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  1. I have seen numerous stories of people getting it twice. I will see if I can find some info. Things seemed to be settling down here some but now the numbers are going up a good bit. Of course I’m sure it has nothing to do with having 5000+ people packed into Jackson Square a couple weeks ago
  2. Governor Abbott in TX signed executive order requiring face mask to be worn in public. I believe it is in any county with more than 20 cases https://open.texas.gov/uploads/files/organization/opentexas/EO-GA-29-use-of-face-coverings-during-COVID-19-IMAGE-07-02-2020.pdf
  3. Students in Alabama organized Covid parties and took bets on who would get infected. Are you kidding me???? I’m here to tell ya...I don’t care how grown my kids THINK they are....if they do something stupid like this they will deal with me. UNREAL!!!! https://time.com/5862571/alabama-coronavirus-parties/ TUSCALOOSA, Ala.) — Several college students in an Alabama city organized “COVID-19” parties as a contest to see who would get the virus first, officials said. Tuscaloosa City Councilor Sonya McKinstry said students hosted the parties to intentionally infect each other with the new coronavirus, news outlets reported. McKinstry said party organizers purposely invited guests who tested positive for COVID-19. She said the students put money in a pot and whoever got COVID first would get the cash.
  4. Glad your feeling better Mt Rider. With my work schedule I’m not getting much done here. In dead tired when I get in so I’m planning for the weekend. I went to Walmart and bought some food storage containers. Was also looking for other items that got lost when we moved like loaf pans and my tea pot broke the other day. Y’all there are so many holes on the shelves. I couldn’t find 1/2 of what I went in there for and these are basic things. I haven’t shopped much bc there was no need....now I need and can’t find so I’m making a list and ordering everything online.
  5. I just made a run to Walmart and it is getting thinner and thinner. I had not been in housewares much. Now that I need stuff there’s not a lot available. I got the last 2 loaf pans...still can’t find a teapot to replace my broken one. No food saver either...just bags. I did grab these plastic containers to store dry goods in bc I couldn’t find any large glass jars. Do you think they will work? I’m thinking anything will be better than bags and boxes. Everything will be in my pantry inside and of course dark. I thought of putting some kind of absorbent packets in there If it would help.
  6. Since it has been so long a lot of my memory is fuzzy and I think I’ve lost a lot of knowledge. Aging is the devil...LoL. So if it’s ok with y’all I’d like to post them as they come to me here on this thread. 1) I have several, several 1-2lb bags of sugar, lg bag of rice, instant potatoes etc etc....I was considering getting large plastic food storage containers to store them. Would that be safe or would it be better to keep in the original container? My other thought was using a food saver to seal them IF I can find one. 2) is there a way to preserve or put up potatoes? I have more questions Than know but these are at the forefront of my mind as I get ready for Church. First time I’ve been back in person...so excited!
  7. Reports of hour long wait times in transferring patients from ambulance to hospital https://www.khou.com/mobile/article/news/health/coronavirus/houston-paramedics-report-hour-long-wait-times-to-transfer-patients-from-ambulance-to-hospital/285-8da201af-b157-4072-a5d6-52bf3838bd79 HOUSTON — Paramedics are running into often hour-long wait times when transferring patients from an ambulance to a hospital, Houston Fire Chief Sam Peña said Thursday. Peña said the department has been receiving a 20 percent higher call volume over the last three weeks, and that when paramedics arrive at the hospital with patients, the time it takes to get the person into the hospital is taking double or triple the normal amount of time. “The longer it takes us to service those critical calls, it is going to cost us in lives," Peña said. “Our system is getting strained.” He said at least 560 calls for service resulted in hour-long wait times or longer within the past three weeks, straining a department that is already short-handed by about 300 firefighters, with another 241 "out of service" due to either quarantine or positive COVID-19 tests. “We have 104 ambulances in the system, and we need each one of those to be as efficient as we can," Peña said. “What was taking 20, 30, 35 minutes, now has doubled in certain instances.”
