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  1. The short answer is NO. The longer answer is Dr. Fauci REFUSES to give a timeline. Here is a vid of Congressman Jim Jordan trying to elicit that information from Fauci during a hearing in the House Coronavirus Subcommittee. Congessman Jordan gets another shot at questioning Dr. Fauci during the same hearing.
  2. Another awesome video from RoseRed Homestead Botulism is the biggest threat to food safety in home canning low acid foods. What does it really take to reduce the probability of botulism toxin being produced in the foods you can at home? This video shows how to do exactly that. Note: A safety precaution you can use for low acid foods: Open the jar, place in a pan and boil for 10 minutes. If any botulism toxin happens to be present, it will be destroyed. The toxin is not heat resistant to the degree that the spores are.
  3. Here is an interesting video time stamped to the point where it starts the reporting on the military's response to the vaccine and the chip and dialysis treatment. BTW- he says that the military (Marines are used as the example) are allowed to refuse the vaccine - "at least at the moment" - because of its status as an Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. =================================== Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov "About 40 percent of U.S. Marines have declined to get a shot, according to Pentagon officials. Let's examine why."
  4. From the article: I was wondering what method/medication they would use to "diagnose and treat?" HCQ, Ivermectin, Vit D, etc. Then the very next paragraph talked about using a dialysis machine to "scrub" the virus from the blood! But I don't think that that would be the first treatment, so the question remains, what would be??? All of the methods that were mentioned by Trump and poo-pooed by Fauci, etc? Or are there other more effective yet less invasive treatments than dialysis? At any rate, it appears that members of the military are becoming "lab rats" for testi
  5. Was there a list of "safe" products available? I am going to assume that original DAWN would be at the top of that list.
  6. I made an oopsie in my previous post and left out this important phrase! It was the main point of my response to @Mother's post.
  7. So, once again those who were "jabbed" (and need to be jabbed again) are actively going to become a PART of the STUDY/experiment! If I had received one brand and they wanted me to be a guinea pig to receive a second one from a different company, I would have to decline. But, since this is the UK and not the USA, I wonder if they will have a choice???
  8. I really wish they would STOP calling these shots VACCINES! They are not made from any elements of the disease itself, so how can they get away with using that term? OTOH, why aren't they now developing a "true" vaccine from the plasma of those who have had it and "beaten" it? I'm pretty sure I read (somewhere, sometime) in the past that getting a treatement of plasma from someone who has recovered has helped those who have received it. I know Pres Trump was hell bent on helping overcome this thing loosed on the world by the CCP, but I am afraid that "they" used him as a dupe
  9. Power went out on Thanksgiving and she had to go to her pantry to make a meal. She got it all started and wrapped up with the intention of getting back to it in about 4 hours. Unfortunately, it was more like 6 hours before she could get back to it. It is at this point that she pulled out the instant thermometer and checked the temp of the food before serving it. She gives temperature perameters to use to help determine whether the food is safe to eat. If it falls below those temps I'm not sure how safe it would be to consume it. You should go ahead and view the vid; just skip ahead to where yo
  10. "There are some foods that cannot be safely canned no matter how many online videos claim it is safe. The probability of contracting botulism from improperly canned food is very small, but the probability nevertheless exists. How much risk are you willing to take? As for me, zero!"
  11. Rosered Homestead has another vid about cooking/heating up food with a "wonder bag." I thought it was a follow-up to the bread one, but it was actually published first. The idea of using this method is to expend as little of your fuel supply as possible and letting the residual heat do the rest. The beauty of this method is also that it can be done INSIDE, safely! No need to go out into the elements - cold, wind, rain, etc. She also discusses food safety in terms of achieving and maintaining proper temps for serving food to avoid gastointestinal issues, etc. I have been wanting/thi
  12. I found this point to be most interesting: This is only point #9, but this puts the "nail in the coffin" for me to EVER take this non-vax "vaccine!" Non sequiter!!!
  13. "Need to bake bread when the power is out? Here's your answer--a Wonder Bag! Make a Wonder Bag from pillow cases, an old sheet, or any fabric you wish. Then use your favorite bread recipe to make tasty loaves of crustless bread. You will need an off-grid burner of some kind to boil water for 10 minutes and that is all the power required. The rest is just wait time. Be prepared!"
  14. Time stamped to start at the beginning of how to use dry ice.
  15. I also have a good old fashioned OLD flip phone. It is an LG440G that I have had (apparently) since 2013! It is so old that the network drops out on it unless I turn off the phone and restart it once a week. Just found out today that that is the reason I was getting the "No Sevice" message! Anyway, you should be able to connect and call anywhere. If you are having issues I would call TracFone and speak to a PERSON to try and figure out why that is happening. Even if you might have to purchase a "new" flip phone they should be able to transport your phone number AND all of your minutes over to
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