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  1. (((((RenieB))))))). I too feel unprepared. This year I've been dealing with health issues and our food storage has greatly been depleted. Glad we had the food storage when I couldn't cook or go to the store. I went yesterday to start re-stocking and cannot believe how much everything has gone up. Just do what you can and the Lord will provide.
  2. Thank you Jeepers for prayers. My only reason for getting through this journey is God. Without Him it may have been a different outcome.
  3. Ladyblu, I am battling breast cancer now. You will get through, keep a good attitude and keep the faith. I found out in June 2011, had chemo, surgery, more chemo and doing radiation now. If you have any questions, PM me and I'll be glad to share my experience. Thankfully my pantry was fully stocked because it was so good to have the extra food when I didn't feel like going to the store. Another reason we should always prepare, health issues came pop up without any warning. Good luck to you,
  4. Our schools begin on Tuesday. Many parents have called expressing their concern if we are going to be showing the speech. We are not showing the speech to our students. I am surprised at how many phone calls this has generated. I have been working so much lately that I didn't even know about the speech until we started getting phone calls. Need to research this more.
  5. Red flag for me. Our local thrift shop is out of clothing. This shop has been around forever and had to move to a new building last year because of all the donations and needing storage places. They said with the economy the way it is they cannot help enough people. This shop also donates to families who have lost everything in fires and other circumstances.
  6. My MIL had a similar situation. She has been taking a drug for her gout. She went to get the medicine this month and it is now over $200. She called the supplemental insurance company and they informed her that several medications are now being charged full price. She is calling the doctor to find something different. Another red flag for me was I went to Walmart last night and the lady in front of me had to keep putting food items back because she didn't have enough money to pay for all the groceries she had gotten. I really felt sorry for her. The cashier would take one item off then an
  7. Gas has gone up 20 cents last 2 weeks. Also, at the grocery store 6 pack of pepsi went up 48 cents in 2 days. When I did the monthly shopping trip there were several items with increases but then had to make a quick stop before the bone chilling cold came in to get more pepsi and the price had increase. Wish food prices would come down.
  8. I don't if this will help but I have exercises I do with my. My condition is called BENIGN PAROXYSMAL POSITIONAL VERTIGO. Look this up on goggle and you can exercises where head. Sometimes vertigo is caused by particles getting in the inner ear. By doing the exercises it moves the particles back where they should be. I know this is layman terms but it has helped for me. I received this diagnosis from a doctor then had to go to rehab to learn the exercises. But it is the same information that is on the Internet. Hope this helps
  9. vlynn, we have a gas heater installed in our basement and its has been 2 yrs since we topped off the tank. We have never used the whole tank in 5 yrs. I think we got 20 gals the last time it was topped off. We also have a woodstove on the opposite end of the basement but use the gas heater if we are not burning the wood stove or if it is just too cold. Our heater is a wall mounted non-vent heater and doesn't use a lot of gas. I really like it. Hope this helps.
  10. Crocks are still available. I got 3 gal crocks from our local feed store. Also Lehman's has them in their catalog. They are great for pickles and sauerkraut. I love mine.
  11. Has anyone tried using a pressure canner on a gas outdoor grill? If you have, please let me know how it went. Thanks for your help cap
  12. cap

    New from VA

    Hello everyone. I have been reading this board for a very long time. I have learned so many things from everyone and enjoy all the posts. Thank you to everyone who posts here and for passing on the knowledge that you have acquired. We live in the Shenandoah Valley, between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains. It is breathtaking country. Mountains everywhere you look. We have a farm and raise cattle and I am just started raising chickens. DH and I both prepare for any kind of situation that arise. We are always learning and being here has taught me many things. Thanks for
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