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  1. On Friday June 30th, it had been 12 days since I had heard from my son. Of course being a pathetic pesimist I had started thinking the worse.
  2. Sound advice, with the price of crude oil going up thru the roof the price of diesel fuel is still rising too. What brings your food from the markets to the canners to the grocery stores? Trucks that use diesel, hense the prices will continue to rise from that too. Anyway my question is this- how to long term store sugar and salt so they don't get hard? I had two round cardboard containers of salt in my pantry and both got hard as rocks unopened. My house stays a pretty stable temp so I didn't realize that there is humidity inside. No way water got in there- it's a big closet.I don't want
  3. I do a lot of praying for all our sons in Iraq, yours will be just one more I will add. Every step I make during the day a prayer comes to my lips," Please Lord, let our families be brought back to us all soon,whole, and healthy, just as they left us. Lord, if you can't grant my prayer, please give us the strength to get through what you lay in our hands, and comfort us when we so desperately need it." My prayer is always on my lips and in my heart, because my son has been Iraq now for just shy of a month. We haven't heard from him now in 12 days.
  4. My son Alex is in Iraq for 18 months. He called last Sunday and I got to talk to him. He was happy and telling me funny little stories to let me know he is alright, but his voice sounded mmmmmmmm strange? Like something was wrong. When he said he had to go, I told him I loved him very much and was very proud of him as always and that that would never change. The phone went quiet then he asked to speak to my husband. He talked to him for about 15 minutes. Alex had to kill someone last week for the first time. An Iraqi made it inside the compound with a gun, Alex was on guard duty. Alex came aro
  5. I have not been on this forum before, it makes me realize just how long this terrible war has gone on once again. I'd like to add my son he is now in Iraq. My will as always continue for ALL soldiers in All branches of service, all are dear to my heart.
  6. there's not enough smiley faces here to show my joy. I let myself worry so much over him that I gave myself a complete meltdown wensday, my sister gave me a double dose of my sleeping pills after calling my doctor. I couldn't quit crying, so they knocked me out. All better now. I get to hear his voice whenever he can call and I can "talk" to him thru IM so I guess I'll be okay. Got a care package all ready to be mailed to him. Thank you all so much for the prayers. I'll keep praying for all our soilders over there.
  7. He has been training and working as an "electrician" I guess. I have pictures of him 200 feet in the air at the top of a pole. He has told us about setting up the electricity for ceremonies on his base in florida. When I asked him if he was going to be working with electricity or would he be fighting, he told me I know he can't tell me that. So I don't know. I just walk around looking at the sunshine and keep trying to remember when he was a small child. He lived with his father for part of the year and it used to tear us both up when I had to put him on the airplane, we always watched the car
  8. On May 28th I got an e-mail from my son Alex, it said to check out his my space site, he had posted new pictures. Like a good mommie I rushed to check out his new pictures to see what he and his friends had been up to. The last picture was of him and a friend who had come stayed with us when they were evacuated from florida because of a hurricane.They both were sent to Wisconsin at the beginning of May for some extra training. The caption under the picture rea " 0200 hrs, 3 hours before deployment" He's gone. He landed in Germany sometime and arrived in Kuwait. He called us this morning at 2:
  9. ToAutumn


    I don't know if I've posted this before but here goes. If your family happened to live near you or even in the same state and you don't mind doing some leg work, go buy a map. Not a road map, a county hunting map. They show every creek, dirt road, cemetary and church. I bought one for Spartanburg and Laurens County and carry them with me in my bag with my camera and notepad and tape recorder. I have found graves that most of our family didn't have any idea of because of these maps, and we all know how helpful headstones are. I write down every surname on my list in every cemetary and have matc
  10. I know what you mean, I fill in as many branches as I possibly can. When I get stuck, I go to another branch. I looked through old obituaries and found the city where a DISTANT cousin lived, I then looked in the phone book and his widow was still listed under his name. I called and explained how we were related and asked for their branch, before it was over a simple two hour phone call filled in three generations complete with dates! I really was on a high that day when I added them to my program.Everything I have is also on paper in notebooks.
  11. Put me on the list of JD Robb fans. My neice turned me on to her about 3 months ago and even pulled out her collection of her books. I have become a firm fan of Eve Dallas and between me and my niece we've read 15 of the 20 books so far. looking forward to getting the last ones too.
  12. snowmom, I'm so happy that you are able to keep in touch with Jerry by e-mail. for you and Jerry and his family.
  13. Sorry I've been off line for about 2 weeks. My daughter gave birth to my first grand daughter Monday Jan16th at 3:10 in the morning! Her name is Whittney Samamtha and she weighed 6 lb 7.2 oz and 19 inches long. I got to stay with my daughter through the labor and birth and even saw when her head came out. I have been in heaven ever since she arrived. There have been a few problems but most are slowly working themselves out. Sam is deaf in her left ear but we hope when she is retested in Febuary that that will change. She may have problems with her vision because her eyes don't track but we'll
  14. I hope I didn't sound like I was bragging but I had to share with all you ladies here, I'm very blessed to have such a great group to call my friends and was really blessed with a great christmas present.
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