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  1. Holly Cow, MtRider!! I know my folks were the generation where the fathers took care of the checkbook. My mom used to spend pretty much what my dad brought home. She can't anymore, and spends much of her time worrying about where her next rent check will come from. It's all there. I just don't have the time to update the spreadsheets and explain them to her every month. I spent yesterday with her and have a good feeling that she will come to visit us next week. When she leaves the retirement center to get her hair done, she will have to go back into a 14-day quarantine into her apartment. She doesn't want that. They are lightening up on the regulations next week whereas the residents can come back from 'doctor' appointments and quarantine around the building with a mandatory mask. She has heart failure and can hardly catch her breath now. I think she sees the writing on the wall after 9 weeks of being locked up. She's upset about leaving her plants and birdfeeders though. I think we're all a bit like Lot's wife when we have to walk away from worldly possessions. We'll keep paying her rent until she decides to go back or move her stuff out into a storage rental place down the road from us. I sure hope the retirement center doesn't get nasty. I'm not in the mood to get into a pissing contest with them right now. They've done an excellent job on feeding her but she's not responding to the lack of interaction from staff or banned family.
  2. If family were here and my mom so old and frail, we would have stayed in Indiana. The taxes were so cheap. Potholes in the roads were deep but we could navigate them. We will know by next weekend if mom wants to come out for a respite. I'm not sure she comprehends the severity of the situation. A staff member tested positive for covid but the Center took immediate action. I'm more concerned that all the residents will be required to get a vaccine in order to stay in their apartments at the facility. It really is a nice place, but mom isn't a social person. So, she sits and wastes away. Nine weeks now. With two more months to go if the federal lawsuit just filed in Milwaukee is thrown out. The State Supreme Court ruled against the governor, but the local counties did an end-around in the wording of their own emergency orders. If it wasn't for mom in the city, I'd bury my head at our homestead and enjoy life. Course, I do like researching and poking fun at idiots that have gone berserk over this whole thing. It's only the beginning. More disasters are coming down the pipe. This has been a rehearsal, or maybe a beta test. My bones feel it.
  3. I am the financial and medical power of attorney for my mom. My younger brother and I are very close so we make many of the decisions together. Mom probably won't have anything left of her estate, but our promise to our dad before he died 20+ years was to care for mom. We've done that and aren't worried about the money. She is though. I bribed her tonight with getting her out of the Center for awhile. She's having a lot of chest pain (nitro patient), shortness of breath and stomach pains. She and I are pretty sure it is the toxic living it is emotionally for her. After 40 minutes on the phone, I think she's willing to stay out of the Center after I take her to the hair appointment. It's been 9 weeks. I suggested that we grab some of her things and she take a vacation at our place (neat idea from our church nurse) instead of having to go back into 14-day lockdown after the hair-do, or make an impossible decision to permanently leave that place. She is going to think about it. As of tonight, she's willing to give it a try. She may become too fearful by tomorrow. I sure am glad my traits took after my dad.
  4. Amazing what transpires in ONE week these days. It seems like a month!! My SIL was allowed to see her mom with Alzheimer's ONE MORE TIME. The healthcare center called it 'end of life' visit. My SIL was going to spend time with her mom (she's there every week when allowed), comb her hair, rub her shoulders, hold her hands, and give lots of hugs. Instead they were both dressed in gowns, masks, and gloves and placed TEN FEET from each other, even though everyone tested NEGATIVE for the virus. My SIL was devastated and has been crying ever since. The staff said that there would be no more visits until a VACCINE was available. I asked her if her daughter in law could help as she's a nurse at the nice facility. SIL said she didn't want her DIL to get fired for helping. Are you guys taking notes?? SIL is visiting my mom today and doing her cargiving duties at this other nice retirement center. She will sit my mom down and carefully explain everything that's transpiring in our extremely liberal county where my mom lives. She wants to make sure my mom understands that if she decides to come and stay with us for awhile, it may be with what we can carry out of the facility in our hands. Our home is 2-story and my mom has lost so much physical ability these past two months, it's going to be a challenge. I know she won't make the NEW 2-month restriction. My My!! How the world has quickly changed before our eyes. State and local governments refuse to give up their newly found power. They are drunk on it and getting worse. My friend from Indiana said that her husband, an attorney, came home and said that at least one of their judges isn't coming back to the courtroom until there's a vaccine available. Has the world totally lost it? My friend calls the extrication of my mom ... Operation Laundry Cart. I about died laughing, if it wasn't so true. I will be so thankful to God when we're able to get her in our home, shut the door, and lock out the insanity around us. Now I feel better. You can go back to your regularly scheduled programs now.
