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  1. Online prices are highway robbery! My husband scoured the internet for lids the other day and could not believe the prices he saw. Any other year I have hundreds of lids on hand,, but not this year
  2. I just started using old lids this year with the shortage going on. I was prepared for it to not work, so I was very pleasantly surprised that each one sealed!
  3. Go fish, how are you doing?
  4. Little sister, I believe you are right. Not only were the things you listed hard to find, so were gardening supplies and most seeds. Thankfully, we had a stockpile of seeds on hand. Tomato plants and seeds seemed especially hard to find. We stopped at a nursery and found tomato plants on clearance for $1, so we bought about 30 of them.
  5. Well, my husband found this company out of Reed City, Mi. He ordered me a few dozen to try out, they are tops you can reuse. It will take two weeks to get my order, but if they work, i'm ordering more. I'm linking their facebook page in case anyone else wanted to order some. Has anyone tried these? https://business.facebook.com/reusablecanninglids/
  6. I don't think that is the proper way to hot pack meat. Everything I have read, and done, hot packing is putting the meat into the jars while everything is still hot.
  7. Hi all, Has anyone had a hard time finding canning flats? I was well stocked at the beginning of the season and now I am running low (I have eight left), my husband and I went to five stores yesterday and no one had canning flats. We went to the big box stores Walmart, Meijer, etc. Those stores should have had them, but they didn't even have jars, much less flats. This morning I called our local grocery store, which always has a well stocked canning department this time of year. The gentleman I spoke with said no one can get canning supplies. Is anyone else finding this to be tr
  8. I worked in the garden today. My husband was at work so decided to weed my garden. This year he put the sprinkler on a timer so I didn't have to worry about watering the garden. I forgot, and was standing right by the sprinkler when it started! Once I got over my shock, I thought it was pretty funny. I also put up my tomato cages, I'm so glad that is done.
  9. Welcome back! I remember you I believe Arby changed her screen name, although, I can't remember it for the life of me! I believe Mt. Rider is still around. I haven't seen anything from Cat, but I may have just missed her posts. When I first joined this message board I lived in the city, I didn't have a garden either, so I canned with food from the local fruit markets.
  10. My family is doing well, which I am thankful for as two of my children have compromised immune systems. We are staying home and only going out when we need to. Thankfully we live rural so even if we are out in our yard, we don't have close contact with anyone. My state in some area's have very high cases of this virus. They are turning old, shut down entertainment venues into what they are calling "field hospitals". It seems like overnight cases are doubling.
  11. Annarchy, Where did you get the recipe for the Enchilada recipe to can the sauce? I looked in my Ball Blue Book, but I must not be looking in the right spot, I couldn't find it.
  12. I am just about to start the book AHA! written by Kyle Idleman. Years ago my sister turned me on to this author by giving me a book called Not A Fan. It was about how to be a follower of Jesus and not just a fan. It really changed my perspective on being a Christian and what it means to follow Jesus. This book was so good I bought the study guide and the DVD. I hope AHA! does not disappoint!
  13. So, this last summer I was talking to a friend. I had an abundance of squash my husband grew ( I think it was crooked neck --- it was yellow). I hated to see it going to waste, so a friend suggested I pickle it, as they eat it for a snack. I did not even think to research this to see if squash was safe to pickle and can. The other day I was looking up something else and ran across and article that stated there is no safe way to pickle squash. Does anyone else do this? I am always so careful to NOT do something that isn't safe, I can't believe I did this. The disappointing part is
  14. I did not know you could can celery! I will be doing that this summer!
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