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  1. Hey everybody! Cat I liked your poll. I too hae been around since y2k. Life's been busy so I really haven't been a part of the MrsSurvival family, but I hope and plan for that to change. I do have a few questions that I need answered so I will feel like I am a part of y'all. How do I get one of those cute signatures y'all have, and when does everybody chat in the chat room? I must be going in at the wrong time, cause I'm usually the only one there. I would really like to talk to y'all and get to know y'all better and y'all get to know me as well. Thanks for being there and reading. cleanheart P.S. how do you get those cute little smiley face characters?
  2. Oh, ladies, I have so much to learn from you. I am blessed each time I log in and graze over all y'alls wisdom and knowledge on these subjects. Thank you for caring, teaching me and sharing it with the world. Campy, will you share your ratio of potato buds, powdered butter and powdered milk together? And how much water do you add for the amount you might use? We are a family of 4. 3 being men.almost.
  3. Hey everybody! I have some healthy info. I'd like to pass down to you from my grandmama and her mama. You know the saying "chicken soup is good for a cold or whatever ails you?", Well, the reason chicken soup was so good for you when you were sick is the medicinal ingredient it had in it. Now ladies, here me out. The ingredient is chicken feet. Chicken feet has colegen in it that aids tremendously to the ammune system. I put a pound or 2 of chicken feet when I boil my chicken for the soup. You can buy feet from the grocery store, or if you process your own, never throw away the feet. When you drain the chicken, just throw away the feet, cause the good stuff has already been added to the broth. Surely someone else has heard of this. I'm new here and I don't want y'all to think I've lost it. lol
  4. Hey, what's been going on with the cookbook??? I'm new here so maybe I missed something.. Where did it go?? Did y'all move it to another forum?? Some one please let me know. ~Julie~
  5. Hey Misty, How's your little one doing?? What did the doctor say? ~Julie~
  6. Hey Stacy, I just love your signature. Those dogs sure are pretty. Tell me about your dogs. Are they your babies?? ~Julie~
  7. Granny, that was too kind and thoughtful of you to do. Thanks for making me feel so welcome and that I belong here in this family. I look forward to getting to know especially you so I can pick your brain and learn all the jewels you have gathered in your life through the years. ~Julie~
  8. Yes, Cat, I was cleanheart then as well. I did the same thing you did. I really can't remember how I found Mrssurvial. But I've been lurking ever since. I guess I felt I didn't have the time to really be a part with posting and all. I can't remember there names from the different forums, but some of the names have changed. But over all, there is a real sweet spirit that lingers through the syber space threads here in this family. ~Julie~
  9. Hey Pixie, You really know your stuff when it comes to computers and doing the signatures. I'm new here, so, whenever you get to me, I would be grateful. I have a home soap business called Clean Heart Soaps. That's why I'm called cleanheart. I think I would like mine to have something to do with soap, homemade if possible or maybe a lady making soap outside over a fire, or something like that with the address - Psalm 51:10 - I'm sure I'll like whatever you come up with. I'm just excited I can have my own. Thank you!! ~Julie~ Your new sister in the family
  10. So, sorry. I will be praying for a quick recovery and that the sickness stops with him and that it won't pass to someone else in the family. Keep us posted.. ~Julie~ new sister in the family
  11. Momo, my family will be praying as well. May the Lord give grace, wisdom, and strengh to these families. ~Julie~
  12. I look forward to meeting y'all and us getting to know each other better. ~Julie~ Now I'm going to try to get one of those signatures thangs y'all all have.
  13. I'll try again to post. I'm learning here.... ~Julie~
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