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  1. Well, Christmas is almost over. On New Years day we will have one more visit to make and then our Christmas will officially be over.  I am probably one the few individuals who do not get all that excited over Christmas. I also cannot say I am overly religious. I do consider myself spiritual.  I believe in God, I know that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and I know the Holy Ghost guides me daily. That is what I love about celebrating Christmas. That is what I instill in my children. Even though they all have a developmental disability, they still know Jesus, they understand prayer and they all have giving spirits. Jesus is what I want my children to think of when they celebrate Christmas, that, and a nice family dinner.

    People have gotten to busy to stop and think about what Christmas means. To most people it's chaotic and hectic cooking, presentation of dinner and snacks have to be perfect. The decorations for Christmas need to be perfectly placed. The presents are wrapped with shiny paper neatly piled around and below the tree, and don't forget the mistletoe! Everything looks perfect, and that is where most of it ends for a family. Underneath all the festivities is stress. Stress about finances, stress about being behind, dinner not being ready on time, and worry about if people will enjoy themselves. So much worry, some forget that Christmas is a day of being thankful, of  spending it remembering our Lord and Savior, all of this is lost on most, most people who don't know to NOT play into the commercialism of Christmas. 

    Me? Yesterday I enjoyed Christmas Eve with my extended family, today we spent it at home enjoying the day with the kids. I'll take that every year over commercializing this holiday. 



  2. Wow, how cool is this! We can have our own blogs on here?? Looks like I have been away from Mrs. S for to long!


    It's been a few years since I have seriously done any gardening. I am hoping to have a really good season! I am really encouraged by the Greek Oregano I planted a few years ago, it looks really great this year! It is still a little on the small side, but it is producing more oregano than we can use. I will let it grow for a while and then maybe dry some. This encouraged me so much that I am concentrating on my herb garden this year and adding more herbs to it. I still need to figure out what herbs like what kind of soil. 


    Yesterday I planted 2 rows of corn and plan to do two more tomorrow. Last year was the first year I planted corn and it didn't do well, I think I planted it to late.  We also went today and bought some more vegetables. 

    1. Annarchy


      We can have our own blogs on here??


      Yes!  :thumbs:


      Nice to see you again, kathy003.  :bouquet:

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