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  1. I made my brother go to the surplus store with me today. He asked why I needed to go. So I told him I needed to add a couple of things to my bob. He asked what that was. I told him and he rolled his eyes. But he did come with me and hold the basket while I loaded it up. I told him he should have one made up too. He said why. So I went through shtf stuff with him. He just stared at me like I was going crazy. I told him he should at least think about it and look up bob on the internet. He said he would. There is hope...
  2. Not quite sure what I did wrong. I might have just been to tired and messed it up. I thought I had added stitches. But now that I have started over i think i might have just looked at it funny. I can't seem to take out just a row or a few stitches without getting all confused. But I am sure I will figure that out with time. I need to do some searching, all the video/picture guides say nothing about changing colors. So any insight for that will help. I don't mind just making a single color thing, but I think mixing it up will help keep me interested. Thanks for all the support!
  3. I did about 3 inches and then realized I had really screwed up somewhere and ended up taking it all out and starting over. then I remembered I have only been doing this for a day and I needed the practice anyway.
  4. Ok I got started. Still not sure if I am doing it right some of it looks a little funny. But maybe I am pulling it tighter or something? I have been counting every row just to be safe. Really glad I got the washable kind cause my hands are sweating like mad. Still a little worried about coming to the end. It is kinda like flying a plane, oh boy we are in the air...weeee this is fun...oh crap it is time to land...now what. I will cross that bridge much later though I have quite a bit more to do before I get there.
  5. Ok I gave in and made a special trip to hancock fabric. Again I was a little overwhelmed with the options. So I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and just started touching the different yarn. Well I guess when a 33 y/o bearded man walks into a fabric store it causes all to wonder what he is up to. There were 6 people working there and they all came down the yarn aisle within about 30 seconds of one another. After the 4th one I just laughed and kept on with my touching of yarn. Anyway...I ended up with lion brand, wool-ease, worsted weight(not sure what this means?). It is 80% acrylic and 2
  6. Very cool! Thanks for the info. Was going to stop by the fabric store on the way home from work today, but decided to wait to see what great insight ya'll had. I will go fondle the yarn and see what I like. Thanks for all the other great info as well. I can already for see telling my buddies why I am knitting and how they should all start too. I can see my bearded self sitting on the porch in my rocking chair and knitting already. Not sure what the DW will say but I am sure she will take pictures. Can't wait to go to the fabric store!
  7. Ok I have finally admitted to myself that my DW is not going to learn how to knit and make me a scarf and a hat. So I have decided to teach myself how to make them. I am overwhelmed with all the types/brands of yarn. Should I just go with the cheap stuff until I figure out if this "man" can learn to knit as well as the ladies. Or should I spend a little more money and get yarn that is easier to knit with (if there is such a thing). Help ladies! Is there a better brand, style, type. Are there kinds I should stay away from? I just looked up knitting yarn online and ended up on a site with "ov
  8. I am trying to figure out what I need in a SW radio. I have no clue. I haven't had one since I was a kid. Any models that you just love? Any features that I can't live without? Suggestions in general? Any info from experience would be grand. I have done tons of searches and have read a ton of info. I need personal input now. Help!? Kinda feeling overwhelmed.
  9. Thanks for the congrats! OR is SO green, I had no clue. My first visit was moving her up there a few months ago. I fell in love with it on site. It just felt like home instantly. We will be outside of Portland. Still looking for the perfect farm as we speak. Kind of hoping to find it about the same time I sell the houses but that would be heavy in the luck department.
  10. It was kind of a funny conversation with her and the prep/food storage. Me "babe we need to start storing food in case something happens" Her "Where are we gonna put it" Me "I will find room" Her "Well you know I like to hoard things" Her "We need to go buy shelves then, or I guess you can make them" Her "we will stop on the way home from the airport when you get here" That was the extent of it. She is already big on having lots of extra's of everything. I think we have already been prepping for awhile we just didn't ever say what we were doing in so many words. Thanks for th
  11. Thanks again everybody! Ya'll really know how to make a guy feel welcome!
  12. Thanks for all the warm welcomes!
  13. We will both be in OR as soon as our houses sell here in CO. Which at this rate is not happening anytime soon. We do get to see each other at least every other month sometimes more. I love crockpot cooking and getting creative with flavors. You would be amazed at what a boy can do with a toaster oven too. I wish I could have a wood stove but the days that they allow wood burning here are limited. I will have to search for the pits and heat boxes I haven't stumbled on to those yet. We get to go shopping for wood for new food storage shelves while I am out there next(two weeks). I can't wait!
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