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  1. This is where I got mine... Service is fast and good customer service also... http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...mp;pcatid=12101 Kath
  2. Well, I would be one of them Actually one of my canning recipes is in the old files here LOL... Most here don't remember me since I stopped posting for a few due to medical issues I did a tango on I-55 with a few cars and semi's. I was pg in 1999 and my baby was actually due on January 1st... I delivered early and spent the roll over at Loyola hospital as my pre-mature baby got something called RSV or something like that. I did not have to buy any diapers, formula, baby food or clothing for that child and had left over's of a ton of things when he was well out of his toddler years. I was
  3. It's okay I was so overwhelmed yesterday and sick with a cold that has me exhausted for over a week now I was not thinking about this being open to any and all. A big duh! moment... I also posted this request in the private area of TOL I don't know why I did not put it in the private forum here other than being brain dead LOL... I posted this below at TOL earlier and I am in the process of doing as you say and checking out via others the people that replied, I have been on Mrs. S's forums since the start in 1998, so I have a pretty good knowledge of most that replied, same goes for
  4. I am the most organized person in my head you will ever find, but the MOST unorganized in actual life... At this point in time I would literally pay someone 1 or 2 thousand to fix the mess I am in.... Anyone in the Chicagoland area need extra cash??? I can find a document I need in two seconds on my disaster of a desk, but my food storage is a total nightmare. I spent 1/2 hours looking for a dang can of mushroom soup which I know I own a ton of. All I could find was Cream of Chicken... ARGHHHH! I am VERY SERIOUS about this offer. If anyone is in my area and wants to do a weekend of hard
  5. I had the HVAC guys here yesterday installing the piping for my new wood stove and replacing the main floor furnace... New furnace out of the box and it had a bad board, so there is no heat on my main level still this morning. They are coming back today with a new board. I have another furnace that heats the other two floors that has the bedrooms and family room/laundry area on the back side of the main level. I never thought about how drafty this old section is until late last night LOL... I will be so happy when the wood stove is installed next week. It's now 58 in here and I am freezing, I
  6. Just tried and it's not coming up for me either... I have lots of problems with that site loading right all the time though... Kath
  7. Just got this emailed to me... Just an FYI if need anything... Kath Greetings from Honeyville Farms: SUMMARY: "BIGSAVINGS" Discount Code good for 10% off your entire order* from October 3, 2008 thru October 8, 2008 at 6:00PM PST. Stock up and save! LONG VERSION We're living in some pretty crazy times right now. Everyone seems to be tightening the belt and saving wherever they can. Online food orders have surged in this time of uncertainty. That's why we're offering huge savings for a limited time only. From Friday, October 3rd, 2008 thru Wednesday, October 8th we
  8. Originally Posted By: Fritz_Monroe I haven't researched them for several years, but the best info I've ever come across is on GPS Information dot net. Take a look. Awesome, unbiased information. The one I have is listed there and the review is good. http://gpsinformation.info/nuvi/660/660.html I have the Nüvi 660 listed on this site you gave... I love it. I can get lost just going around the block LOL, this has really been a wonderful gift. My husband got one for each of us last Christmas. My 17 yr old daughter got a Nüvi 360 http://gpsinformation.info/nuvi360/nuvi%20360.html for her g
  9. Trek, Keep on eye on the Black Sea also, it's being reported that the combat deployment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has stated... Kath
  10. Originally Posted By: BiscuitMaker Vipper why no power is this a blackout??? They had some bad storms come through last night and a major tranformer got wacked... They still have some 220K people without power in the Chicagoland area. 250K have gotten their power back. We hooked up my elderly neighbor's frig to our generator and Fluffy Hubby is going out to get 2 more extention cords. I had to use 3 of mine to make it from his house to the generator. So I had to unplug my extra frig in garage and both freezer's until Hubby gets back. We're gonna take him with us to dinner later... He's ju
  11. We were up at our farm and the neighbor called this morning to say that power was out since last night right before 8 PM and ComEd is now saying it will be out for at least 4 or 5 days minimum. He just had back surgery so he could not get to our generator and wanted to give us a heads up to head home... This was the first time we have gone up there in only one truck in ages, so we all came home. Have the generator hooked up and running... The whole neighborhood is a buzz of generator's. A few years ago they told us 4 or 5 days and it turned into 13 days before power was returned. Hope that's n
  12. Originally Posted By: Cricket Oh my goodnes, it WORKED!!!!! That is just too, too funny! Good job, Vipper! And kudos to your son! When my son told Daddy what Mommy let him do, my Husband asked for my cigarette pack and he doesn't smoke. So I asked him "What do you want them for?" He said "To check what you're smoking." LOL... Kath
  13. Okay I was at Fleet and Farm yesterday looking for buckets... They only had lids and some lady was holding all 5 of the them in her hand. I told my 8 year old son to act like a chicken and maybe we could get half LOL... The lady freaked out and dropped them all and left the area... So I now have 5 lids... LOL I guess she was not from the forum... Kath PS: My son thought the chicken idea was fun...
  14. Originally Posted By: Vlynn Any Brett Favre sightings during your search?? About a thousand or so shirts, balls, cups, pictures, etc... of him, but no Favre... Kath
  15. Originally Posted By: Vlynn Thank you! I'll be sure to stay away from the Oregon Walmarts. You two can fight over those buckets. I'll stick to Wisconsin buckets. I looked all over Green Bay for buckets over the weekend, could not find a single one. Did you get them all? Guess I need to learn the cluck, cluck dance and song too LOL... Kath
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