  5. Wiconsin Supreme Couurt ruled today that the govenor overstepped his authority on lock-down for more than 60 days. Slapped his hand pretty hard as well as the fluzzie who's head of DHS. We're free once again. Our whole 10-county area didn't even have to flatten the curve. There wasn't a curve. Now we'll see how people do with social distancing. We will be careful because I visit my mom regularly and they are all old in the retirement center.
  6. If you have ever heard of Jonie Erickson Tada, you may have heard her interview on Dr. James Dobson decades ago. She has been a paraplegic since her teen years (diving accident). She was talking about abortions and how it takes our youngest. She felt DECADES ago that euthanasia would systemically take our our old and mentally challenged population. (Germany did that with less than perfect children and adults). Now we have something that her theory on euthanasia never even addressed ... a China virus that takes our our elderly and infirmed. Yes, MtRider, the Asians are very respectful of their elderly. We learned A LOT about respecting our grand-parents when we lived over there.
  7. Way to go Annie - I sure see this in my future if I bring my mom home. I'm just not sure how we would ever maneuver the stairs. She's lost so much strength these past two months in her chair. Not to mention an apartment STUFFED with things. I'm not sure our marriage will take her negative attitude. My DH is so much like her. Double whammy may set off my depression that I haven't seen in 35 years. Maybe I could go live in our RV and let those two live peacefully in our small house. I am constantly reminded that she suffered through 17 years of raising a daughter. We do have some county help, if I can figure out how to tap into it. I sure don't sleep very well at night anymore. Gotta keep my nose in my Bible.
  8. Another interesting chart. Germany's figures look strange ....... A UK doctor has a daily update on world stats, and lots of good info. He mentioned about 3 weeks ago that Germany was counting the deaths as what the original disease was. If they had diabetes and died WITH CV-19, the death certificate stated they died of diabetes. Maybe that's the skew in their numbers. Gotta watch those Germans.
  9. Speaking of downsizing our world, we've been eliminating the youngest for decades. Now we're going after the oldest and infirmed.
  10. Our Governor is starting the Bounce Back Badger reopening of the state. What a God awful name for recovery. So far, individual stores can have UP TO FIVE shoppers at one time, starting tomorrow. I wonder how many employees Kohls will have to accommodate those FIVE shoppers. How did we ever get such a ridiculous leader? Our past governor's campaign team wasn't ready for the onslaught of outside money from the Democratic party. The Republican got beat and was really shocked, as was the rest of the state outside of Madison and Milwaukee. We had close to $5 billion in the black. The new governor is licking his lips over how quickly he can spend it. So far, they're hiring over 1,000 people to go door-to-door to interview each family on who has the Chinese virus, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, etc. We all know where THIS is going, don't we? DH told me to be nice and not take the shotgun to the fight when the doorbell rings. Total control. That's all our government wants. Total control. And, now is their time to strike. I've been praying for all of you. When disaster strikes, the stress level is already extremely high. I am SO THANKFUL we are both well. I need to remember to count our blessings!! We received our STIMULUS check today in the mail. We were wondering if we'd get one since I haven't done our taxes yet. I've GOT TO GET MY BUTT IN GEAR. I have to do my mom's taxes too. We have a nurse from Palliative care coming for a meeting with mom next week. Mom isn't too excited because the next step after that is Hospice, and she delivered up her husband and two sons to Hospice over the years. I keep reminding her that we are all dying. Some just a little faster than others. Cheers everyone, and keep looking up! I can almost hear the trumpet sound in the distance.
