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  1. I built one of the cardboard box types a few years back in Wisconsin, it was fall, but it still worked great! I made a pork roast in it, it acts just like a slow cooker. I found a way to make a quick and cheap version on line. I tried it and it works too: Get a cheap reflective type windshield sun screen and roll it into a cone shape. I used a few big paper clips to keep it on that shape. Set the pointy end into a 5 gal bucket to hold it. I put a small, round grill leftover from an old bbq in the cone. I put a pot I spray painted black (with BBQ grill paint) on the grill inside a cooking bag. Point at sun, voila!
  2. Splenda-ugh! I'm allergic to it. It took me almost a year to figure out what was making me itch so much. I'd gone to Drs, taken steroids, tried all sorts of creams and oitnments. I'd itch and scratch so much I had bruises and sores on my legs. At one point my hands puffed up so much I had to go to an ER and get shots and more steroids, I couldn't bend my fingers. It took a couple months of drinking splenda in my coffee every day for me to start itching, it slowly accumulated I think before it started causing problems. That's why it was so hard to figure out what was doing it, I kept thinking I hadn't changed my diet in any way. I had to sequentially stop eating all sorts of things. Once I stopped using splenda, it took a couple weeks for the symptoms to subside. Thank God I finally found the culprit...I was miserable!
  3. This is a recipe for bannock I found years ago, changed the milk to powdered so I could make it with all stored ingredients. My DD now makes gallon size baggies full of this and fries up single servings for breakfast. Not traditional, and making it up is not an exact science, but boy it's really good! I used to take this along camping when the kids were little. 4C flour 2T Baking Powder 1-1/2 t salt 1t cream of tartar 1/2 C sugar 1 C shortening 3/4 C powdered milk cinnamon sugar (for topping) - Mix dry ingredients together, cut in shortening. -To use, take out desired amount, add water until thick batter, place in preheated (med), greased pan, spread out into about a 1/2" high round, cover with lid and cook about 3-4 minutes. (Check, this burns easy). Spray top with oil, flip and leave lid off, cook other side a few minutes. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, flip onto plate and sprinkle other side too.
  4. We only have about a month or so of school left, 2 of my kids have asthma and despite eating well, getting allergy shots and using inhalers and preventive meds, they still get extremely sick whenever they catch anything...and they catch everything. They are still fighting a cold they've had for 3 weeks, started out viral turned bacterial...the usual for them. If this flu comes to our area, they are out of school, all the kids. If one kid brings it home, we'll all get it. No amount of hand sanitizer will prevent this when kids are in such close contact. Where I work the usual rule for Droplet precautions is wear a mask if within 3 feet of the patient, now it's 6 feet. How close do you think the desks are at school?
  5. Check out the WHO website, they explain how the phases of a pandemic are determined. And yes, phase 5 is having to do with the number of affected areas. But I also think if they are going to stratify it that way, they also need to somehow categorize levels of severity. Sure it's spread all over the world, of course there is the potential for a big problem, but with the way everyone travels nowdays, of course it's going to spread quickly. Will it turn into massive deaths and catastrophe? Who knows? I think calling it a level 5 pandemic misses the mark. We'll know in a few days if it reaches disaster level. I also think it has the potential to come around next flu season and really whomp us then. But again, who knows. The Gov't has made national reponse systems across the country (really pushed after 911). The response and preparedness level we're seeing now stems from that. MSM has a ton of misinformation, the CDC swine f lu website and the WHO site have at least somewhat accurate info, they don't give out "maybe" statistics. They only give out the facts they know. They can't account for the many people who don't seek medical help and therefore aren't tested for any flu, they can't get actual numbers of cases from countries with little medical records and testing capabilities, so even their numbers aren't accurate. But it's better than some TV station repeating what they "heard".
  6. The N95 masks are required by OSHA to be fit tested every year. They do have a smaller pore size that isn't supposed to allow a virus to enter. If the masks aren't fitted properly, there will be air spaces around the face that allow particles to enter. We have 3 different styles in use where I work, only one type will be effective for me. People with facial hair are told not to use the N95s, you can't get a proper seal. That being said however, we had an update today (from CDC or our State Dept of Health, no longer recall who, I've been swimming in swine flu since last Friday), it said they'd "waive" the fitting requirement during a pandemic situation. No explanaition given. I can only guess some protection is better than none. The masks that are being given away are regular surgical masks, effective for droplet precautions. They give those away because they are cheap compared to the other masks. And again, I suspect because somethig is better than nothing. Just remember to do hand hygiene (soap and water or hand sanitizers), and don't touch your face.
  7. I've read (in some unremembered forum) that lamp oil has been hard to find, even at WallyW. LeTarget now has some, $9.99 for a large bottle, on "sale" from $14.99. It's in the garden section.
