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  1. Yikes! I was a young 32 year old when I started visiting MrsS. Now I'm 44!

  2. I did thank you! It's nice to know I'm still thought of from time to time here. Hope everyone has been well!
  3. Strawberry jam, blackberry jam, lime pickles and green beans!!
  4. RIP Dear Westie.. I know she wouldn't want all these silly tears but right now it's all I have. Give hugs to our Bear when you meet him up there.
  5. You need to do what's best for you. No matter what anyone else says. You know where your heart is. These things happen for a reason and only God knows what they are. You are much older and wiser now. What do your children think of the idea?
  6. RIP Brother Bear. This forum made us acquaintances, our hearts made us friends. I shall never forget you.
  7. Good Morning all. Hope ya'll are well.

  8. Hard to believe it's August already... Jo and I started organizing and going through books yesterday. New folders, new binders.. Pencils ready.. When do you all start your new year? Anyone have any big filed trips etc. planned for the year?
  9. Carie here in Shelby County we are still doing ok.. I have heard of a few outages in the area but nothing too major just yet. I am waiting on the snow now. We've had reports with predictions from 2-20 inches.. The ice is everywhere here right now.. The trees are beautiful. We have our oil lamps filled, kerosene has been gathered. Extra water jugs filled.. And the campstove is near. That's all we can do to hunker down now that we live in town. My MIL has a fireplace and a woodstove 5 miles away. If needed the 8 of us can load up and go out there if power is lost and stays out for a long period.
  10. Not ready for it but ready or not right? DH and I are getting ready to head out now to finish up a few last minute things.. Thank goodness today is payday and we can do something.. My sister and all her family will be coming over this evening as well as my ds and his gf and the baby. Tomorrow my dd1 and her family as well as my mil will be here for breakfast. Then we are headed out to the mil house in the country to sit in front of the fireplace and roast hotdogs, watch movies and nap! I intend to do nothing else.. Wishing you all here at MrsS a blessed Christmas. If you are traveling
  11. (((Cat))) Bless your heart.. Lord knows I've done my share of crying this holiday season. So glad your dh is ok.. Once my boy fell in and my husband ran into the pond to get him and his body almost went into shock.. I stood there watching them both almost drown and asking myself which one do I save? We all sat on the bank afterward and cried together.. (btw dh was able to somehow come to his senses and get a foothold and reach the boys fingertips enough to get hold) Wishing you and your family a very peaceful and warm Christmas!
  12. Be safe snapshot! Good Friday morning everyone! I am going in at 4 this evening to work a 5 hour shift and then I have the day off tomorrow. I think dh and our friends are going to take a trip to Arthur IL to the local Amish community. So this morning I am going to prepare "the list".. May be the last time I get up there before winter hits. Then I work a 9 hour shift on Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and feel blessed to be given another day! Take care.
  13. I really need to get myself more organized. And get back to my menu plans. Things go much smoother when Mike and the kids have something to go off of. They don't mind cooking for themselves if'n they have an idea. Everyday my husband calls and says what did you lay out for supper? Ummm I went to work at 12pm yesterday and didn't get home until 9:30.. Needless to say nothing was laid out. They ended up with a pick 3 bucket from Walmart. It's getting cooler so I think some soups in the crockpot are in order. What's your favorite crockpot soup or meal?
  14. Well this is kinda cool...

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