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  1. This hits home straight on. I have felt myself shutting down over the last couple of weeks as the tasks at hand have overwhelmed me. I have been doubting our decision to move here and yet I know I have nothing to go back to. I need to push myself and do the work...this is so true. Thank you for sharing this.
  2. It has been a beautiful day here as well in Southern Indiana, our new home. This has been my first chance to check in here since we left California a week ago on Monday. What a whirlwind this has been! The truck with our belongings hasn't arrived yet, but should be here tomorrow. Then the work will begin! The new place has dial up service - but we are hoping to upgrade after things settle down a bit. I feel so blessed to both have my real family so close by now - and to be back in touch with you all, my virtual family. Enjoy your evening and I'll check in again when I can.
  3. Welcome from me too! This place is crazy-full of information and the people here are very helpful and encouraging.
  4. We need the rain, generally speaking, but right now it is still warm and dry here...too dry. Can't wait to get past the move and on to our new life in Indiana. In the meantime there is today. DH broke a tooth while back east and has been suffering with pain for about a month. Yesterday the dentist finally got a look at it and is sending us to the oral surgeon for an extraction. I will be grateful that the pain should stop - but man, the dentist system annoys me! Ugh! Please think good thoughts for DH, that this goes as smoothly as possible. One last thing...while DH is recuperati
  5. Today I was able to score a barely used Grain Master (Whisper Mill) for less than half price. Funny thing is...it was my DH who saw the ad and asked me if it was something I might be interested in. Love the fact that he does these kinds of things for me... Also this weekend I took a class at the local extension office on meat preservation. These classes are free and a great way to learn more skills.
  6. Banana peppers? DH came home from Indiana in love with those things...and I have no idea how to make them. If I ask with my nicest smile, will you post your recipe in the recipe section?
  7. Rain...the weather-person says we might see some tonight or tomorrow. I haven't seen any in months and months and months...
  8. Good morning everyone! Although I know it is almost noon for our eastern peeps... I am getting ready to head over to our county extension office for another class put on by the master food preservers. This one is on meat preserving. In the meantime, DH surprised me on Wednesday by flying home early. Wasn't supposed to be here until today! Now that he's back, the big move is finally starting to feel real to me. It is hard to concentrate at work knowing I only have a couple of weeks left. So while I am filling my head with knowledge this morning, he will be working on sorting and pack
  9. We will be in southern Indiana. I am counting it down...can't wait to get there.
  10. Sunny and still dry here...but definitely fall-ish as we won't even hit the 90s today. I can't wait until we are in Indiana. Less than 30 days! Today is all about washing, drying and packing. With as few work days as I have left, I think I can figure out a bare-bones wardrobe and get everything else ready to go. Not to mention, all the extras of things: sheets, towels, table-cloths, etc. Each box is one step closer...
  11. Memory sticks...great tip. Thank you, Ro2935. And thank you Mt Rider for posting this. It helps me to focus on how to get organized and think through these things.
  12. Thank you for the link, Jori! Wow - there is a lot of information on that site. I have so much to learn that I can see myself doing a lot of reading over there. And yes, that mill would be lovely!
  13. Saturday morning...so different than the beginning of this week! The sky has some cloud layer to it. Hard to believe that on Wednesday it registered 110 in some places, and today, "they" say we won't even hit the 80s. I'm working on packing and preparing for the big move in October. It's hard to be energetic when the work week has worn me down both physically and emotionally. But I know that there is an end in sight. And the countdown has started. And there will come a time in the near future where I will be glad I pushed so hard now to get this done so we can be on our way. In the mean
  14. Welcome out into the open...I'm looking forward to reading your posts. I, too, work for a non-profit here in CA. Our focus is public health. But in my REAL life we live on a homestead in the foothills.
  15. Thanks TurtleMama. My gut said it was still an egg, even if it was in pasta...but then I let myself be influenced by the other sites I was reading.
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