  8. If you bought the high efficianecy pharmaceutical grade you'd probably be OK against virus. These types of masks must fit closely around your face. The N95 masks (here in US) have a yearly test fitting requirement. If you have facial hair, the masks are usless, they leak air in around the edges. Any knid of mask will provide some protection, at least to droplet type transfer, so anything's better than nothing.
  9. Here's some things I found out: Raccoons can pull chicks through extraordinarily small spaces. Never make a solar oven with duct tape and cardboard boxes in a humid climate. Put things in Mylar as you buy them, don't wait until you have a room full. Chicken coops need ventilation in the summer. Florida gardening is ENTIRELY different from Wisconsin gardening. Never let my DH fix anything to do with plumbing, hire someone, it'll be cheaper. Most cold/frost sensitive plants will die, no matter what I do. Stop buying them. Letting your sprinkler run over night during a freeze to protect your garden will make that head of lettuce worth about $10.
  10. We have the same problem here. Lately I've been putting sugar in mylar bags in buckets and stored that out in a shed. That's the ONLY food item I'll put outside, I think all else would be affected by heat. We don't have a basement or root cellar either, kids are in every bedroom. We've had to be very inventive with indoor storage. Most of it ends up in our bedroom, I'm lucky to find the bed. Good thing I can just close the door during the day.
  11. I'm going that route too. Cheaper!! I bought some of the filters from ebay, I'm going to use a white food grade bucket for the top and let it drain in a cylinder shaped water cooler I have, it's got a spigot.
  12. I am so sorry you are going through this...it can be frightening. I've been there before, am sort of there now. But you know, things always turn out alright, maybe not the way you expect it, but it'll be God's way. You are where you're supposed to be and you will get through this. I pray for strength for you and to feel God's arms around you.
  13. Ha! Funny thread...I'm a lister too. I used to have lists that I kept in a small 3-ring binder (some I still do), like what seeds I'd ordered, when I planted and harvested, what I wanted to buy, what I NEEDED to buy, what to fix, what my hopes and dreams are, what my skill sets are, inspiring words and thoughts, art project ideas...) Then I discovered Excel 2 years ago. WOW! My world opened up! Now I have spreadsheets of all my preps, one sheet for food, one for non-food items, what I still need to do/get. I made a planting spreadsheet for when to plant things in Central Florida (I'm a transplanted Northerner, took lots of library and internet research to make that!). Next I want to make a spreadsheet for a fertilizing, bug/fungus killing schedule. At work I have lists of things I need to do, in a notebook and on sticky notes stuck on my computer. I'd be lost without my lists!
  14. I am a seasoning junkie... I mix most of my own. Here are some I've either made up or plagiarized off the internet: Taco Seasoning (This is GREAT! I mix up double batches to keep on hand) 2T flour 1T paprika 1T (heaping) chili powder 1-1/2 t salt 1T minced dried onion 1/4 t cayenne 1/2 t garlic powder scant T sugar 1/4 t oregano 1 t cumin Dry Rib Rub 2T salt 4T sugar 2T ground ancho chile 2t garlic powder 4T paprika cayenne to taste (I use 2 tsp black and red spice from Penzey's) Creole Seasoning (good for Cajun anything or in red beans and rice) 2T onion podwer 2T garlic podwer 2T oregano 2T basil 1T thyme 2T black pepper 1T cayenne 1T beau monde 5T paprika Adobo 2T cumin 2t onion powder 2t garlic powder 1t oregano 1t black pepper 2t salt 2 shakes cayenne Carrabas Style Olive Oil Dip (fantastic sprinkled on bread dough flattened and drizzled with Olive Oil before baking) 1T oregano 1T basil 1T rosemary 1T black pepper 1T dried minced garlic 1T garlic podwer 1t salt dash red pepper flakes (or crushed dehydrated red peppers) Hungry Howie kind of Hot Bread Spice 2T seasoning salt 2t paprika 1/2 t oregano black pepper 2 shakes cayenne
  15. Thanks again to all of you for helping out...I have tried freecycle, no response to canning jars, but I have an idea to make a rocket stove and I asked for an empty popcorn tin to make it out of...I got one! (I love making things, I just finished an outdoor clay oven-had to make it out of kitty litter, no clay here!). The suggestions to pen in the chickens are panning out. I found quite a bit of left-over fencing behind the shed, and I've got the boys dismantling my old garbage enclosure so I can re-use the poles. A little elbow grease and it should work out all right. I'm going to try and hang laundry under the carport...with 3 teens in the house, we do a lot of laundry. That may help with the electric bill. I do have 2 apple trees and a peach, but they won't be producing for a couple years. All the citrus I had froze to death this winter...you'd think living in FLorida that wouldn't happen, but they were only 3-4 years old. Maybe they aren't worth the trouble. I did plant another round of veggies in my back garden this weekend. I'm finally figuring out what will grow when down here. Westbrook, I'm sad to hear you too have been hit with ovarian cancer, glad you've gotten through to this side of things, and I hope you have many joyful years ahead. Are you on chemo? My mom stopped taking it now, it wasn't working anymore.
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