  11. I am making an appointment with a palliative care organization to see if they can help my mom without going on assisted living where she's residing. My mom isn't too excited about it because it's the next step closer to Hospice. She lost her husband and two sons to cancer and Hospice was the last stage. I keep reminding her that she's in her 90's and not the spring chicken she used to be. I am concerned about the lock-down her retirement center is in. No one is sick between the 7 locations throughout the Midwest. My biggest concern is if I can get her out if someone does test positive. The liberal county she lives in wants to extend the lock-down until July 15!! Her life here would be difficult with the stairs and bathtub. She is extremely limited and likes nice things. Hubby said that we could move into our RV for awhile. I don't think any moving company is allowed in her facility, so we would have to walk out with a few suitcases. We would probably have to continue to pay the $3,000 month rent even though she would no longer have access to her things. We could give the necessary 30-day notice, but how do we get her things out? What a mess Wisconsin is in at the moment, and we have a squawking governor that has zero experience at anything except herding children through his classrooms. Why do school teachers think they are the only intelligent ones on the planet?
  12. Maybe he's tired. He has about 50 cows to service.
  13. Just got a reply from Niece. She can't provide us with beef until their Sept slaughter. I don't know if it's volume, overbooked meat processor, or their new bull not doing his job properly.
  14. I've been thinking about canning a few dozen pints of beef to make room for some beef from my niece's dairy/beef farm. We really don't need the meat as we don't eat much anymore. However it would help her try to save their farm. I'm also toying with buying that quarter beef and splitting among families at church who are without a job. I don't like the drive-through food pantries where everybody and their dog can grab food. I'd rather target the ones who really need the food. I find they are usually the most quiet about their situation.
  15. I do have to say that my mom's private retirement center is great about keeping the residents engaged. My niece stopped by on May 1 with her four girls. They gave the staff a large plant for my mom. They all ran around the building and started yelling at Grandma to open her patio door on second floor. They spent quite a bit of time talking and giggling back and forth. My niece remembers May Day and how we taught her to make baskets for neighbors, set them on the porch, ring the doorbell, and hide in the bushes to see the reaction of the neighbors. I was really surprised she remembered that. It's been almost 40 years since she was taught that.
  16. I have a mother just like yours. I'd be in a coma or having to purchase a bathroom scale that reads more than 250 pounds if I consumed sugar in the quantities that she does. After watching her obesity, binge eating, depression, and sweetaholic lifestyle, I went the opposite way. Not to long ago she said, "I suppose you're proud of your health accomplishments, aren't you?" I was speechless. All I could say was that I came from a generational diabetic family and I wanted to avoid all the other diseases this one brings on a body. She then fired me as her caregiver. Three weeks later, she wants me back. Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived that childhood.
  17. I am so concerned about my mom ending up in the hospital. Stress makes her dementia worse and she can quickly be taken advantage of. I'm really debating removing her from the retirement center for a few weeks. The staff there are EXCELLENT and take care of her physical needs. There is no real contact though and the mental and emotional needs have gone by the wayside for almost SIX weeks. Our liberal governor has just added FOUR MORE WEEKS to the lockdown. If she lives through that, I don't think there will be much left from the dementia and depression. There is a lawsuit that could have an answer by this weekend by the state's supreme court. I heard that the governor was complaining to that same court that he should not be allowed to be sued. If we had a house my mom could navigate, I'd be down in the city packing her and bringing her home. We have a whole nother set of problems if she tries to do the stairs or bathroom.
