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  1. I thought fresh was better too, that was the whole point of the home milling I thought. I made one successful loaf with hard white wheat using 1 T gluten (from the bulk section at the health food store). The kids loved it, dh hated it. I will keep trying and might do half bread flour, half whole wheat. I tried using soft white wheat... didn't work. I'm learning that that is more for cakes or quick breads than the hard wheat? I need to get a book on this stuff! Off to check out the links....
  2. are they loud? Stinky? Would it be possible to have them in my suburban backyard without them bothering the neighbors (one of whom has a large well behaved dog, another has a large not quite as well behaved teenager)? We only need 1 or 2 eggs per day, more in a SHTF scenario when I'd have more rellies here but then I wouldn't be so worried about the neighbors at that point, we'd be beyond the silly homeowners' association issues at that point! I know I can't have a rooster here because of the noise. So if I want to raise them for meat in addition to eggs, what do I do, rent a rooster now and then? take the hens to visit the rooster? If you are raising chickens for meat, can you take them to a butcher for processing like you do with beef? My aunt raises them and they do the butchering on the farm... it sounds pretty challenging. sorry for the crazy questions folks. I requested a book from the library on the topic but it looks like I am the 4th in line so it will be awhile, thought I would tap into the experts' advice here while I'm waiting!
  3. What kind of oils do you buy -- both for everyday use and for stocking up? I currently use coconut oil for most things but it doesn't seem to work for brownies and it's pretty expensive, I'd like to supplement my beloved coconut oil with some typical vegetable oil. But I don't think canola oil is good for you is it? What do you fry chicken in?
  4. finally a use for all the socks my kids put holes in!!
  5. I save outgrown jeans, boots and winter gear just in case someone in the family needs it someday, and buy ahead at garage sales for upcoming sizes. I'm excited to start hitting the garage sales next week!
  6. anyone have bread recipes for freshly milled wheat -- preferably for a bread machine? I just got my new kitchenaid grinder attachment in the mail. I have wheat - hard white and soft white and would love to try it out! The health food store didn't have vit c powder or lecithin granules but they did have whey powder and gluten. So that's all I have on hand for a dough enhancer/conditioner. Any suggestions for delicious bread to prove to hubbby this wasn't a crazy idea??
  7. thank you all for the info!! I do happen to have molasses and I just ran out of brown sugar, now I can try making my own thanks to you.
  8. I just was wondering the same thing! Where does one find gallon glass jars? Would that be better or worse than food safe plastic buckets?
  9. KDP


    thanks everyone for the warm welcome!!
  10. I'm sure this has been discussed before, so I apologize in advance if this is annoying! (I did try the search function but couldn't find anything specific to bucket cleaning.) I have a few food buckets from my local bakery and I want to clean them out to use for food storage. I don't have mylar and oxygen tabs yet so this is just ziplocks going into the buckets. I have a little wheat, sugar, oats, and popcorn to store. My questions... What is the best way to clean out the buckets really well? hot water and bleach or dishsoap? Lids -- can I clean out these lids somehow and hammer them back on with a mallet (I do have a lid lifter thing), or do I need to buy new lids? They have the black gasket seal thing, how can I clean that? Thanks everyone for sharing your wisdom and experience, I am learning so much from this site!!
  11. KDP


    Hi, I'm new here, just been browsing around and soaking in all the wonderful information here! I'm new to prepping as well, I've done a few basic things but am recently feeling led to have more food stored up. I'm also learning to cook from scratch. My husband and I have a long term dream of a small farm in the country, something self-sufficient or nearly so. But that is a while down the road. Looking forward to getting to know you all! Kelli
  12. HS Mom, I tried this recipe today, just now in fact and it is yummy. We have some guys here working on our house and they are now taking a chili and cornbread lunch break. Thanks!
  13. one more question.. is there somewhere I should post an intro or just dive on in on the forums? (or is that fora??)
  14. thanks John and Leah! Great idea on the ziplocks Leah, I will do that. I was contemplating putting them in the freezer in the bags they came in before transferring to the buckets but your method will be even better.
  15. Hi, I'm new here and getting so much great information! I just purchased 100 lbs of wheat and 25 lbs of rolled oats and need to store them... for up to a year at most, probably more like 6 months. Since they are my first purchase, we'll be using them over the next several months. So is it ok to put them straight into food safe buckets (from the local bakery)? Meaning I don't have to mess with mylar liners and oxygen tabs until I start stocking up for years ahead? My grain mill should be coming soon; I can't wait to get started making bread with freshly milled flour! thanks, KDP
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