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  1. Great! I've been looking for a good starter list to print off and begin checking off! I'm thankful to live where I do. It's REALLY hot for about three months, but nice the rest of the year. We don't have to rely on wood heat, the sun takes care of all that. Staying cool is harder .
  2. I have used Fels, Ivory and Zote in my laundry soap recipe. I have found that all three clean well and Fels and Ivory are the easiest to grate. My children LOVE to do the grating, so that's not as much of an issue for me . I think ZOTE smelles a little too strong, but wouldn't hesitate to get it if I found a bunch on clearance. Ivory seems to cause one of my sons to itch. We don't use Ivory on him for baths, either. Fels is the one I will stock up on when I go to the store next.
  3. I have eight, aged 12 and under. My biggest tip is to teach each child how to help around the house, no matter their age. Clean up around here only takes a few minutes. Maybe a half hour at the most to clean up after dinner and make everything 'company-ready". It can't all fall on Mom's shoulders! I love my life and actually have lots of free time to sew, cook, etc.!
  4. I have been making this recipe for over a year. I leave it at the dry stage and use 1 Tbsp per load as Violet wondered. It works great for us! I figured that if it didn't, I could go to the trouble of making it gelly, but since it works, why bother? It stores much easier to. I am very excited to read about making your own washing soda. That's the most expensive part of the recipe for me! It isn't sold in any stores, so I have to get it at the pool supply store for more than it should be!
  5. Here's the address to Jillian's YouTube video.
  6. Check out Jillian's story at http://teambettendorf.com/jillian/ Jillie almost died, but her parents aggressively treated her with supplements, herbs, etc, along with the chemo, radiation, surgery etc. Hers was a very sudden, very deadly cancer. She is cancer free now. Mannatech was the name of the company that supplied the great supplements, I think. Katie (her mom) will tell you all about it if you e-mail her, I'll bet!
  7. Ok, it's www.homesteadblogger.com/mommaofmany
  8. Shurleen, I am glad to have found you! I blog at HSB'er and followed your blog from before 'it' all began. I have wondered how you and your family are doing. We still pray for you on occasion! As far as food goes, my kids are all skinny-minnies, but eat fairly large amounts of food. As long as it is healthy food, I find they can eat until they are full and not be overweight. I have a couple that I would like to add a few pounds to. I serve LOTS of prepared raw veggie and fruits as snacks, green smoothies *THE* favorite), fruit smoothies, and homemade quick breads, cakes, cookies, etc. Popcorn is a good snack food that fills them up as are hard boiled eggs. cooking food with real healthy fats, like butter, coconut oil, etc. does a lot for nourishing the body and making one feel satisfied. I, on the other hand, have prepped myself with some survival fat. My almost nightly bowl of ice cream is included in prepping, right??
  9. I make kefir, which is full of probiotics! My 3yo son is lactose intolerant, but can drink the kefir I make from store-bought milk. We buy raw milk from www.organicpastures.com and he does great on it. I also make kombucha, which is high in good bacteria. My 6yos has kidney disease and was relapsing three times a year, reliably . Since we began raw milk, then kefir and kombucha, two and a half years ago, he has only relapsed ONCE. If you compare yogurt to kefir for probiotic benefits, you may decide to add it to your routine.
  10. I am in Central California. Almost all of my storage room is in the garage. Is it ok for the grains, rice, beans, pasta etc to be in the heat? Is there anything special I should do?
  11. I make a soup very similar to this, but am going to try your recipe exactly next time. I make broth from two chicken almost every single week, and LOVE the idea you wrote about grinding the spent bones and veggies for your dogs. I haven't got dogs, but I think my cat will LOVE it! I am making stock right now, as a matter of fact, and will try it tomorrow. Thanks!
  12. Would it be proper to give my recipe blog's address here? I post meals that have passed my family of ten's taste test. In case of fire, I have all my favorite recipes saved online. In case of TEOTWAWKI, I have them all written on recipe cards, too! Of course, those with smaller families will need to divide the portions for freezing, or half the recipe.
  13. My husband and I fostered for five years before adopting a sibling group of three. We have five by birth (currently 12,nearly 11,9,6.5,3) one of whom came after the adoption. My adopted children (aged 10,6,6) are Hispanic and biologically half siblings. The older, 4yo when we got him, the twins were 7 mo. and 11 months when they joined us. They had all been split up. I had to fight like a momma lion to get my daughter placed with us. The SW thought I had enough children and wanted to adopt her out separately and thought it no big deal to separate the twins. AARGH! All were multi-drug-exposed, the twins had malnutrition (they were not 8 pounds at 5 months old, when they were detained) and failure to thrive. My son has well-controlled kidney disease, and my daughter is speech delayed, but doing good. Physically, she didn't walk until 2, didn't run until 3.5, but now can do anything, She even rides a bike without training wheels! I have no regrets about adopting through foster care. I'd do it again if my husband were led to add to our family. They are my main reason for prepping. I would hate to see them hungry. I believe that Jesus will rapture us away before TS-REALLY-HTF, but who knows how bad it will get here before then....
  14. I have an inground saltwater pool...my husband says that counts as water storage No chemicals but pure salt!
  15. Good afternoon! I am Mommaofmany, a new member here. I live in Central CA, and am blessed to have a wonderful husband and eight little Lambies to call my own. My eldest is 12. We homeschool, using Ambleside Online (I thought it was funny to read a thread on our curriculum here!) I have spent a few days reading the forums in my spare time and have already learned so much! I look forward to gleaning some knowledge from all of you. I have a question...what's the best prep to do FIRST? I have a decent store of grains, beans, pasta and a good electric mill and a hand mill (a small one, though).
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