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  1. Do I need to pressure can Spaghetti Sauce if it doesn't contain meat?????
  2. Does anyone know what the best place to buy Clear Jel. It's so pricey this year! Last year I was able to get it for .99 per box. This year it's crazy!
  3. I've been MIA for awhile, I've occasionally lurked but since I haven't done any canning or freezing I didn't post. It's good to be back. It's great to see that you all are still very hard at work. You inspire me. Today I froze up 47 pints of strawberry jam. Feeling pretty happy about that. My garden is late this year, we have had unseasonably cool and rainy weather. I ate my first cuke today. I'm looking forward to canning green beans in a couple of weeks. Thanks for continuing to have this awesome site. I have learned so much. Last year I was inspired to can meat for the first time ever. I ended up canning over 525 jars of stuff from April to October. I still have much of it and hope to fill the rest of my canning jars this year.
  4. Speaking of salsa........................ last year I got tired of waiting for my tomatoes to ripen so I went to Sam's Club and bought a bunch of #10 cans of diced tomatoes. They were less than $2.50 per can. I also bought some #10 cans of tomato sauce and tomato paste. It made the BEST salsa I've ever made and we ate it all up. I know it wasn't "pure" because it wasn't produced by me, but I'm going to do it again this year. Don't hate me!
  5. Alright!! I'm a competitive person and I'm up to the challenge.......I think! This site was so inspriing to me last year during the harvest and canning season! I love you all! I have been wanting to can beans, refried, black and pinto. I want to use more beans in our meals. I also have eaten so much of the stuff we canned last year, I've sorta surprised myself. My home canned peaches are sooooo good and we are going to have to do it again. I think we may be done with the freezing weather here, so I guess I better start getting those seeds in the ground. I hope I"m as enthused in about four months when I'm up to my neck in heavy canning.
  6. Thank you! I had't canned any yet and wouldn't have without checking here first.
  7. OK, thanks for giving ME the canning bug again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure I've recovered from my last spring/summer/fall canning efforts! I started last April canning chicken for the first time ever. I had never canned any meat of any kind, I'm sure glad I did. What a convenient thing to have. I finally ended with applesauce from the falls apple harvest from my very own two trees. I have loved eating our canned goods from this year more than any other year....why is that? I canned up some beans last fall but haven't eaten any yet, I know I need to. I am very interested in canning black bean because I do like putting them in taco soup. Today I mxed up a big pot of pinto beans with leftover ham bone from yesterday's dinner. It was pretty yummy. I do have a suggestion on canning lids, www.alisonspantry.com has canning lids for a couple of months out of the year in their catalog. It's a pretty good buy. I have yet to ever find large canning lids for less than $2.25 around here. Also, have you ever canned beans without cooking them first? I saw in another site that they were canning beans by putting them in raw and then processing them. The processing cooked up the beans nicely. Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!
  8. Darlene, you are making me laugh.....500 pounds of apples! That would have sent me over the edge. Please keep an accurate count of what 500 pounds of apples will do....filling, sauced, pureed, relished.....whatever you end up doing. I am curious to see how creative you are going to be. I got tired of canning applesauce and pie filling so our small family, so I started dehydrating apples. I really need a second dehydrator because this family of mine is eating them about as fast as I can dehydrate them.
  9. We've been inundated with family this last several weeks and I've been working in the ER way too much, but I'm excited to have things slow down now so I can get back to filling jars. I am going to make more salsa and more spaghetti sauce, it's starting to disappear way too quickly. It's inspiring for me to read these posts every day to keep up my excitement. This is the first year that I've canned anything past September. You women are awesome! Thanks for the ideas and recipes!
  10. Wow! You are one blessed woman!!! I am happy for you. I know you will put it to good use.
  11. Haven't canned for a week, but I've been keeping the dehydrator going with apple slices. They are so good!
  12. Violet, I will be giving that one a try. It looks delicious!
  13. PoGo, what is apple pie jam??? Sounds divine!
  14. What are you doing to prepare them? I know that if they aren't stored well, you get about three years out of them. If you seal them in #10 cans with oxygen absorbers you get lots more life out of them. If you are going to can some, that should also help soften them up.
  15. OK, you had me curious there, so I went and counted. Actually I did an inventory several weeks ago to see what I had and didn't have....that led into cleaning and organizing the storage room, and mopping and washing......anyway...so far I've done 545 jars of stuff. My family has probably eaten a half dozen jars of salsa, but I can say that this is the most I've done in many years. I will probably turn into a year around canner now that I have a canning kitchen downstairs, but I'm still a novice compared to some of you hardcore canners out there. You are my heros!!!!!
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