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  1. Please Please don't take this as just hyped up government health scares. I know how easy it is to think a pandemic could never touch our family. After all it is on the otherside of the world. H1N1 claimed the life of my DDIL in March and left my four DGCs with out a Mom and her DH still saying ''If only we had listened and got the flu shot''.
  2. Her name was Maria. She was 32. She left behind 4 beautiful children ages 9,8,7,5 and a devastated husband. She was a beautiful woman who loved her husband and children and every one that ever met her knew within just a few minute that she loved Jesus. We know without a shadow of a doubt she is with Him and that is our comfort. Now if you will please excuse me I have to go help my DS raise my Grandchildren. NO H1N1 IS NO JOKE.
  3. High and dry in Gwinnett. The key word being high. Five miles from me there are houses under water.
  4. My nine year old DGD has helped me can 48 qts. of green beans this week.
  5. When I am teaching someone new to can I always recommend the BBB and to follow those rules.BUT if they have tried one of my recipes for let's say salsa that they really loved I will give them that recipe. Some people who are new to canning want to rush right in and can milk gravy or their recipe for asparagus on toast with the toast. Guide lines are great for those just starting out but forums especially this one is where we really learn to take it to the next level. Thanks everyone.
  6. There is thousands of honeysuckle vines growing on fences around my property and they smell so good. I found several recipes on line for honeysuckle jelly. Has any one here ever tried it? If it taste as good as they smell it might be worth making. Thanks.
  7. This week I canned 16 qts. potatoes, 7 qts. 15 bean soup and 7 qts. pintos and ham.
  8. HOMEMADE REHYDRATION RECIPE 3 tblsp. sugar 1 tsp. mortons lite salt (potassium chloride) 1 liter drinking water Replaces fluids lost from vomiting and diarrhea.
  9. IF you were told right now to go home and stay there for two weeks could you do it? I know that we are all preppers some more than others but do we really have all we would need? If we couldn't stop at the grocery store or wally world because every one there was told to go home and everything was closed. what would be that one thing we would have forgotten in our preps? Just trying to fill in holes.
  10. I have heard you are not supposed to take aspirin when you have the flu.Is this correct or has my mind wandered off again?
  11. The first thing I saw this morning on my computer screen was NEWSWEEK END OF CHRISTIAN AMERICA? I havent read it yet but my first thought was yes I can see this happening. Not because of politics or who is running our country.( My BIBLE tells me God puts in charge whom He wants to be in charge) but our on lack of caring for others. I had to call the pastor of a church a couple of weeks ago. They bought the land next to me and I have to keep the trees and bushes cut back near my driveway so I can see if cars are coming. Not once did he mention God but whined a lot about not being able to buil
  12. I have been giving my neighbors fresh eggs. They thought it was kind of cute that I had a new hobby.Then she came over one day and caught me canning chicken. I gave her some canned chicken and home made jam. When I planted some fruit trees they decided they wanted at least some fig trees. Last week I noticed the man who plowed my garden was at their house.She came over yesterday and told me they are going to have a garden this year and her husband was talking about getting some chickens.( It didn't help when I showed her my 12 new baby chicks in my bathroom.).They really liked my canned food s
  13. Cant drink fresh raw milk? Bet we are not supposed to eat fresh eggs either. I mean after all look where they came from. Cereal is just not the same in water.
  14. You have to wash them, peel them then wash again. That is the way I can mine.
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