  8. People waiting in line overnight in Orlando to get tested. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/os-ne-coronavirus-convention-center-tests-capacity-20200627-pd57tuxgbrbtpoapjgt5jv55hi-story.html In what was described Saturday as “nothing but a sea of cars,” people waited to be tested for the coronavirus on a busy day at the Orange County Convention Center in southwest Orlando. Some had waited overnight, reported the Florida Association of Public Information Officers, which is working with the state’s Division of Emergency Management, the agency running drive-though test sites in the fight against COVID-19.
  9. They didn’t test DS2 and we still don’t know what happened but he is feeling better. So I’m thankful. His GF called today and the “friend” came into her boutique to shop. This little chic is supposed to be on quarantine....hasn’t been 2 wks! Now GF is exposed again and a mother and small child that was In the store. I haven’t had the PLEASURE of meeting this girl as of yet but I already know I’m not going to like her
  10. Last Thursday DS2 and his girlfriend went to stay at casino for her friend’s birthday. They got a text Friday telling them the “friend” and her boyfriend left the casino and went straight to be tested and was positive. Come to find out they had both been exposed and KNEW they had been exposed but she didn’t want to cancel her party and miss out on the fun. This mama has been livid! So our kids tested negative Saturday. My son went and retested yesterday bc he didn’t feel right....still negative. This morning he called me to his room at 5. Said something was wrong...chest hurt....shoulder and arm hurt (the same one he banged up in a car accident a couple weeks ago)...felt like he was going to throw up and was CRYING. Y’all he’s 21 and I don’t remember the last time he cried. So I’m sitting in ER parking lot now. I’m a nervous wreck. My husband is offshore and I don’t want to call him and freak him out until I know Something. Surely it’s not Corona if two rapid tests said negative right?
  11. Thanks to Annarchy I was able to recover my old sign on! I am soooo glad y’all are still here and it is so good to be back!! Can’t wait to get things updated and look around and catch up.
  12. Other than finding my way back here.....I have caught up on some rest from recent vacation and work and started coming up with a game plan to get my preps back in gear. Started organizing "the closet"....gave up and signed on to see you good people
  13. http://www.inquisitr.com/1410580/could-a-real-life-purge-happen-in-louisville-ky-this-weekend/ snippets Residents in Louisville, Kentucky are being warned that a real life “Purge” could be planned for this weekend, and police say they are ready. As reported by WLKY, Louisville Metropolitan Police report that posters and fliers have sprung up advertising that a ‘Purge’ crime spree would be in effect on Friday from 8:30 pm to Saturday at 6:30 am for residents in Kentucky’s largest city. Louisville MPD released a statement on the posters and fliers assuring residents that the department will be ready if there are any sort of mass disturbances. Spokesman Dwight Mitchell said: “We take any threat seriously and fortunately we’re hoping that nothing happens as a result, but we’re prepared in case something does.” The Purge is a fictional movie series where, sometime in the near future, the government allows all crimes to be legal for 12 hours, and as you can guess, the inmates completely run the asylum. Murder, rape, assault and theft are all legal, and residents are forced to lock up their homes and go on defense during the tense 12 hours. While it could only be a prank used to incite fear and anxiety in the local Louisville community, the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department is taking it very seriously and will be ready to act if anything does happen. This crime spree threat could be a series of very isolated events and not a government-sanctioned program as portrayed in the films. The supposed real life purge is set to begin at sundown on Friday. Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1410580/could-a-real-life-purge-happen-in-louisville-ky-this-weekend/#YuS6DHQVeg9wCSOJ.99
  14. I don't know if any of you saw the movie "The Purge". It was about our country having a day that between a certain set time nothing was illegal. Killing was the norm and there would be no consequences. People locked themselves in their homes with as much security as possible except for the ones who participated and went out to do The Purge. I was just browsing around watching some feeds on St Louis and saw that there are many fliers floating around in different cities WARNING of an actual purge. As I'm reading this my son comes running in my room and shows me that it's all over Instagram and supposedly happening near us starting Sat 12 am. Have any of you heard of this?? I'm going to post some stories and links as I find them.
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