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  1. How did these turn out? Since I am only days away from 'home ownership' I'm getting excited to start new ferments/cultures. In fact so excited that I'm doing yogurt and maybe ww sour dough starter tomorrow.
  2. WOW. What a great site. A little overwhelming but some seriously good information.
  3. In addition to many listed already a few blogs I read. http://www.cheeseslave.com/ (I especially enjoy reading what she feeds her toddler) http://www.frugalgranola.blogspot.com/ http://culturesforhealth.com/blog/ (they also have a culture/ferment store) http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/blog/ (she did a series last year called getting real with food. Kind of a step by step) http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/ (TF style foods and natural homemaking)
  4. It has been an amazing year! I'm hopeful that things will settle down soon.
  5. My family has started making the switch to a TF eating style (Hi Army of Five!). Due to our current living arrangements (we have been living in a camp trailer for the past 7 months. We 'think' that we will have our house in the next week) our progress has been pretty slow and not as consistent as I would like. My thought is any progress is better than none.
  6. I joined here over a year ago and started using the info provided to begin prepping. We ended up deciding to move and having a baby so prepping was put aside. Now we are finally getting settled in our new state (wonderful Wyoming) and it is time to once again get serious about preparedness. We have been working on eating our food preps so I'll almost be starting from scratch. Millie Wife to Joe Momma to 4 girls -20, 18 and married(!), 14, 12- and a baby boy
  7. I'm glad your garden is mostly okay. The starts you passed on to me are trying their hardest to become real plants. The weather is causing me some issues too. Darn wind.
  8. Hubby is picking up freecycle stuff today. We are expecting a baby in January and need everything since I thought my baby years were over (I have 4 girls ages 11-19). Anyway, I met a great lady and she is getting ready to move and not taking any of her baby stuff.None of it is over 3 years old. We will take anything she gives us and then decide what to keep or what to pass on (or get rid of if necessary). Other freecycle stuff I've received is art supplies, educational books from a former homeschooler and clothing that is currently for our BOB's. I love Freecycle!
  9. I have been making this bread and my family loves it. I love it because it is so easy! I have been making regular bread for a few months now but not as often as I would like due to the work involved. This bread takes only a couple of minutes for me to mix and it only uses 1/4 tsp of yeast! The waiting time for rising is long but it hasn't been an issue if I plan ahead. The crust ends up being very crunchy and the inside very moist. YUMMY!
  10. Great thread! This is a very real scenario for us. We spent 5 days without power the first week of December last year. We had a severe windstorm. We not only lost all electricity in the county, we also lost cell service and land lines. There were so many trees down where we lived that we could not get out the first day. They are still doing clean up from the storm almost 6 months later (still roads that are closed due to down trees). My familiy did okay. In fact my girls liked it so much that one of them the other day said she hoped the power would go out again!! With the suggestio
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm slowly adding. I had a wonderful Mother's Day surprise gift. My husband bought me a flour mill! Finally had a chance to try it out last night and it is terrific. I've added 20 pounds of rice and 10 pounds of sugar to my food stash. Hubby was able to get me a 5 gallon bucket and 1 gallon glass jar for storage. And I have my garden almost all in finally now the weather is a little better and more predictable.
  12. Thanks! I make a menu most weeks. Sometimes it is just scratched out on an old envelope sometimes on a formal sheet. Makes things so much easier. And I save my old ones to use for the weeks when I am less than creative.
  13. Okay after looking online at grinders I see that the meat ones are not at all like the wheat ones. Thanks for the tips and links. I bought a 50 pound bag of wheat on Saturday. I'm still trying to find a grinder locally but will probably have to resort to ordering online due to the ruralness of my area. Millie
  14. Thank you Westie and MtRider! I had tried to do a search but didn't find any of the results that you did MtRider. So much to learn.
  15. What kind of wheat should I buy? I read somewhere to buy 'seed wheat' which I'm guessing is way different then wheatberries. And what about grinders? Is there a manual one that I can buy that would grind wheat, corn, and meat or is that a bad idea? TIA!
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