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  1. Thanks for sharing this tip! I have Raynaud's and my hands and feet are always cold!!!!
  2. A little update here. I do have what I call my emergency binder. Basically it's a zippered 3 ring binder. In it are copies of all important documents. From birth certificates to social security cards to titles to our vehicles. This binder is to be grabbed in an bug-out/evac situation.The originals are in a fireproof/waterproof safe that will most likely remain here. We had a fire meeting tonight, the chief discussed this and said that should this or any hurricane head for us we will be having meetings there to discuss prep and evacuations. Also spoke with the guy who rented this house bef
  3. This could be my first hurricane on the island. Going over our hurricane plans with the kids that live with me and the one whose house we'll evac to if necessary. I've never had to evacuate a house before....it's kinda daunting. What to take, what can we move to the upstairs. What about the actual house - I mean it's rented but if there are precautions to take I'd like to do it. Going to talk with the locals that weathered Sandy and see what advice they can give.
  4. kimba

    Hello Again

    Thanks Everyone!! The island is nice....but we do get some flooding. Besides the normal high tide stuff, the storms can sometimes keep my kids small cars trapped. My truck can pretty much go through whatever we get. But I do keep plenty of food and water on hand in case we do get flooded in for a bit. Water is my biggest prep concern. I may look into a good water filter, I am surrounded by water...salt water though. A good thing about the island is that I'm in the local fire department which has a station here on the island and one off-shore. They're like family to me so I do have them i
  5. kimba

    Hello Again

    Hello everyone!! It's been awhile! Finally made it through a rough divorce, which included losing my home of 14 years to foreclosure, along with being diagnosed with 2 chronic illnesses along the way. My kids (25,22,19) have been wonderful! My oldest daughter is getting married in November so we've been quite busy with that. Myself and the 22 (son) and 19 (daughter) year olds have rented a small cottage on an island near my oldest. It's a two year lease and a nice fresh start. To be honest we all need it. We downsized.....ALOT! So finding homes for preps has become quite a challenge. I'
  6. I was in the grocery store with my 17 year old daughter. We were in the egg aisle, I see her looking from price to price with this shocked look on her face. She turns to me and says "Was there a chicken apocalypse or something?????" I couldn't help but laugh. I explained to her what was going on. It's crazy!! I do know of an older gentleman that lives nearby who often sells his extra egs. May be stopping by there soon.
  7. Thank you everyone!!!! It's great to be back!!!
  8. Hello Again dear friends I've been away for a few years...divorce is a nasty, soul crushing process. But I have begun finding me again. I had let my house go, my preps go and so much more due to sadness and illness. Since he left I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis plus a few other things. Throw in a hysterectomy for good measure and that's been my past couple of years. Thanks to my amazing children and a few really good friends I've found my way out of all that. Taking control of my life and my house! Just wanted to say Hi and tell you all I'm p
  9. We had some Mountain House Beef Stew, Chicken Breast w/ mashed spuds and scrambled eggs and bacon. All were tasty and none had any adverse effects on any of us
  10. Checking in from South Jersey. Sandy was one hell of a storm! Thankfully my house made it through with only some downed trees. However my community suffered many losses. I feel so badly for my friends and neighbors. I drive by and see half of houses missing or in ruins, the streets that once were paved are now dirt/sand roads. Debris is everywhere. Boats are in fields, shed are in the marshes. Alot of people with no power. A whole section of town we can't even get into yet! Many residents have a boil water advisory. So many people weren't prepared. They didn't believe it was going to be "that
  11. Another big fan of Jack here! Been listening since the beginning! My teens love listening to him too!
  12. Last night I participated in RERP training at a nearby firehouse. RERP is Radiological Emergency Response Team. I am a team member for emergency personnel monitoring. Basically we are set up to monitor and decon emergency vehicles and emergency workers. As part of our training exercise we do a background reading. About a month ago our reading was 30cpm, last night it was 40cpms inside the fire house and 30 outside (my hubby is on the vehicle monitoring team - outside crew). We redo background readings every 30 mins. We were told that if our background number doubles we have to stop what we are
  13. Hmmmm....my household set up is a bit different then everyone else's so far. I homeschool my kids so I have 3 teenagers at home with me all the time. So here's how it would go here: First -Tell DS16 to make sure the dogs are in (they usually are), lock all the doors and make sure the truck is locked (can do that from inside the house). As he is doing this I will get the shotgun while calling my good friend and neighbor to warn her. (She is a concern, her hubby has guns but she doesn't know how to use them. I have begged her to have him teach her . She could come here,But I would stand watch
  14. Hubby is a kayak-er too - he's the only one on his water rescue team that can stay up in one!! lol The thing that made us mad was that the guy ignored the warnings and closure signs that were posted. I hope the rains just give us a nice misting and bring cool air....that would be nice
  15. Thanks for the prayers!! I really appreciate them and so does my hubby. Hopefully people will use their brains...but just Sunday they had to rescue a man on a kayak...he thought it'd be fun to try to kayak the river. Well the current was too much and he got flipped and stuck. DH had to actually get in the water to complete the rescue and said the current was crazy strong. Thankfully the rescue went smoothly and everyone, including the dumb kayaker was unhurt.
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