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  1. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I am praying for you and your family to get through this horrible time.
  2. Yes! I needed a crown on my front tooth and kept putting it off. Finally this summer got it taken care of. I made my husband get his physical. Doc was very impressed with him. He runs 45 minutes on our treadmill most days. (He used to run everyday before kids). Dr. told my husband not to bother coming back for routine physicals unless something comes up. Also he agreed to a vasectomy after our last. Even though we are older, we were blessed not to have any fertility problems. I, on the other hand, have put on entirely too much weight with my last DD and have had a difficult ti
  3. OK. I know a lot of people use cloth diapers but I think it would be good to also have disposable stash if SHTF. If you order diapers with Amazon's "Subscribe & Save", you will get 30% off the top with free 2 day shipping. I think you can even use the codes on cloth, not sure though. In the Parenting and Parents magazines August and September issues there are orange postcards with codes to save 20% off diapers. The kicker is that you can stack the codes that begin with different letters. So if you are able to find all 4 of the magazines you could pay next to nothing OOP.
  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! My mother always wanted her daughters to have a means to support themselves. She encouraged careers. I did take her advice and I had my career until I heard my clock ticking. I feel we were very blessed to have my first at 37 and 2nd DD at 40. She and my Dad are resigned to us homeschooling now but they are bombarded with uninvited opinions from extended family and both are worriers by nature. My husband supports me 100%. Some friends continue to speak out against but since I didn
  5. Hi, I have been a member here since 2008. I have been educated and inspired by those who give to this site and wanted to say thanks and introduce myself. I am married (23 y) with 2 DD (5 & 22mos). Since joining this site, I am much more prepared. I am blessed that my husband is fully on board with me and helps me to prepare. This site has motivated me to learn to can, dehydrate, and make my own bread (although I don't regularly) and to get out of debt except for mortgage. Of late I am trying to get into a homeschool routine. I am spending a lot of time reading the diffe
  6. Hi all. I know I don' t post much but I am an avid reader. I have a DD still in diapers and was wondering if any of you have a subscription to Parents or Parenting the early years magazines? If so, I could use the 20% Amazon diaper code from the August issue. I can combine it with the September code and get cheap diapers. If anyone wants more details about this deal I would be happy to share and grateful for any codes. I have extra September codes if anyone needs one. Thanks, Losmom
  7. I add it to oatmeal with some walnuts and spices! Very good!
  8. http://gorp.away.com/gorp/publishers/wilde...ss/foo_dehy.htm has the following recipes (there are some for jerky as well): Basic Spaghetti Sauce (Makes 4 servings) 2 yellow onions, chopped 1/2 cup grated carrot 1/4 cup finely chopped celery Optional: 1 tsp jalapeq pepper, seeded, deveined and minced 3 tbsp chopped garlic 1/2 tsp leaf oregano 1/2 tsp sugar 1 6-oz can tomato paste 3 28-oz cans canned tomatoes, drained 20 fresh basil leaves, minced or 1 tbsp dried basil 4 tbsp chopped fresh Italian parsley 1/2 cup red wine salt and pepper This basic
  9. Hi all. Still kind of new but have really been getting some prepping done! I canned 5 pints of chicken breast ($0.99/lb). 4 pints of pork loin. Got my new dehydrator broke in by drying everything I can get my hands on. Summer squash, spinach, green peppers, and peas. Some were frozen (peas and spinach) and the rest from garden. Bought 10 small jars of Skippy PB for $0.52/jar, which I plan to share w/DM. Visiting MIL next week and picking up 18 1/2 gal canning jars and a wood cooking stove--ye haw! Oh and she found me a wash board at a flea market for $10. AND I just got
  10. I did it! I ordered the CLM last night. It won't be here for approx. a month but it is just a relief to get it ordered. I also ordered 150# of wheat to add to my preps. Getting there little by little. Thanks for all of your input.
  11. Thank you all for your replies. I am leaning towards the Country Living. Just wanted other opinions before I spent that much money!
  12. Hi, I'm new and have just been soaking up all the info available here. I really appreciate the time people put into this site! I have been prepping like mad and have really come a long way. I am ready to purchase a grain mill and was wondering what is the best for the cost. If the Country Living mill is the best I can justify the cost but being somewhat frugal I would like the opinions of more experienced preppers. TIA
  13. Hi! I've been reading your public pages for a while and decided to join up. This site is what I have been looking for! I respect the knowledge and time your members have put into this site. My DH and I have "sorta" prepared for a while now, but are VERY serious now. Before I just worried about food/water etc. Thanks to this site I will be much more prepared (hardcore). Going next week to get a wood burning cookstove and other essentials along those lines. Again Thanks for the wonderful site!
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