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  1. Here's the magic formula to make if you can't milk the mother. basic recipe 1 gallon of whole milk (your rich rich vitamin d whole whole milk) 1 can of whole milk evaporated milk 1/4 cup of buttermilk *NOTE! Some folks use up to 1 Cup Buttermilk for this recipe. It does vary! Always do what works best for you! "so you have your rich fats, you have all of the vitamins, and you're getting your rich probiotics all of these things in one lump sum"
  2. Don't jump to any conclusions as to WHO is doing the rioting. https://tatumreport.com/antifa-rampage-portland-seattle-dont-want-biden-want-revenge-video/
  3. The info on the sign-up pages says that the live sessions will be recorded and posted so that anyone who missed it (or wants to watch it again) can have access on their own schedule. You will need to order the seminar book “God’s Hand in the Building of America“ from their online store. It’s just $12. The first book will cover the first four weeks. While not necessary for the series, “Raising Patriots” and “5000 Year Leap” also available in the store and they recommend them as supplements to the series. (I just noticed that you have to have "Zoom" to participate
  4. Why not sign up for the series and get your information first hand???
  5. "Throughout the history of America and the world, God has intervened in the affairs of nations in direct and dramatic ways to preserve and perpetuate the cause of liberty. The Healing of America series teaches the genius of the Founders’ philosophy of successful government, evidence of God’s hand in the establishment of freedom in America, at the sources of America’s greatest political, moral, and educational problems. If you are concerned with the direction our nation is taking, the future for your children and our country and looking for hope and light in a sea o
  6. The thing to do is experiment NOW. Fix it that way then do a series of glucose tests to see how it is affecting you. Then you'll know if it is something you can safely do when/if it becomes necessary/unavoidable.
  8. As of the moment it is still there. I am hoping that should FB decide that I think to much for myself and that I share too much controversial information on my personal homepage, that they will only ban ME from being an admin on the page (like they did to Ron Paul) but that it will stay up because Cat is also listed as an admin. In case no one knows about the page, it is a PRIVATE group: that is, it can't be "found" by searching FB for it - you HAVE to be invited to be in it. In order to be invited you need to be FB friends with either myself or Cat. If you want to send me a friend
  9. In this clip from our Eagle Mountain International Church service on January 10th. David Barton takes us through history and current events in the spirit of faith. God is moving in this country in the midst of uncertainty! YouTube clip: Link to church's website: https://www.emic.org/service/run-to-the-roar/
  10. elfriedalegros- You could probably do a search using a few key words like "herbal remedies," "natural healing," "rash treatments," etc and find what you want on this site. I would also recommend that that you check out the website for The Patriot Nurse (https://www.thepatriotnurse.com/). She has many books and other resources there for what you want. This book in particular may be just what you need. If you use this link Patriot Nurse should get the income from the affiliate purchase. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1885653220/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=thepatriotnur-20&link
  11. Holy Moly eupphrasyne! I just bought an HP mini tower with ONE T of memory and thought I was doing good!!! Jeepers, this is pretty much my go to solution.
  12. Kappy - I put up some split pea a while back (it is all gone now) and it wasn't "thick" when I jarred it, but it did "solidify" some as it cooled down, but not enough to be worrisome I don't think. I found out a very easy way to get the peas cooked and smooshed at the same time: pressure COOK them! Follow the no more than 2/3 rds of the cooker full rule, and put a thin layer of oil on the top before cooking (it prevents "foaming). When the time is up the peas were not only cooked nice and soft, but pretty much "melted" into a smooth "paste." Who knows, it might also work for your Navy beans to
  13. That's a good insight, because they may have thought you weren't interested in being "invited in" so they didn't try either. Sounds like some advice that I should try.
  14. Celebrating the GOOD NEWS that was delivered to the shepherds about the birth of the Christ child (Messiah). MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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