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  1. Westie, My dear I am praying for you also...and I sure do miss your humor. You were so good for MrsS and we sure need you back. Are you aware there are a lot of herbs for different kinds of cancer? My mother cured her cancerous tumors in like 3 weeks with herbs...we all know that cancerous tumors do not disappear. I firmly believe God gave us everything we need for life and health. My mother spend 4 years having surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. What killed my mother was not cancer...it was the doctor giving up on her because she had cancer and had been treated for it...sh
  2. This is a wonderful post, thank you so much....I have always wondered how you could grow potatoes without an actual tuber.
  3. I apologize to anyone who may find this offensive, but this comes from a prophetic ministry and I felt that some members here would be interested in some of the material contained in it. I am not promoting anything here...hatred for anyone...fear...or anything else. I did not author this, a minister for the Lord did, if it steps on someone's toes...then I am sorry, but in light of all the things going on in the world, I felt this would help explain some things to some people, but unfortunately not to all. Last Trumpet Newsletter Volume XXVII Issue VI June 2008
  4. Originally Posted By: funkyducky Originally Posted By: Sadie This is just too crazy to be normal...floods..draught...snow...tornadoes...earthquakes...hurricanes All that's missing is a plague of locusts. we got swarms of those too...can barely hear yourself think...hmmmm
  5. I have a private message going with a small group and someone has asked to be added... how do I do that???
  6. The Vatican says believing in Aliens/UFO's is okay...and since Christianity in these last days seems to be aligning itself with the Pope and One World Religion...then am I to assume that maybe aliens do exist...and it is ok to be friends with them...this came from the AP...where we get most of the other news that we take as gospel. Sorry but I am not going to befriend any aliens and I do not believe they are my brothers... I believe they are evil...but that is just MHO. Now pass out the tin foil hats for sure...I also want a back up hat, just in case I lose one... May 13 12:4
  7. This is just too crazy to be normal...floods..draught...snow...tornadoes...earthquakes...hurricanes
  8. I got my shower down pat in the backyard, made me a nice shower stall with a tarp and stepping stones ....the sewer doesn't work without electric...whoever heard such a darn thing. If we flush the toliet or take a bath in the house it raises a big stink in the yard...but thank God it settles down after a few hours. Still struggling with my solar oven...I don't know my box may be too deep...I am going to have to do some modifications...as the highest temp I have been able to get is 175. I sure am glad I am not counting on this as my only means of cooking or in a . I do have
  9. Happy Birthday to Maw, I baked you a
  10. Dee, I am praying for you and all the others that are affected by these floods. This is such a tragedy as if we needed any more. So much is going on with this crazy weather one can't help but to think it is a result of the boys in power are playing with their weather modification toys to be sure and starve us out. I was telling my son earlier how with the flooding in the south and the effect it was going to have on our crops and now all of the midwest is going through the same. Then other areas are in drought...it sure does make you wonder what is really going on. I pray that God (Y
  11. I just found this post ...I was laughing so hard my son wanted to know what was so darn funny...so I let him take a peek...he had a blast...now he sees why I love this site so much.
  12. Jeepers..I hope and pray you have a wonderfully blessed day. Where's the darn I'm hungry...
  13. I thought of that as I have gotten burned before with the waterhose...so I figured I would empty it into a spare cooler and that it would maintain heat for awhile and then we could also cool it down. Dinner was good....I didn't get it in the solar cooker until noon as it took me longer to build it than anticipated...so we ended up finishing it on the coleman. And I should have cut the potatoes smaller...and the carrots...oh well live and learn.. Would rather learn it now while Subway is next door than to be in a real survival situation. Now it is time to move onto the shower...get
  14. Good blonde joke...its not just about the girls anymore...
  15. This worries me as I eat lots of chicken...I gave up pork and then two days later found out that several workers got sick from handling the pork brains. I didn't realize how big the pork section was until I gave it up. No wonder they call us American's a bunch of porkers... Now what is a little skinny woman to eat... lamb... anyone heard any bad reviews on lamb?
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