and clogged up, it's hard to think.
  13. French restaurants have been closed since October to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and the country just entered a new partial lockdown in response to intensive care units again filling with COVID-19 patients. Yet a TV expose has shown footage of secret restaurants operating with impunity, and supposedly serving government ministers. At one venue, white-gloved waiters presented fixed-price menus running from 160 to 490 euros (around $190 to $575) per person. One host said guests don’t wear masks, despite France’s indoor mask requirements, because “it’s a private club. We want people to
  14. DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Bangladesh is enforcing a lockdown for a week from Monday, shutting shopping malls and transportation, to help curb the spread of coronavirus as the rate of infections and deaths have increased in recent weeks. Health authorities said they were facing overwhelming pressure for intensive care units in hospitals in recent weeks because of the severe cases of infections. Domestic flights, river transport and railway operations were suspended Monday while only emergency services will remain operational. Banks will operate for only two and a half hours daily. Industrie
  15. The Navajo Nation’s about-face Once, the Navajo Nation had one of the worst coronavirus case rates in the country. Indigenous Americans have died at rates nearly twice those of white populations in the U.S. A. The Navajo Nation imposed curfews and checkpoints as entire families grew sick. Navajo have followed strict lockdown orders and a mask mandate, which was imposed nearly a year ago. In the spirit of community protection, many have lined up to get a shot. Now more than half of its 170,000 residents living on tribal lands are fully vaccinated. The Navajo Nation has vaccinated more of i
  16. Wonderful news! Many fewer deaths per infection is what they are hoping to see with some of the vaccines, yes. Remember that deaths run about two weeks behind infections also. News: RUSS BYNUM and MICHELLE R. SMITH Tue, April 6, 2021, 3:42 PM Nearly half (44%) of new coronavirus infections nationwide are in just five states: New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, in the latest available seven-day period. Total U.S. infections during the same week numbered more than 452,000. These states account for 22% of the U.S. population. I heard pas
  17. Asia/MidEast countries reporting the most new infections each day (7 day average) India 84,313 TURKEY 41,289 IRAN 11,569 PHILIPPINES 10,215 BANGLADESH 6,221 New reported deaths INDIA 490 INDONESIA 176 TURKEY 175 IRAN 122 JORDAN 90 As for the world leader board, calculated on a seven-day average, it hasn't changed much since yesterday: Countries reporting the most new infections each day INDIA 84,313 USA
  18. Countries reporting the most new infections per day: INDIA 78,489 USA 64,560 BRAZIL 64,324 TURKEY 39,840 FRANCE 39,554 Countries reporting the most deaths each day BRAZIL 2,747 USA 834 INDIA 465 ITALY 442 POLAND 439
  19. A study in Israel, where the UK variant B.1.1.7. accounts for 90% of the Covid cases, found that the Pfizer vaccine is effective in preventing symptoms and sneeze transmission, including asymptomatic transmission. The measurement is that it was " preventing symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections, COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, severe and critical hospitalizations, and deaths." This study was largely funded by Pfizer, and that the data was gathered by Israel's extensive system of spy cameras watching for people exhibiting symptoms.
  20. Deaths in the week ending March 28: Chart arranged by number of deaths: DEATHS TO DATE ONE-WEEK TOTAL State Total deaths Per 100K New deaths Per 100K 1-wk chg. United States 549,485 166 6,987 2.1 –10.3% California 58,431 148 1,396 3.5
  21. Please keep us posted on your brother.
  22. We had frost. Our last frost date is March 17, and we generally don't have a significant frost after late February sometime. My blooming avocado took some damage.
  23. Historically, it has always been a losing deal for any country to furnish the raw materials and buy back the finished product. Great deal to buy the raw materials and sell back the finished products, though.
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