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  1. My step dad's plant just laid off all the temps. He works at a rather large plumbing pipe plant. He thinks his job is gone soon also.
  2. This week I'm going through my pantry rotating and checking everything. Anything that is close to date or something we don't or can't anymore (I can't eat MSG anymore) I'm boxing it up to send to the food bank. I've got about 50# so far. With all the stuff going on right know I know alot of people are relying on food banks.Plus with the holidays coming up they're already strained. I also went through all of the kids and my clothes and if it was something they wouldn't wear or that didn't fit them it's going to Hospice to make room for more preps. Last but not least I got some more shells and 50 cans of collard greens, although my husband said the collards don't count cause I won't let them last long enough
  3. I am listening to the Glenn Beck reshow and he is telling people to stock up on food and hard goods. Right on the radio. Hes said it before but now hes saying now or never
  4. I'm gonna stop reading this thread! Just kidding but I should
  5. Quote: when I was on Yahoo front page a few minutes ago, the Target ad said "Prep For Less" for real that's creepy
  6. Yeah I called the hubby and asked if someone had said snow. Where I live the word snow can clean out a store in no time . One flake and
  7. Quote: I will loan him to you in 2012 as long as i get him back 8 years later. When do I need to start campaigning? I would love to meet him he's up there on my hero list. All I could say to him would be "I'm not worthy" On the red flag front my grocery was out of tons of stuff so I went to different one, same thing, creepy huh.
  8. Quote: Every business in town (about 50,000 pop) is hiring--every store, every resturant, every production type job. The hospital just completed doubling in size. One of our big plants just announced they will be doubling in the next few months. government still has a lot of jobs too. There are so many businesses and homes being built, you can't hire a contractor without a 6-8 month wait. Around here, if you don't have a job, you aren't trying. It may not be the perfect job, but a lot of them pay well. I guess, we can put up a big sign that says... Come on down--there are jobs here!!! of course, there are no houses to live in. Can I borrow your governor for NC
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