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  1. I've been so busy. I hardly even have time for the internet. Plus my computer is recharging sporadically. I haven't had time to see what's wrong with it yet. We are getting rain like crazy too. They are predicting up to 8 inches this week. I feel so bad for those who will get flooded in the low lying areas.. Alot of them can't afford to move or rebuild. Although he is still weak and not able to walk as much as he used to, DH is at least holding his own with a little occasional improvement. Unfortunately, my Aunt had a stroke and it doesn't look good. She is 96 though so it is not so unexpected. This is her first serious illness ever! Hubby is getting spring fever. That is good for him mentally but I hope his health holds up until the crops are ready to harvest! Hope everyone has a great week.
  2. Last night I made stuffed peppers in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. Today I am fixing fried pork chops, dirty rice and asparagus.
  3. It sounds like things will work out for DH's trip. Hope you will be able to hold down the fort until he gets back.
  4. It is so hard when you lose friends. They are irreplaceable.
  5. We hit our lowest temp yet this am..19. It's only getting up to around 30 today. The sun is out today for the first time in ages! DH has been out of the hospital for a month now. He is still spending all but about 3-4 hours a day in bed. At least he is able to walk to use the bathroom and eat his meals now. That is an improvement. I don't know why he is so tired all the time, but the Doc's don't really care. He finally got out of the house on Friday for a doctor appt. He still has clots in his legs and they are still swollen. Of course, the doc didn't even look or touch them. Geez! I am so sick of being housebound but I am stuck for the foreseeable future. It is hard to be a caregiver when you are wheelchair bound yourself. Somehow we will muddle through. Have a great week all!
  6. Tonight I made calves liver and onions (for DH's health), fried rice and salad.
  7. I've been awol again. DH has pretty much been bed bound the past month. He has blood clots which they can't treat with blood thinners because he bleeds internally from them. He can just get out of bed to go to the bathroom. His feet and legs are hugely swollen but at least he is not having any more pain. I am so wore out but I am glad he is still fighting. It has been too warm but a cold front is coming tomorrow..it will feel like winter. I'm still hoping 2019 will turn out to be a good year!
  8. This show returns tonight on PBS. Check your local listings!
  9. PTL DH is back home after a 10 day hospital stay. He should have been discharged 2-3 days sooner but the Dr. screwed up on the paperwork etc. I was anxious to get him out. I cannot believe the things going on at Hospitals these days. You have to watch and advocate every minute. I am still so angry at all the abuse and possibly dangerous mistakes being made. They did manage to get rid of his infection but he still can't walk so I am the new nurse. I do at least answer when he calls!!! He is getting food, drink and the basics of life at home. We have no Christmas plans except to be thankful we still have each other! I hope all of you ladies have a wonderful Christmas.
  10. Jeepers I know how frustrating blood pressure issues are. I wish we could figure out a pattern so we could avoid what causes it. Have you found one for your spikes & drops? It started raining yesterday and isn't supposed to stop until Tuesday. It's also chilly with highs in the low 40's. Poor DH is freezing. I am pretty insulated so it doesn't bother me. It seems like everytime I scratch one thing off my to do list I have to add two more new ones. How will we ever catch up?
  11. Nice weather here for several days. DH woke up with a high BP reading. His heart rate was high too. I had him take a nitroglycerin tablet which brought it all down..too low. I called the 911 rescue squad when he hit 64 over 42. Usually the EMS are out quick with an ekg to check him out. Today it too half an hour and they sent the fire men who only had a blood pressure cuff. Anyway he stabilized on his own so no ER visit today. Thank God! After that excitement we kind of lolled around today just in case his numbers went crazy again. Gee Annarchy Santa was nice to let you play with your Christmas present early.
  12. New season begins tonight at 9 central time. It is featuring Mandy Moore.
  13. This year many retailers will have their free shipping day on Dec.14th.
  14. Today is a "rest" day. We have no doctor appt's or anything that must be done today. I hope to get some recliner time with my feet elevated! DH is slowly recovering. It seems like every time he has a health setback it takes a bit longer to bounce back. He is so much weaker than he used to be. I think I have more strength than him even though I'm in a wheelchair. After about 5 freezes I only have chinese cabbage left in the garden, along with my mums and 1 tough rose bush. Since it is cool I have been doing alot more oven meals. DH enjoys his old fashioned pot roasts and cakes. He needs to gain some weight so that is good for him. Me, on the other hand needs to eat salads etc. Have a great day ya'll!
  15. This has happened more than once so I thought I would pass it along I was looking through a big box home improvement ad. They had a nice stove on "sale". They said the regular price was $1099. Their price was $599. I happened to have just gotten the new 2019 Consumer Reports paperback showing the MSRP for the EXACT same model number. The correct regular price is $649. That would make it a savings of only $50 instead of $500.
  16. I am finally back after a hiatus due to real life problems. I want to wish all of you a happy and blessed holiday...I have missed everyone and am glad to be back!
