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  1. Here is a quick recipe I received from an extended family member. I made this as Christmas treats for some of our four legged family relatives. It seems all the dogs, so far, love them. I'm not sure how many biscuits this makes since I used a small, one inch star and heart cookie cutter for the little dogs with little mouths and a three inch dog bone cookie cutter for the larger dogs. 1 - 13 oz. can of dog food.(any price is o.k.) Use the regular mushy firm packed...not cubes or strips 2 cups of flour Mix together with your hands until you have a stiff dough
  2. Oh,this is perfect! Would you believe that I was having this same conversation with my daughter this evening. Her husband will be returning home tomorrow from a trip, out of state. So, dispite the rain we are getting from Gustave, we decided to treat ourselves to super out after she got off work today. The subject of possible winter challenges we might face this year, did come up. My daughter's home is fairly new and she lives in town now. She is concerned that she has lost some of the *country options* they had when they lived in the country and loss of the electric is a big concern for them.
  3. Stephanie, as I was checking out the "Times Tales" that you recommended, I noticed there were two options...the 'origional' or the 'delux'. I was wondering which one you liked. Eariler this summer I had mentioned that I am raising two great grandchildren (now 9 and ll) and we were going to have two more join us for the summer. I just wanted to thank all of you that took the time to responded to my questions eariler. We all had a nice summer together, did lots of fun things as well as trying to work on a little review of their school work...mainly math. The visiting cousins (needing help wit
  4. Who would think a clothes line would trigger memories. When I was a child, our clothes line ran the entire length of our farmhouse, on the East side of that old two story house. Someone had already poured about a 10 foot wide cement slab around the entire house. Otherwise everything else was dirt while I lived there from age 6, on the high desert, in So. Calif. until I left to get married. For those who have never lived on the desert, the wind blew everyday. During the summer, washing was done early in the morning so clohes could dry (which didn't take long)and be taken inside before the stron
  5. Two more great grandkids ( 9 and 11) will be joining us this summer vacation. Mostly due to circumstances beyond their control, they have missed a lot of school this year and are not getting the help they have needed with homework. They are scared about the grades they may recieve and that they will be way behind their class when school starts in the Fall. With the mother's consent, I am hoping to find a home schooling program that covers their current grade level or perhaps there may be something available that is a review. I have always liked the Abecka program and know that they offe
  6. I guess I need some reminders on the proper way to store the boxed and packaged foods like pancake mix, (lose in the box) Rice a Roni,pastas, stuffing mix, Romen noodle soups, Hamburger Helper, etc. I think I remember reading that you should put just about everything in the freezer for several days to kill any bugs and eggs and then the items can be stored in air tight containers with the oxygen absorbers. Is that right? These boxes store nice and neat on the shelves but I want to start focusing on buying larger quanities, and preserving them better, while I am seeing them on sale.
  7. I would like to share what our family has used for YEARS that control that musical fruit... the beans. I have no idea how it works, we all just know that it DOES work...for us anyway. That would be applesauce! I usually have several cases of it stored because I store beans and because we just like it. We raised 8 kids and beans were very much a part of the diet. Years ago (about 40) someone told me about the applesauce and we have always had it on the table, with the beans, ever since. Now as the grandkids start their own families, I noticed they are doing the same thing. I have to chuckle a l
  8. Thanks for the tip Campy. I like the way they offer (or organize) selections. It's not overwhelming. A person has budget options and food choices within those options. Every little bit in the pantry today is more than what was there yesterday. Mountain House packages have pretty much passed "the kid test" so it's probably time to move on to the sampler cans and plan meals. We don't get to the big city very often but when we do, we make a big deal out of an all day event. If we go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby, the kids are allowed to choose one thing just for themselves. But, if we go to Bass Pro
  9. I used to make these rice snacks for my kids when they were young and now they do the same for theirs. A friend of mine from Japan had made them for her little girls when we were on a camping trip together and my kids were happy when she was kind enough to share. Cook the white rice as usual and let it cool in the pan. Mix salt into a medium bowl of water. You want the water to taste salty. Dip your hands into the water and then into the rice to take enough rice to make a ball. Squeeze tight to make a firm ball. You might need to wet your hands again if the kernels are not sticking together.
  10. Campy..interesting website with lots of products. Since I have never used powdered butter before, I was wondering first, how you use it and secondly, how does it taste. I can imagine how you might use it in cooking but can you actually spread it on toast or dab some on veggies and get the butter flavor like most might be accustomed to? I'm thinking you might add water to the powder? Thanks...Anna
  11. Last summer, the electric was out all day long. Boy, did that catch me off guard. It was during the hot "dawg days" and within 30-45 minutes I could tell I was caught totally unprepared and getting more miserable by the minute. Hot, humid, weather is definately not my cup of tea and I am always trying to think of ways to out wit it. As long as I have electricty, I'm good to go. I have my plans! The house is very old, some parts of it have fairly thick rock walls and it usually stays cool during the mornings. For some reason that day, it just seemed to heat up quickly and by the time I figured
  12. Kelly...maybe this might help. From another site, I found this suggestion. Call 1-800-524-1328 (Consumer Relations). Tell them what you are looking for and give them this UPC code: 3320003020. I believe they will ask you for your zip code and then tell you places in your area that sell the washing soda. I tried to call them but got a recording stating they were open Mondays thru Friday. One person said they found the washing soda with the fabric softeners. They say that washing soda is 100% sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash,that is sold at pool supply stores in bulk. It might be anot
  13. Last night on, "Are You Really Ready" I clicked on Washing Clothes the Old Fashioned Way". I ran across a piece by SDBookMom discussing wash boards. (Thanks,I need a large one) I went to the site she suggested and them one thing led to another and then I was reading PureCajunSunshine's post about "Wash day on the Bayou". There, she mentioned the Octagon bar soap and I had never heard of it. Sooo, I Googled it and somewhere along the line I ran across www.soapsgonebuy.com. There are laundry soap recipes there as well as a few products. Maybe someone might be interested. I did discover that Oct
  14. PureCajunSunshine.....I didn't forget that you might like to "take a peek into the kids backbacks." I'll be glad to give a list prety soon.(I have to take a look myself). I got a call to substitute in a kindergarten class for a few days so when I get a chance, I'll get back here. Anna
  15. Using a stainless steel thermos has already been mentioned but I second the idea. Sometimes,my husband would haul cattle or horses cross country so we were not always sure where we might be starting out the next morning from. It didn't take us long to get a couple of stainless steel thermos bottles. Towards evening or where ever we had our last meal of the day, we would have the bottles filled with coffee, if we could, or at least hot water. Truck stops were wonderful about this. I always packed instant coffee as a back up as well as hot chocolate. Because I also like that caffine jolt in the
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