  18. Our hospitals around Wisconsin are laying off staff due to a dud of a Covid-19. The governor is trying to keep the state locked down until the end of May. Protests are starting to break out everywhere, and many of the county law enforcement offices are not backing him up. It's becoming more apparent that the aftermath of the destruction to our economy and lost freedoms will become hundred times more deadly than the virus ever was. Even our state authorities are starting to lower the numbers of deaths due to the virus, due to 'mistakes' in diagnosis. It the proverbial story of the guy who was killed in a car accident and tested positive with the Covid-19. He's listed as dying of C-19. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
  19. If someone died in a car accident and had the virus, you can bet he/she was counted in the virus death toll. I believe about HALF of what they say.
  20. A dear friend of mine used to be a hospital administrator in NY. He has interesting insights. One of the scenarios is that the more 'probably' covid cases there are, the more of a kickback the state/hospital will receive when this is all said and done. Do I trust the numbers from the big cities? Not a chance. In my seven adjoining counties, there have been a total of THREE deaths from the virus. It is totally ridiculous that our governor just extended our stay at home until the END OF MAY. He's a flunkie from the school system, and was only kept in the district by the teacher's union. Then big money came in last year from outside so that he could topple a conservative governor with a $5 BILLION surplus. Honestly, I don't think the new governor has a clue on what to do and is waiting for all the other states to open so that he can come up with a plan (yes, they all plan to open before we do). I bet all that surplus disappears by the time he's done dishing it out to every liberal organization in our state. Did I mention that we're a tourist state and the majority of our revenue comes from tourism and dairy? What a great way to sink the battleship without a shot from the bow. Do I sound frustrated from ineptness? If it wasn't for my mom being locked down in a retirement center in the city, I could camp out on our homestead for months before anyone knew if we were alive or dead.
  21. Nothing here, yet. Large credit union. Retired though. So thankful not to go out every day. I can work around the homestead. It takes so much longer to get anything done, though.
  22. Hmmm, still no stimulus check. We file each year, but haven't finished 2019 yet. Have until July. I sure hope that doesn't slow down the process. I not in the mood to work on it this week.
  23. Our governor just extend the stay at home until THE END OF MAY. I see protests on the horizon. No more school for children. You can't muzzle a dairy and tourist state for very long. If you take out Madison and Milwaukee, you'd think it's only a mild flu season, which killed/hospitalized more than the virus. When I talk to the libs, I think I'm listening to CNN verbatim. Don't get me started!!!
  24. I follow a few of the preparedness groups in FB. I can't believe the mentality of newbies who are running from WM to WM trying to find veggie seeds. Michigan shut down big box store garden seed sales. Good luck on finding them on the internet. Many of the big companies like Burpee and Territorial Seeds have suspended orders for at least two weeks because of shipping backlog. Some of our Amazon purchases for repair parts are over a week overdue. I'm just sitting here and planting and tending to more of my saved seeds. For those I purchased, January was the perfect time to order them. Catalogs arrived in the mail and the LONG, cold days of winter were upon us. Now the shortages coming up are in different kinds of meat. The herd is probably heading back to the stores and clearing out the shelves.
  25. Went to the oral surgeon and endured a root canal, yesterday. After all the pain I've been in, I was ready. I even waited an extra 5 days so I could get the same doctor as last time. Bad mistake. I am one who will wait in line so that others can get scheduled for THEIR emergency. Each surgeon is only in ONCE A WEEK. The clinic was empty except for three people ... doc, asst, and receptionist. I walked right in and was treated like a queen even though I felt like a chick run over by a Mack truck. The surgery was painful but worth it. The tooth nerve was dead and the surround tissue was attacking it. He couldn't detect infection, but I'd just come off of antibiotics. On my way out, with a sore mouth and empty checkbook I asked about other patients. They said that I was the only one scheduled for that day. On my way out of the office, I did have a long talk with the receptionist who had been totally brain washed by MSM.
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