  17. I haven't been to MrsS since the 7th of August. Dh is finally home after 3 different hospital admittances and discharges in August. Considering all, he is doing pretty well. We are both in serious need of a few days of sleep! I am thankful to still have him with me. He is such a treasure. I need to hopefully get back to some sort of an organized routine again. Right now we are out of alot of things(like food, toiletries etc) and have deferred maintenance on alot of stuff. We have alot of catching up to do and alot of Doctor appts for follow up. Heart dr. Lung dr. oncologist dr, family dr. and a surgeon for skin cancer removal. I told DH that Dr. appts are our new social life now! I'm gonna go put my feet up and watch Bama finish off Louisville at football now. Roll Tide!
  18. Sorry I didn't see this until today. I am so sad to hear this Snowmom. We were all hoping he would recover. I am so glad your family was able to be there. Take care of yourself Snowy!
  19. I'm just popping in for a few minutes before I go to hospital again. DH had a GI bleed the last week of August..came home for less than 2 days then had a heart attack. He's now in the Big City hospital 40 miles away so I'll be going off to see him after I finish this. He is now stable so maybe he'll be home in a day or 2. It is really tough when you have no help and you are handicapped. Everything becomes an ordeal it seems but somehow we slosh through. After a few days of bearable temps we'll feel like 105 today. Yuck! Hope to get back here in a few days and check in.
  20. I am so sorry to hear this. We will still keep you in our prayers.
  21. Thank goodness..the weather has broken. Today will be the third day in a row to be in the mid 80's without a lot of humidity. I love it! We actually went to town yesterday am without using the a/c in the car. We went to a birthday Sunday for a friend who turned 100! It was a family covered dish. It was nice and traditional. The lady of honor has all her marbles and knows every grand and great grand kid by name. If I make it that long I hope I have my marbles like her. She doesn't take a single prescription either. She could use a new knee but said the surgery is too risky at her age. She can walk but it hurts a little. Other than that, she is doing better than me and DH. The tomatoes are coming in force right now. Tomato pie for dinner tonight! DH has cardio therapy today. I hope it helps him get stronger. He basically has 30% function in his heart and his lungs. He is one tough guy. I know he worries about leaving me alone since I am disabled. It is a great motivator for him to keep going! He is a keeper. Have a great day ya'll!
  22. Momo


    Thanks for the website..I'm gonna check it out.
  23. It sounds like the heat is taking it's toll on alot of us. Today will be a bit more bearable than the past week so we are trying to get as much outdoor stuff as possible done. DH got stung by a hornet Saturday and when he woke up Sunday his arm was swollen to about twice it's normal size and his BP was high. It was 210 over 110. Since his BP has been running too low lately it was scary. We had the EMT's out and they said it was okay for him to take Benadryl which helped some. He is on so many drugs that I was scared to give it to him. Of course on Sunday the Dr isn't open so I couldn't check with them. Anyway his BP finally started coming down and the swelling so we decided not to go to the ER. His arm is still swollen today but it's much improved. Thrills again with DH! Today DH has his first cardiac therapy session. Hopefully it will help him to improve what cardiac function he still has. He basically has one main (out of 3) arteries going to his heart working so that is about 30% function. It works fine as long as he doesn't overdo it. He is one tough dude! I cannot believe that the year is more than half over all ready. Where does the time go? Today is the anniversary of my first marriage (elopement) at 18. It sure brings back memories of what I thought my life was gonna be like. It sure turned out like nothing I expected. Some of it good and some of it bad. We have a huge bunch of hummingbirds this year. I am having to mix up sugar water and clean feeders every day now. They get mad when the water gets low. I feel like a short order cook between DH being hungry all the time plus the dogs, cat and birds. I gotta go get dressed now and get to therapy on time. Have a great day ya'll!
  24. Happy belated birthday Miki!!! I sure hope the rest of this week goes better than the first few days. It has been so hot with thunder storms scattered in the afternoon. More like Florida weather. DH had to got to the ER on Monday. Spent about 8 hours there while they monitored his heart. His heart is doing all kinds of crazy things but at least this time he didn't have an official heart attack . It really weighs on you, waiting for the next shoe to drop. He is really being a pain to live with too, but I can't really blame him. We managed to make a great 4th meal yesterday. Smoked a rack of ribs and made mac & cheese, slaw and corn on the cob. I really overdid it. I got overheated and really wore out with all the excitement we've had lately. No more big meal cooking for me anymore. Sounds like you've been busy Kappydell. I know I can't take the car trips as well as I used to. It sounds like things are looking up for you. Jeepers a friend of mine had to have her well tested to get a home loan. She told me they added bleach to their water sample..lol..This was about 15 years back so I don't know if it would still work or not. CG congrats on the job! Ambergris I have had alot of friends complain about insurance companies lately. So many normal things that they won't cover anymore. One friend had to get rid of her German Shepherd to get coverage. We have had 3 German shepherds (all strays) and they were all sweethearts, so I don't understand that. Have a great rest of the week ya'll!
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