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  1. DH convinced me to go shopping at Walmart on Christmas Eve. We went at about 3PM. Surprisingly, the parkling lot was probably only 2/3 to 3/4 full, which is about normal for any weekday evening when people get off of work. Inside was busy, but not packed. Lines were not too long; maybe 3-4 people in each line. The toy department had obviously been picked over, but there were at least a few of most popular toys available. People were nice, not rude, no pushing or shoving, no problems navigating in the aisles. I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. I've been feeling the need to prep more and faster the past few months. DH and I both started working as caregivers taking care of his mom even though DH is on disability, just so we'd have some extra $$$ to put towards prepping. I also picked up another client and have been working practically nonstop between taking care of my mom, his mom, and my other client. I figured the extra $$$ would help get a few bills paid off and then go towards preps. One prep I hadn't counted on (at least not this soon) was getting another vehicle, but since the car had some major issues that would have taken
  3. Went back to work a few weeks ago..was supposed to be just part-time. But my client's other caregiver quit so I was covering her shift as well as mine. Then the car started having major problems, so we got a minivan so I could get to work and appointments. Hopefully next week will calm down a little bit and I can actually be home once in a while.
  4. Our local Walmart just remodeled (although it didn't need it) and made large, more spacious aisles, and carries quite a bit less "stuff" now. One of the things I noticed is that not only are they carrying less varieties of things in a category (for example, dish soap), they are also carrying less variety of sizes too. I used to be able to get my dish soap in 16 oz, 32 oz, or 64 oz sizes, and several different scents; now there is no 64 oz size, prices have increased on the other sizes, and several of the scent choices have been eliminated entirely. And don't even get me started on their clo
  5. Thanks for the info. I looked my model up and it doesn't have the weight listed as a replacement part, so I think you're right. Mine is too old with the shorter fatter vent pipe, so I guess I'll just have to get the gauge calibrated. I do have two other large pressure canners that need parts before I can use them, so hopefully one of those will be able to be used with a weighted gauge.
  6. This looks almost exactly like the one i just got, but mine is silver, not yellow. My DH paid $20 for it at a yard sale. It came with the rack to hold 6 quarts, as well as several pans that fit inside (don't know what they are for). I haven't had a chance to get the gauge checked yet, and might just get the weight to use instead. Anyway, here is a good place to find parts for your pressure cooker: http://www.pressurecooker-outlet.com/index.htm
  7. Here"s my red flag: When I went to the grocery stores to do grocery shopping on Wednesday, they BOTH still had copies of the Sunday paper for sale. They used to run out by about noon or 1PM on Sunday, but not anymore. I consider this a BIG red flag.
  8. I am planning to mail out my butternut squash seeds either today or tomorrow.
  9. I know I have been stressed lately, and not the most fun person to deal with. I have been trying to worry less and look at things from the "glass half full" perspective. I think I need to take a day off of thinking, worrying, prepping, planning, cleaning, and caring for others and go have some fun. Maybe on Friday I will take DH and DS to the zoo for the day. I am grateful for: *God's love. *My family: DH, DS, my Mom & Dad, my grandparents, my sister & her family, my uncle, DH's mom & stepdad, DH's sister and her BF, DH's ex-wife and DGS. *The ability to see
  10. I would like to join too. I will have to go see what seeds I have to exchange.
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