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  1. Today my family and I went to Target to pick up some things. The store was empty. Upon leaving, we saw a woman holding a sign asking for $ to buy food, someone parked under a tree with the windows and hatch open on the back and they appeared to be sleeping, and two homeless people riding their bikes into the woods with beer in their baskets. This was all within 1/2 mile of each other. Very depressing. We've always had a homeless problem here but not like this.
  2. Speaking of crops.... My family took a vacation up the east coast to visit family. We were camping way out in the country (in several places) and we were in utter shock at the corn crops. They were half grown and burnt to a crisp. It was the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. Several times we saw farmers plowing the ruined crops under.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I use a lot of baking soda and can not find anything bigger than a pound box at any of the stores near here. I used to find bigger but the inventory at all of the stores has been cut down drastically.
  4. I use a Swiffer to sweep and mop. I have MS and anything heavier is just too much for me to handle. I love my Swiffer! I can get under all of the furniture with it and since our whole house is tile, that is a plus. I don't use the pads that you buy for it at the store. They are way to expensive. Instead I buy Viva paper towels (they work the best) and wrap one on it to sweep and then put a clean one on it to mop. I just spray the floor with 50/50 water and cider vinegar, turn on the ceiling fans, and the floor is dry in minutes. The house smells good too.
  5. Someone I know told me that she doesn't see what the uproar is about, as the goverment wouldn't let someone sell food that was bad for you.
  6. We made another trip to WW today. There were not very many people in the store and in the food section, a lot of the shelves had the products pushed up to the front of the displays and then nothing behind them. There were only two things of bouillon left and I got them both. There were only 4 Coleman propane containers and we took all of them. Plus, no ammo. In all, this made us feel rather weird about what is going on.
  7. I went to Super Wally World yesterday with my dh and dd. It was packed in the grocery area, but not so much anywhere else in the store. I noticed that there was very little sugar or spices. I mean that the area where they have them has shrunk over the past year (it is a relatively new store) from a good 1/2 eisle on one side to maybe 1/4 of the orginial size. Plus the sugar, flour & spice sections were about empty. So made made sure I grabbed some of what was left..........lol.
  8. My dh & I have been questioning the same thing. We have it pretty good where we live: good neighbors that we like, helpful, good soil, decent weather year round, close to our jobs (walking/biking distance), etc. The downfall is we live on an island by a major city, there is only one direction to go and it would be a pita to get out of here in an emergancy, the island is crowded and we have little land (though what we have is mostly used for gardening purposes) and there are numerous homeless & beach types (nice, but not much of a work ethic kwim) who could pose a huge risk security
  9. Just about everyone I know is worried. I think it is adding to my drive to get things done. Just tonight we were talking to people about what we can do to make some money when things get worse. We all have different talents and we know that we'll have to rely on each other to survive. Better to work it out now when you can think a little clearer, then when everyone is stressed. Hope that makes sense.
  10. You know things are getting bad when your mother (I love her dearly, but she has never been aware) suddenly says that something is going wrong in our country and that she is very worried about the future. This was a huge red flag for me! Especially when I'm not considered 'odd' anymore for suggesting she stock up on rice, etc.
  11. Finally ordered a Berkey. I've been wanting one for some time and have gotten to the point where I figured we either get one now or risk not having one and having a disaster happen. At least this way I know I can hike to the river and get some water to run through it or else use the water from the rain barrels. Plus, I'm sick of buying water at the store. It is so bad for the environment and expensive too.
  12. I'm sorry your daughter is so sick. I'm praying that she gets to feeling better soon.
  13. Cricket and Oink, my dh and I both have a Cap One card also. We got the same notice about a month ago. Then yesterday they sent us another one saying that they are raising the cash advance rate to 24.99%. We've never taken a cash advance in our lives, so it doesn't really matter, but still it ticks me off. And we only use our card for two small bills each month and I pay them off each month when the bill comes in. Whoever is running the company is not too bright, to purposely do things to get rid of good paying customers. I refuse to pay for other people not being responsible for their d
  14. My inlaws just bought a new car. I about fell over when they told us that the dealership said that they were only the second couple that had been able to actually find financing since the first of the year! Things are really starting to speed up around here.
  15. I asked a friend about two weeks ago why we could find no employees when we went to Walmart, since she works at that store. She said that the store was bringing in 1/2 of the money that it used to and so they had layed off almost 1/2 of their employees and were having them work two or three departments to take up the slack. She said that she thought there would be some store closings coming up soon. That was a HUGE red flag to me!
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