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  1. I haven't been on in a long time due to life happenings. I am hoping to gain strength and regain my love of farming and self sufficiency this year. Really looking forward to seeing one of my favorite authors, Joel Salatin. Lisa in GA
  2. Darlene, have been tied up with Grand jury about my daughter, stalked by crazy relatives of my SIL and now have bad abcessed tooth amd jaw. Doesn't look like I will make it. Chance we might could drive up for the day Friday. Sorry for theshort notice. Lisa
  3. BTW Darlene, I may not be able to come. Because I can't come unless I bring my new husband! I have been seeing a great guy from my church and after a lot of praying decided God sent him here. Just got married Friday, so the new hasn't worn off yet. Lisa in GA
  4. I can also pick anyone up at the Atlanta Airport if needed. I am about an hour south of there and I would pass right by on my way up to Darlenes. Lisa in GA
  5. I am coming. Please count me and at least a 13 year old daughter and 12 year old son. I can bring chickens for butchering if you like(tell Madison I will even haul my washtub chicken plucker up there for her)Whatever I can do to help let me know. Lisa in GA
  6. I have been awarded custody for two years of all four grandbabies. Son in law has been denied bond by magistrate court and now awaiting bond hearing on January 31st in superior court. I plan to appear and tell judge we are afraid of what he will do if given bond. Coroner says Sherrif is still holding results of autopsy pending investigation on son in law. I am exhausted trying to deal with 13 kids, a hundred year old farmhouse, my animals and my little 12 acre farm. I know that no man in his right mind would ever marry me but I need a man to fix things that constantly need repairs or
  7. No help. I am now the single parent of 13 at home. My 9 youngest adopted all with issues and now four grands. So at home I have: Greg 18 (mentally about 12, he will never drive, sierra, 15, Anna, 13, Megan, 12, Jacob 11, Sarah, 11 (moderately mentally handicapped), Chase and Chasity 9 year old twins, Jackson, 6, Julianna, 4, Delaina, 3, Noah, 2, and Emma, 4 months. I love them but it is exhausting and there is no such thing as someone who will sit with this many children. If there were, I couldn't afford them anyway.
  8. Update I now have emergency custody of 4 grandbabies, ages: 4 and a half, 3, 2 and 4 months. Son in law is in jail without bond on charges of aggravated child molestation, and has now been implicated in my daughters death. Life can change in a moment. Lisa
  9. if anyone has time, just wanted to share this beautiful tribute to my daughter. Courtney died a week ago at the age of 24, leaving behind 4 babies. Lisa Murphy ILVNAZOO@aol.com
  10. My sweet 24 year old daughter passed away leaving four beautiful children behind to never know how much their mom loved them. If anyone would care to make a donation, her fund could sure use it. http://www.gofundme.com/courtneyparkerfund
  11. I didn't see anything about a Homeowners Association. The way I read it was the city charged her for a code violation, saying the plants in her front yard were "unsuitable". Lisa in GA
  12. http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/michigan-woman-faces-jail-for-growing-vegetables-in-her-front-yard/ Glad I am in the country. Lisa in GA
  13. Very interesting reading, Darlene. I just might have to try some extra milk on my garden. BTW Hope you are doing well, I think of you often. Take care, Lisa in GA ILVNAZOO
  14. I am very Thankful for all the info I have found on this site and all the wonderful like minded people who I have met. there is a sense of urgency to get some things in plcace lately that is different in ways I cannot describe though. Lisa in GA
  15. Just processed 50 three weeks ago and 20 more this week. I have 8 more to go next week. i cannot tell you how good they are. i tried them last year and find it hard to go back to store bought ever again. i did get a whiz bang type chicken plucker this year and love it. All my Cornish Rock crosses I left whole for broilers and the biggers as Roasters/baking chickens but I am raising about 50 RIR and Buff roosters to cut up for frying chickens this year as well. Lisa in GA
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