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  1. If they're packed in oil of any kind, I wouldn't dehydratee them. I would try freezing some though and see how they do
  2. Turkey veggie soup and toasted honey-oatmeal bread
  3. Another nice thing dehydrating can do for saving money is for stuff you bought and used fresh, but got too much of. I had half a bag of onions that were starting to wrinkle and reach end of life. Probably had 3 days before they'd start to go bad, and didn't have nearly enough cooking time befoer then. So peeled and sliced them and threw them in dehydrator, and they'll be good for years now. Or rather, would, if Ii didn't know I'd use them all up long before then.
  4. Pork broth is great for beans later, or spliit pea soup if you don't have a soup bone to make it
  5. So what's the word on safety of turkey jerky? Way I make it you cook the meat first, and just use the breast meat, so I think it'd be alright, but I'd like some input from the experts. Especially as I was going to give some away. Thanks!
  6. Just put 5 pounds of beef into fridge to marinate for jerky tomorrow.
  7. OK, this is a really old post, but I made several batches using the recipes from the teachsoap link, and they turned out great! I have a gift bag full that will be going to my mom for her birthday on Sunday. Of course, I had to force myself to try a couple out just to make sure they were alright.
  8. Not surprisingly, today's all about turkey. Starting with turkey stock, then if there's stock left, turkey soup, and after all that, the remains of the turkey (and a bit of extra chicken meat I had around
  9. I'll put another vote in for resale shops. I got my 9 tray excalibur at a resale shop for 19.99. Still has the price tag on it (just noticed that when I was in garage wednesday. I've had the thing for 12 years and haven't taken that price tag off yet )
  10. I tend to forget to do it and half the time let them dry on the stem outside. But I've always been happy with results from my dehydrator. May actually do that this weekend.
  11. another similar pepper (bit different taste, about same heat) is sport peppers. Anyone from Chicago will know them from Chicago dogs, as they're one of the standard condiments on chicago style hot dogs. Blasphemy, but I tend to not get them. or I eat them seperately, as I'm not a big fan of their flavor with the rest of the hot dog condiments. oh, and no ketchup!
  12. Did you can them in water or in stock? Might try using broth/stock and see if that helps
  13. I tend to can my turkey cooked, as I will roast a turkey, pull some breast out for jerky, use bones for stock, can the meat, etc etc etc. Roasting the turkey as usual lets me use it multiple ways. Plus I just enjoy roasting a turkey. Oh yeah, can't forget turkey soup (using Darlene's chicken soup recipe). Great as is, with noodles, for turkey and rice, or in casseroles. Actually right now eating a casserole-ish thing I made with some turkey soup, noodles, sweet peas and cream of mushroom soup (think that was all it). Pulled it from freezer when I got home from a business trip, and had a delicious dinner
  14. Just got back from a business trip, and was worried, as did get a message from comed saying they couldn't give time estimates on repairs yet, but would later. Luckily, seems like it was just a general message, as I came home to power in the house. Haven't checked fridge/freezer yet though, scared to see what might be in there.
  15. I think you missed an "s" in that link. Try http://chickensintheroad.com/ Or for those who want to go directly to the pictures, go here http://chickensintheroad.com/cooking/banana-split-in-a-jar/ It looks great, and think I'll try it this summer. THanks for the tip, okiecountrygirl
  16. Yeah, I slept in the basement. Food in freezer was mostly fish, and I don't like to try canning fish, or cooking. Plus, even with power out at home, power was on at office, so I still had to go into work each day, so wasn't really around to take care of anything. Food in question was mostly fish, and lunches for work (make big batch of spaghetti, turkey and rice, whatever, and freeze in meal size containers). So nothing really good to do with the leftovers. I did notice though that our side by side fridge definitely did not stay cold as long as parents with freezer on bottom. I think with it being on bottom, and being one more solid space, rather than tall thing space, seemed to hold the cold better
  17. Week before last we had a nasty storm come through Chicago. The storm was over quick, but had winds that they said were in Tornado/Hurricane levels. After the storm had passed, the power company saw that they had their worst outage ever, with 868,000 customers without power. As our house is far out in suburbs, and not near any schools or hospitals, we were five days without power. With it being that long (And hoping every few hours to see the power finally come back on), we were forced to throw out everything in fridge and freezer. Except our slice of wedding cake, so we're still married. (I had that in a midsize cooler all by itself, but surrounded by ice). Looking at all that food go into the trash, and cringing at the cost, it was a bit disheartening. But I was able to cheer up a bit by looking at a stocked pantry with a good supply of canned and dehydrated food, thanks to my All-American and what I've learned from Darlene/Violet/et al here. So thanks guys!
  18. I used it a lot several years ago when I was weight training. It's definitely a useful source of protein, and comes in many flavors. It can be used in water, but milk is definitely better (unless your'e lactose intolerant like me). Plus the seasonal egg nog flavor let us have egg nog over in the desert at Christmas, which was a nice treat.
  19. The quilt looks great, Violet! For anyone who wants to make a quilt, but doesn' thave room for a quilting machine or want to do it by hand, you should be able to find someone local who can do it for you. My mom uses a lady near here (well, here when I'm not travelling for work ), and she's very reasonable, and does a great job. Prices are reasonable enough that Mom tends to get her a nice Christmas gift each year too, and I have six quilts she did in my house
  20. I would probably try a buttermilk sugar cookie as the base, pinkroses. I use one for my orange cinnamon cookies,a nd to my mind, the texture and taste is closer to shortcake than most sugar cookies I've had.
  21. Once they reach that stage, try grinding them into flour and experiment with adding (not replacing!) it in regular recipes, ro for thickening soups, sauces, stews.
  22. Here's another vote for the excalibure. LOVe mine. I keep mine in the garage when I'm not using it (definitely have to make sure it's clean if you do this though ) and wipe out with a damp cloth again when I bring it in to use it. I do'nt dehydrate a whole lot lately though, so that works. I used to keep it in basement when I used it regularly. A ctually, will probalby do that again if I start using it. Put it in wine room, where exhaust can helpw ith fact that room is a bit cooler than I want. Hrmmm, interesting, hadn't thought of that before...
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