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  1. Thanks! When I am exhausted but can't "shut down" I cruise pinterest. Like I don't have anything else to do! Our roses sound wonderful! There is a pink rose bush by the backdoor but it bloomed a few weeks ago and is now done. There are some smallish green plants in the beds around the house but I'm hoping to plant some flowers/herbs after we get moved in. I prefer color!
  2. My parents had chickens when I was considerably younger. We had a mean rooster and I've always been adament that we wouldn't have a rooster but dh wanted one. I told him it would be a moving target if it tried to peck me. lol We have many friends close by with chickens so hopefully if we have any problems they will help us out. Dh says that the berries are mulberries....but he says there are black raspberries and blackberries out by the pond. I don't know but they were very sweet. I guess I will get pictures on my phone and try to identify them. lol My younger 2 children and I sat on the covered front porch during a thunderstorm today. The way the house sits, it faces an old non-existent road. The driveway coming from the highway is 1/4 mile long and approaches the house from the rear. So if you sit on the "front" porch you are facing yard and woods and barns. It is very, very peaceful. From the porch you can't even hear the highway traffic. Pure bliss.
  3. This is exciting to me! I would love a link to the podcast....maybe it is on the website link you listed earlier. I will try to find it. What a blessing! Blessings, Carie
  4. We will be moving in one week. The remodeling is going ok, although it won't be done when we move in But that's ok. I'm choosing to look on the bright side of things. lol Dh has ordered some chickens from a coworker. The pen is set up and they will be there shortly after we are. lol I think he said they were about a month from laying. That's exciting! Also, while out there yesterday ds found raspberry bushes. Black raspberries and regular....the black ones were turning and soooo sweet. I may send him out with a bowl and see if he can pick some today. So that's us. I feel like my head is spinning but I know the end is near....and it will be worth it Blessings, Carie
  5. My dh cleans his fish then puts them in a bowl of water sprinkled with garlic powder (rather liberally but could be to taste) and then lets sit in the garage fridge overnight. In the morning we drain the water off and put in baggies for freezing. We also fry in a cornmeal mixture - we sometimes us a cajun seasoning to spice it up Yummy!
  6. It is I wish we were buying but that isn't God's plan for us right now. The cleaning/painting is overwhelming. I'm going to spend all day out there working on cleaning. And we have no extra money. The state is messing with my dh's paychecks (he is a state employee). There's never enough to go around I guess. Oh well. Trying to keep a smile on my face and my chin up. It's just work, right?
  7. Mt Rider, Took ds#2 out to see the house so I looked and the whole system is "plugged in" so it uses electricty for something. I guess we will find out how it operates this fall. Ds #2 likes the place so I think it is a go....dh will be meeting with the landlord tomorrow. Thanks, Carie
  8. MtRider, There is propane furnace back up. So if we don't stoke the fire, the gas furnace will kick on (through the same radiant heaters somehow, it is all connected and looks like quite the contraption). The landlord already has a bit of wood cut and we will just have to cut it into smaller pieces. We have teenage boys. Do these wall heater things have "blowers"? My parents had a wood stove when I was a child that was connect to the floor vents and had an electric blower, and a back up gas furnace. When the power was out they would hook a generator to the blower unit, stock the woodstove and be good to go. But I didn't see a blower unit? I guess I don't understand the system. The landlord said that before it got cold we would call a heating/air company and have them come out and look the whole thing over and they could tell us how to work it. This is his grandparents/parents place and he hasn't lived there for 40 years It would be sweet if it didn't use any electricity because I hate dealing with the generator, but I can't visualize how the heat gets through the house without a blower. lol Thanks for all the encouragement. Assuming we can get internet out there ( or are willing to pay what it will cost) I will be around a lot more. I turned into quite the city girl the last 18 months living in town. Oh, and I will pass on the tip to try to move the garden Blessings, Carie
  9. Good Morning! Hello It looks like dh's dream is gonna come true and we will be moving into a "new" rental in the country in 30-45 days. It is an old farmhouse (100+ yrs) that is structurally sound but needs a lot of cosmetic TLC. The new landlord is very gracious and we will be able to have chickens, rabbits, goats and help him/split some feeder calves. A garden spot is already plowed. We have already got a garden in the ground here in town so I don't know how that will go. The house is approximately the same size as the one we are in, but I will be losing my dedicated sewing room. It has floor radiant heaters that are heated with a wood boiler. I don't know anything about that but I guess we will learn. It will be an adventure Blessings, Carie
  10. Our walmarts won't let us use coupons when we ad match now. So if you are ad matching an item, you can't use a coupon for that item. Our Kroger closed down a few years ago because of walmart's ad matching policy. I try to actually go to the other grocery stores in town now because I don't want to lose them too!
  11. Thank you for this info! Where do you get the garlic gels caps? Just wondering...and the liquid garlic? I use garlic powder and buy minced garlic in a jar. I need to learn to grow it. Do you suppose that I could grow it in pots in the winter?? Just wondering outloud. My poor tired brain is working double overtime tonight. lol
  12. Hello all! I don't know if any of you remember me, but I think some do. We are celebrating our 1st anniversary in our "new" rental after the whole mess with my family the year before. Still lots of unresolved stuff there, but the stress and environment is so much better here Thanks for all the prayers about that. I know we aren't supposed to get political and stuff here but I have to say that my dh and I watched the election with dread last night. I knew something was wrong when my dh said he was voting. My dh never votes. Has never voted. He always registered just because it is another form of ID but he never voted. He and I went together last night and voted. Then we watched the election results come in. And went to bed and cried. I just can't express the feeling of dread we have around here. Honestly, we are barely making it as it is. I don't know how we will handle more inflation, more expenses. But I know that God is in control and I am here to learn and re-learn all I can. I let my stockpile go when we decided to move and haven't ever had the resources to stock it back up. Dh says that will be a priority with any tax refund we get. Looking forward to catching up and talking to all of you again. Have a good night! Carie
  13. My youngest is potty trained.....yay! Anyway I want to sell the rest of my cloth diaper stash. I have some covers - pink. I think there are 6. I will take $20 plus shipping for them. I have 18 bum genius 4.0 all in one one size diapers. Some neutral. Some pink/purple. $10 each or make an offer on the whole mess. Plus shipping. My email is carie_shinn@hotmail.com Carie
  14. Carie


    Hello ladies! I hope that all of you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving today with all of your families. We traveled 3 hours south to spend the weekend with dh's family. Hanging out in the hotel room. We've got an internet connection, the first time since before we moved. Our internet is scheduled to be turned on on the 29th. I just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers. Our church family came in and helped us move about 10 days ago. They even set up house for us. I couldn't believe how well everything went. I started the day so overwhelmed and ended it so thankful! God is soooo good. I posted a little about the house on my blog this morning and hope to get some pictures up there soon if you want to check it out. www.misscarie.blogspot.com Blessings, Carie
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