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  1. 18 pints of apple sauce - done! more apples cooking on the stove - will can it up tomorrow. The remaining apples (from my 100lbs + purchase) will be apple pie filling in quarts Then I need more for Apples with Carmalized Onions to go with pork. THEN ~ 40# OF CHICKEN! MY MOM THINKS I AM INSANE - LITTERALLY!!!
  2. I need your opinions! My sister and I were talking yesterday about SHTF situation and although we each have a family member in their late 80's obviously we are including them in our group. We have concluded that since I have the house and am out of NY City, it is obvious this will be the BO location. My group is growing! So, since only God actually knows when SHTF will happen, there are now 8 in our core group. I guess it makes sense to can in Quarts vs. Pints? Hmm, now that I am thinking more, even if we lost our seniors, quarts makes more sense since more than half our group are ad
  3. Today and tomorrow I am making Jam. My mom is actually coming and I got 4 10# bags of chicken leg quarters for less than $5 a bag, I am going to teach my mom who is a REAL CHEF how to can meat next week!!! We are going to get apples too and do that apple pie filling/applesauce/apples with onions that I have been thinking about too. Who knows, maybe she will get bitten by my bug and buy me 20# of HB and I will can that up too!!??
  4. Tonight I am making sweet and sour meatballs and inviting my older son, he requested it earlier in the week.
  5. I will start canning tomorrow - I have 10lbs of mixed berries for jam, then I am going to go get a few bushels of apples, time for apple pie filling and apple sauce, (I haven't done any of this since before my husband passed away 2 years ago) then hamburger and some chicken. With mom not coming out for her extended stay, I need to stay busy so I don't completely loose my mind! If I didn't have company coming for dinner tonight, I'd start NOW! I was really looking forward to doing this with my mom, she has never canned before!
  6. Hi Wychwoood! Welcome to one of the greatest places on the web for women who want to be self suficient! I lived in Washbrook near Ipswich a million years ago. I miss the UK!
  7. YESTERDAY I went to KMart and bought the following: 50 rolls of TP 3 gal of bleach 25 rolls of paper towels 2 large bottles of hand sanitizer 2 large bottles of dish soap 2 large cans of Lysol Spray cat food for mom's cat cat food for my cats kitty litter 12 gal water duct tape (3) 5 paracord bracelets (.50 ea) Ramen noodles in 6pks got the last 3 paper dishes/plastic cups 2 large rubbermaid totes to store stuff in TRASH BAGS, TRASH BAGS AND MORE TRASH BAGS Borax x3boxes 100 vinyl gloves Tissues Then I went to the supermarket and got: 12 more instant dinners for my B
  8. Go check on my mom (she will be living with me) and make sure there are enough blankets to keep her warm with the down quilt on her bed (possibly move her into my room for extra warmth) Call my sister and ask her how I turn on the new generator that is solar powered. Crawl into bed, get warm and worry about everything tomorrow. Hopefully my sister and her hubby will be here by tomorrow and we can all work on stuff together. I'm the dumb bunny in the family. I could get my camp stove out and cook the food in the fridge so it doesn't go bad, then move the food from the freezer to cool
  9. Well, it's been a fun few months here (NOT!), but I think I am starting to come out the other side - several of my friends have been referring to me as the 2014 version of Job Back in July, my mom finally decided to come to my home for her first visit - naturally I was working in the garden and oops, I fell and broke my foot! The broken foot led me up to the attic to get my orthopedic boot - little did I know I am HIGHLY ALERGIC TO DUST MITES I drove to MD to see my best friend and was supposed to be home that night, but I blew up like the fat lady at the circus and my eyes swelled
  10. Hurray! I can't wait to see your pics In a few weeks my sister and I are going to start sanding the floors in my house and then we will stain them. In the meantime, I am waiting to get a contractor (my original one bailed on me!) to come and install a new vintage door I got at a salvage/antique place we found. It is solid walnut and we will stain it with 7 coats of tung oil! With my mom moving in before Christmas, we are sanding floors in 99% of the house (not my room yet) and re-staining them, and painting the remaining 3 rooms in the house. My sister also wants a new ceiling inst
  11. Hi Everyone! It's been a LONG time since I've been here - probably not since I bought my home 16 months ago? Things have really changed. So we have been in the house almost 18 months. It's a work in progress, but we have heat! (no we didn't have a working heating system when we moved in) One son, moved out and got engaged, got a good job and is planning an returning to school. He wants to become and underwater welder. My younger son is still driving me crazy - I have learned that I can't fix him, I can't make the good decisions for him, he's been in and out of court, it's up to
  12. I don't know where it would hit if it landed here, but I know that if they set it to go off in the atmosphere, an EMP could cripple the entire US or a good portion of it! I know that I have good food storage, and ways to cook food, but for me, that's about it. . . I hope to move soon and then I will plan on getting a garden started with chickens and goats and maybe a pig or two, who knows, maybe a cow?? Depends on how much I can save. . . It scares the bejesus out of me but I am preparing in any way I can, so I do my best and leave the rest to Heavenly Father to figure out.
  13. We are really lucky! My boys FINALLY GOT WITH THE PROGRAM and we are already living on the farm at out BOL and are self sustaining. We actually just moved in about 6 months ago and we are getting ready for our first real planting season. It was a rough winter and I am ready for a new beginning. So happy I took the time to get into shape and loose weight, I am now in the best shape of my life and I can easily put in a long day of hard work on the farm. With my morning chores done, I had just had lunch with the boys when we heard the news. time to get into action. . . . My sister and he
  14. I read this yesterday and was furious! What is in this that will protect Americans? Will he use this as a way to start wiping out Americans serving in war zones and claim "war related deaths?" (and that will be justified b/c we are fighting the "enemy" and everyone has casualties of war?) What will keep him from just going out and claiming some sort of "Martial Law" and start rounding Citizens up and killing them (us) with no legal standing. I think he has granted himself too much power without theh proper "checks and balances" we all learned so much about while studying History in school.
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